Ben Higgins' ex-girlfriend, Shaelin Adams, has revealed interesting information about The Bachelor star's past and predicting how Season 20 will turn out.

"I'd be shocked if he ends up engaged," Adams told Life & Style of the 26-year-old reality TV star, according to OK! Weekly. "He may still be testing the waters. He has so many years to be able to put himself out there."

Adams, who began dating Higgins in 2012 while attending Indiana University, believes Higgins isn't quite ready for marriage because he has deep-rooted trust issues.

"His girlfriend in high school cheated on him so when we first started dating, he was always so worried about me cheating on him. He was insecure," Adams, 23, reportedly explained.

Viewers already know Higgins fears he's "unlovable," meaning his feelings for a woman are typically not as strong or even reciprocated.

"The type of girl Ben likes has to be genuine, honest. That's a big thing for him since in his first relationship, he struggled with cheating," his ex-girlfriend noted.

Adams apparently wasn't the most confident girl in the world either though.

"So many girls in college liked him, so there was always somebody to be wary about," said Adams. "I would always give him sh-t about all these girls he was friends with."

The couple reportedly split because they didn't want to maintain a long-distance relationship once Adams moved to Texas in Summer 2013.

Adams also spilled Higgins is a good kisser, "not bad" in bed and a "great dancer."

"I'm talking about 'getting low' dancing," Adams shared with Life & Style, according to OK!. "He's always spontaneous and likes adventures and excitement."

Adams made it clear she's not really over The Bachelor star despite the fact he seems quite serious about his journey to find love with another woman. Adams actually admitted she'd be willing to get back together if the timing was right.

"[It] would depend on the circumstances," she confessed. "I still care for him so much."