Ben Flajnik is apparently happy ex-fiancee Courtney Robertson has found a new man -- more so for himself than he genuinely is for her.

"I'm glad there is a new guy," Flajnik told People, referencing how Robertson recently confirmed she's dating former The Bachelorette bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. "I see certain things in the media and I wonder, did I ever really know her? I try to avoid it all together."

Added the sixteenth-season The Bachelor star, "I look at these staged photos of the two of them and I'm like: Why is she doing this? The girl that I loved never wanted to be famous and I look at these set-ups and I think I got out at the right time."

Robertson, a 29-year-old model from Santa Monica, CA, got engaged to Flajnik, a 30-year-old winemaker from Sonoma, CA, when he selected and proposed to her during The Bachelor's sixteenth-season final Rose Ceremony, which was filmed in November 2011 and aired in March.

Robertson told Life & Style earlier this month that the winemaker treated her "so badly" and she was "miserable with Ben" during their 10-month relationship, leaving Flajnik a little surprised and speechless. 

"[I'm not dating again], not as quickly as she is," Flajnik recently told Life & Style of Robertson, who was spotted making out with Luyendyk Jr. as they shared an intimate dinner at a restaurant only days after her split from Flajnik in early October.

"I don't know what to make of it. The way she handled it wasn't in the best taste... I'm not really one to stay up on gossip, but my sister keeps me in the loop. All of my friends were really surprised and disappointed. [Courtney] knew them all."

According to Life & Style, Flajnik -- whom, with Robertson, had announced they were breaking up because they had "grown apart" due to "distance, time apart, and our need to focus on our respective careers" -- said he thought he was buddies with Luyendyk Jr.

"I thought I knew him," the winemaker noted. "He came up to Sonoma and we hung out for a few days. He seemed like a really nice guy... Breaking up was the right move. [Dating Arie] really closed the door behind her."

However, Flajnik has apparently been keeping his head up, as he's been able to concentrate on his wine business more as a single guy.
"It was really the perfect time for the breakup because harvest is the busiest time of the year for me and it was a distraction," Flajnik told People.

Although being The Bachelor star again is reportedly out of the question for Flajnik, he's still open to the idea of finding love.

"I do miss the constant interaction and companionship," he added. "I'm open to dating for sure."