Becca Kufrin and Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s relationship apparently took a giant leap forward in The Bachelor star's mind after he met her family in Minnesota.

"We were falling deeply for one another and I learned so much about her by seeing her with her family," Arie wrote in his People blog. "[But] my conversations with Becca's family were some of the more intense conversations I had that week."

Arie's very first one-on-one date of The Bachelor season was with Becca. The pair's passion cooled down in subsequent weeks because she got stuck on group dates and had to watch his connections with other women grow, but Arie was reminded in Becca's hometown why he cared so strongly for her so early on.

"Becca was my first date and the first woman who made me feel hopeful I would find a wife here. She was beautiful, smart, kind, and poised, and I knew she'd make such a good wife and mother," Arie explained.

"After we rekindled the passionate side of our relationship in Italy, I felt like we were ready to see if we could finally take the next steps."

For the day portion of their date in Minneapolis, Becca went apple picking with Arie in an orchard where she had made many childhood memories with her family, including her beloved father Steve, who had passed away from a brain tumor when she was 19-years-old.

"Becca's date was so meaningful, fun... and poignant. I felt good knowing she was able to share that experience with me. That day was so cold, but so beautiful. I probably ate some of the best apples I've ever had (they were so crisp and juicy)," Arie shared.

"It didn't matter whether we were etching our initials into a tree, shooting apples at targets, or making caramel apples, because the whole day was a blast. One part you didn't see was Becca teaching me salsa dancing while we tried to warm up in a tent."

And the date only got better when Arie was introduced to Becca's relatives, including her mother Jill.

"When we walked into Becca's house, the place almost exploded with all the energy and all the love. I always knew Becca was very family oriented and I had heard her regale me with stories of her famous Uncle Gary," Arie wrote in his blog.

"At the beginning of the meal, the family gave us hilarious gifts, making fun of everything from the show itself to the Fantasy Suites. They even wrote an epic poem to commemorate the occasion. The together family time was a blast, with everyone telling stories, and Grandpa Clyde enjoying the family's famous split pea soup."

Arie pointed out that Uncle Gary had a huge personality, and as her second father, he came across "amazingly caring and equally protective."

"Our candid conversation about love, life, and my relationship with Becca was one of the best conversations I'd had in a while. It was obvious how much he loved her and any hesitation about me was just about how much he loved her," Arie recalled.
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"Becca's family overall was one of the more skeptical, but by the end I felt even Jill had warmed to me. She didn't officially give her blessing for an engagement at first, but she did eventually say that if we promised to have a long engagement she could offer her support."

Arie left Minneapolis feeling "really good" about his romance with Becca, and he chose to eliminate Tia Booth at the subsequent Rose Ceremony.