Randi's loud mouth and many opinions landed her in hot water.

As a result, the 26-year-old stylist from Missouri City, TX who currently resides in Houston, and her partner Greg, a gay 23-year-old clothing designer/pastry chef from Azusa, CA, were revealed to be the second couple eliminated from Beauty and the Geek's fifth season during Tuesday night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

"I don't think that there was nothing wrong with me in the beginning.  The most that could be said is Randi cusses a lot and she has a tendency to be very opinionated.  That's not going to change -- that's going to always be me," said Randi after her couple's ouster.  "I feel like I've pretty much helped change everybody in the house in their own way."

"I came into the house and I didn't really know how to label myself," said Greg.  "I am a gay geek -- and I'm a cool gay geek.  I just feel comfortable with myself now and I know who I am.  I've made a lot of progress since I've gotten here.  I really wanted to learn how to be loud, and I couldn't have asked for a better beauty."

Beauty and the Geek's sixth fifth-season episode began where the previous one left off, with Joe, a 24-year-old TV assignment editor from Nipomo, CA, and his partner Tara, a 24-year-old model and Hooters hostess from Davie, FL, being nominated for elimination. 

The other five remaining couples decided to play a prank on Tara, dressing Tommy, a 24-year-old law student from Somerville, MA, up like a vampire to scare her.  However Joe foiled their fun and wouldn't let them play the prank.  Randi wasn't happy and she bickered with Joe.

"What seemed like such a little, innocent thing -- all of a sudden we've got swear words and people stepping in each other's faces," commented Tommy.

Randi criticized Joe for not being a good partner to Tara and accused him of being selfish.  Despite trying to keep calm, Joe subsequently spit at Randi's feet.  The other couples were shocked by the move and questioned his reasoning.

"He is every bit lucky that the damn loogie didn't touch me," said Randi.

Jason, a 23-year-old Internet marketer from Brooklyn, NY, thought Joe was "completely in the wrong to spit," but added Randi "was going on a tirade."  Tommy felt like the whole ugly incident was his fault and wanted Joe to apologize.  They were joined in the kitchen by the other couples, who also decided to confront Joe about his action. 

However Randi continued to verbally abuse Joe, and the incident began to take an emotional toll on him as he started crying.

"First night, Randi versus Amber," recalled Jason.  "Now Randi versus Joe.  Who's the next [fight] going to be with?"
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Tara pleaded with Randi to stop "picking" on Joe, but all that did was drag Tara into the argument. 

"The only thing that really does make me angry is when people pick on people that are geeky," opined Tara.  "So I lashed out at Randi.  I feel like [Joe and I] are permanent targets, and I don't really know how to fix that."

Joe felt sorry for himself and knew he was in the wrong, but Tara complimented him for stopping the group when they were trying to scare her.

"All I know is I've done everything I can," said Joe through sobs.  "I just don't know how much more I've got left."

The next morning the six couples were met by host Mike Richards, who explained that despite Joe and Tara being nominated for elimination, they'd be safe if they won either one of the upcoming challenges.

"The weight has been lifted from our team," said Joe.  "This is definitely a turning point."

Mike then explained the beauties would be studying arithmetic -- with the exact nature of their challenge being revealed the next day -- while the geeks would be becoming firefighters for their next challenge.  Because Matt, a 21-year-old student/writer from Little Elm, TX who currently resides in Dallas, TX, broke his clavicle during the football game, he was unable to compete in the challenge.

"It's really a frustrating thing for me," said Matt.  Instead, his partner Leticia, a 29-year-old action-sports announcer from Cave City, KY who currently resides in Orlando, FL, would take his spot in the challenge.

That night the couples arrived at the L.A. County Fire Department training facility for the geek's challenge. 

Each geek would have to put on a full firefighter uniform before attaching a line to a hydrant and carrying a charged 40-foot hose to the building and extinguish some flames.  They'd then have to climb a fire escape, go through a window, rescue their beauty and encourage her to jump onto a safety bag two-stories below.  The geek who saves his beauty the fastest wins.

Joe went first and seemed to struggle the most climbing up the ladder, but he eventually made it to Tara -- who jumped out the window followed by her firefighter for a time of 4:40.  Greg went next, and Randi wasn't confident, describing Greg as "one of the girls."  Greg struggled mightily with every aspect of the challenge -- from getting dressed to finding the hose.  However he saved Randi for a time of 5:10.

Jason knew the time to beat as Kristina, a 21-year-old student from Wheaton, IL, encouraged him to go faster.  But it took him a long time to simply put on the outfit and he further procrastinated when he was "completely nervous" to jump from the building.  Jason eventually did so, but with a time of 7:25.

Leticia then embarked to save Matt, and got frustrated trying to connect the hose to the hydrant -- which took close to five minutes in itself.

"I feel like I disappointed myself," she opined.  "In real life, Matt would have been dead already."

Chris, a 23-year-old MIT oceanography student from Cambridge, MA, attempted to save Cara, a 21-year-old cocktail waitress and aspiring soap star from Leawood, KS who currently resides in Temecula, CA.  Chris was fearless and made the rescue in 3:29 -- beating Joe's time by a full minute.

Tommy and Amanda, a 23-year-old model from West Warwick, RI who currently resides in Queen Creek, AZ, were the last couple to go. Tommy was excited to "be someone's hero" but got confused with the hose and it slowed him down. However he hauled it into the building and made the rescue with a time of 3:22, beating Chris by seven seconds.  Tommy and Amanda were safe from elimination.

The next day some of the beauties studied and remembered how much they hated math -- while Leticia and Randi relaxed in the sun, seeing it as a lost cause. 

The beauties then arrived at a huge pile of garbage for their challenge.  Mixed into the garbage were aluminum cans worth three cents, plastic bottles worth seven cents and glass bottles worth 10 cents that they beauties would have to search for -- retrieving a total of $5 worth of recyclables.  It had to be exactly $5, no less or no more.  The beauty that did it the fastest would win.

The beauties were unleashed on the garbage pile and began tearing through it.  The stench seemed to be overwhelming and Cara was the first to think she had $5 worth.  However she was well short with only $2.03 and the challenge continued.  Randi was the next to think she had $5 but was also wrong, collecting $6.95 worth. 

After a few more moments both Leticia and Kristina thought they had $5 worth, with Leticia barely beating Kristina in calling it first.  However Leticia had $5.03 -- once can too many -- and Kristina was spot on with her amount of recyclables, winning the challenge.  She and Jason were safe from elimination.  In addition, Kristina and Jason and Tommy and Amanda would have to decide who would be joining Joe and Tara in the elimination room.

The beauties returned to the house and Kristina told Jason she won the challenge and they'd be safe, while Joe was bummed Tara didn't win. 

Kristina, Jason, Tommy and Amanda then began to discuss their impending decision, and it came down to Chris and Cara, Greg and Randi or Matt and Leticia.  Tommy suggested they nominate a team that "hasn't shown signs of progress" as a "wake-up call."

The elimination nomination ceremony commenced, and Tommy revealed Randi and Greg were the choice since they hadn't shown as much improvement as other teams.

"I feel that I've made a drastic change since Day 1," immediately stated Randi.  "Obviously Greg has made a drastic change." 

Greg agreed and became emotional, saying his goodbyes in case he didn't survive the elimination room.

"I never thought I'd fit in with geeks or beauties like this," he said through sobs.  "I look at every single one of you and I know I made a good connection with each and every one of you."

"Greg, please know that I take no pride in having to go to the elimination room with you," said Joe.

"Yeah, I bet!" retorted Randi, who added she knew she'd be nominated since she's a threat who speaks up for herself.

Jason explained Randi and Greg's nomination to Chris.

"It was poetic justice for Randi to go against Joe in the elimination room," said Jason.  "The unfortunate part was about Greg.  He did not deserve that."

Greg said he could "totally understand" why he and Randi were chosen, while Tara was upset that nobody would say goodbye to her because of "stupid Joe."  He realized she was upset and told her that they'd "go out as a team" if they lost.

The elimination room then commenced, with Randi and Tara answering questions about math and Greg and Joe answering questions about heroes. The first team to answer three questions correctly would remain in the competition.

Tara answered the first question correctly and Joe answered the second.  Randi then correctly answered the third question, and neither Greg or Joe could answer the next geek question.  Mike asked Greg and Joe another question, and Joe got it right -- eliminating Greg and Randi from the competition.

"I still feel bad for what I did against Randi and I just still hope you can forgive me for what I've done," said Joe.

"Joe, if you were serious you would have said it a long time ago," retorted Randi.  "Don't wait to elimination to try to apologize about something you didn't want to apologize about yesterday or the day before that."

"I hope someday you learn to forgive me," said Joe.

"Save your breath," replied Randi.

Beauty and the Geek's next fifth-season episode will air Tuesday, April 29 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.