The geeks received their makeovers and nobody was eliminated from Beauty and the Geek's fifth season during Tuesday night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

Beauty and the Geek's fifth fifth-season episode began following the previous elimination of Tiffany and Jim -- much to the chagrin of the other couples, who were hoping Leticia, a 29-year-old action-sports announcer from Orlando, FL, and Matt, a 21-year-old student/writer from Dallas, TX, would be booted. 

Leticia immediately apologized to the other beauties for not doing enough to connect with the on a personal level.

The next morning, the six remaining couples met host Mike Richards, who explained that it was time for the geeks to receive their makeovers.

"The way you look at the end of today is going to play a big role in your challenge tomorrow," Mike informed the geeks, adding it was important for the beauties to help style their partners.

Tara, a 24-year-old model and Hooters hostess from Davie, FL, was trying to think of a nice way to tell her partner Joe, a 24-year-old TV assignment editor from Nipomo, CA, that the cowboy look wasn't working for him.  Joe got upset, and Tara was getting "a little frustrated."

"He was acting like a child," she said, accusing him of making a "pity party" for himself.

The geeks combed through clothes and tried to heed their partners' advice before traveling to a stylist, where the majority of them were waxed.  The geeks then revealed their new looks to the beauties.

Highlights included Randi, a 26-year-old stylist from Houston, TX, commenting that her partner Greg, a gay 23-year-old clothing designer/pastry chef from Azusa, CA, resembled "a boy version of me;" Matt receiving a David Cook-esque haircut; Chris, a 23-year-old MIT oceanography student from Cambridge, MA, losing the glasses; Jason, a 23-year-old Internet marketer from Brooklyn, NY, becoming the "suit guy;" and Joe shedding his cowboy persona.  However Joe didn't look very pleased.

"I was hoping with the makeover that they would respect my conservative ways -- kind of respect generally who I was, the look I was going for and then build constructively upon that," he opined. 

Mike then informed the six remaining teams they would be participating in the next day's challenge as couples -- with the winning pair having all the power at the week's elimination nomination ceremony.  Joe continued to mope about his new look not fitting his personality while the rest of the geeks reveled in their new style by putting on a fashion show and gushing about their new-found confidence.

"I actually hate this look.  I can't stand this," said Joe.  "I'm not used to this.  This is not me.  This is not who I am.  It's painful."
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Tara tried to console Joe, who was worried that he had "nothing else to learn" in the competition and compared his former fashion trend to being wrapped in a "safety blanket."

"It's time to let go," said Tara.

"I know," answered Joe.  "All I'm asking is you have a little faith in me."

"Well actions speak louder than words," replied Tara.

The next morning, Randi and Leticia explained to Joe that he entered the competition to change and Tara was only trying to help him achieve that.

"If this was a solo competition, maybe I would have thrown in the towel," he said.  "But it would be very, very dishonorable of me to give up when someone else is relying on my whole-hearted support to go out there and compete."

Mike then met the six remaining couples and explained their next challenge would be prom-themed, with each team having to write, direct and perform a romantic scene centered around the event.  In addition to nominating couples for the elimination room, the winning team would also attend the world premiere of the new film Prom Night and get to walk the red carpet.

Before the challenge, the teams received some romance and acting advice from The Young and the Restless stars Joshua Morrow and Michelle Stafford -- who would also serve as the challenge's judges.  The couples bantered about some ideas in their dressing rooms and everyone seemed confident -- except Jason and his partner Kristina, a 21-year-old student from Wheaton, IL.

"Kristina and I had very different ideas for what we wanted," explained Jason, as both wrote different scripts.  "Kristina and I are both getting a little frustrated with each other.  If we create a huge rift with this challenge, I have a feeling we're screwed."

The challenge commenced, with each of the couples performing their scenes -- and the only couple to actually include a kiss was Matt and Leticia.

"What do you think?" asked Leticia once it was over.

"Dude, I just kissed a model on national TV," answered Matt.  "I feel pretty good."

Joshua said he was "so impressed" by all the couples' scenes before revealing Matt and Leticia had won the challenge.  Michelle explained Leticia and Matt won because she seemed "totally into him," which couldn't be said for the other teams. 

Back at the mansion, Matt and Leticia discussed their nomination options for the next night's elimination nomination ceremony.  Leticia was thinking Joe because of his attitude, while Matt suggested Chris and Cara, a 21-year-old cocktail waitress and aspiring soap star from Temecula, CA, for "strategic" reasons.

"I think those are the two teams that could be the most detrimental to us in the future," said Matt.

The nomination ceremony then commenced before Mike revealed Matt and Leticia wouldn't have to nominate anybody because "no one is going home."  Instead, they had to choose one team to take out with them for the Prom Night premiere.  They picked Randi and Greg.

"Now I do have bad news for the four remaining teams," said Mike.  "The four remaining teams are going to have to get together and determine which team will be heading to the elimination room next week.  That cannot include Randi and Greg and Matt and Leticia."

The four couples deliberated their decision and didn't know the best way to pick.

"We felt that instead of us choosing a team, if we all sort of participated in a challenge, each team's fate is ultimately in its own hands," explained Tommy, a 24-year-old law student from Somerville, MA.

Chris suggested the geeks participate in a cross-dressing fashion show, which everyone agreed upon despite the fact that Amanda, a 23-year-old model from Queen Creek, AZ, commented how everyone was getting sick of Joe and wanted him out of the house.

The fashion show commenced, and the geeks looked scary in women's clothing.  However the beauties determined Joe did "the worse."

"It actually worked out perfectly that it was Tara and Joe because I felt like Joe is draining the entire house of its energy," said Kristina.  "I wouldn't have picked anyone else but them."

Joe was disappointed and retreated to his room.

"We need to get together and be a strong team," opined Tara.  "I don't want to go home.  I really have to give everything I can."

Beauty and the Geek's next fifth-season episode will air Tuesday, April 15 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.