None of the beauties selected Jonathan as a partner, and as a result the 26-year-old system administrator/technical consultant from Colfax, CA became the fourth contestant eliminated from Beauty and the Geek's fifth season during Tuesday night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

In addition, the first fifth-season pair -- Tiffany, a 21-year-old student from Nashville, TN, and, Jim, a 21-year-old computer programmer/student from Bedford, MA -- was also ousted from the competition during Tuesday night's episode.

"Every single geek I met here has something so amazing and they all have a beautiful heart," said Tiffany after her elimination.  "When I chose Jim to be my partner, it was really a life-changing thing for me.  You can just look in his eyes and see that he has such a big heart.  He's so amazing."

"It's been a very positive experience for me," added Jim.  "I came into the house essentially a recluse.  I opened up a lot.  I got to know people very well.  I'm going to try to meet a lot more women.  I think I'm stepping out of here much more confident and a better person."

Beauty and the Geek's fourth fifth-season episode began where the previous one left off, with Tara, a 24-year-old model and Hooters hostess from Davie, FL, having to choose either Jonathan or Joe, a 24-year-old TV assignment editor from Nipomo, CA, as her partner.

"I'm not ready to leave yet because I have so much to learn and I don't like to quit things," said Jonathan.  "I'd like to be here until the end if possible."

While Joe was "dead scared," he had nothing to worry about as Tara picked him as her partner and Jonathan was sent packing.

"I'm just disappointed because I really wanted to show that I'm more than just a geek," opined Jonathan after his ouster.  "I think I was only able to show a tiny percentage of my full potential.  The real me is still waiting to be discovered."

As the seven couples retreated upstairs, Tiffany said Jonathan was her original choice until she had a change of heart and selected Jim.

"It was kind of like a gut feeling type thing and it was like, 'I'm picking Jim,'" she explained.

Amanda, a 23-year-old model from Queen Creek, AZ, and Tommy, a 24-year-old law student from Somerville, MA, discussed what their goal in the game was, with Amanda wanting to win at all costs and Tommy wanting to get the most out the experience.

The next day, the seven couples met host Mike Richards and he explained how the upcoming challenges were all about science -- which immediately brought a groan from the beauties, who would be learning about geology, solar energy and the laws of physics.  They'd have to choose one of three science projects and then present them at a Beauty and the Geek science fair.
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The geeks would be studying "the science of love" by becoming love gurus with former Celebrity Rehab star David Drew "Dr. Drew" Pinsky on his new radio show Dr. Drew Live.  The challenge's winners and their partners would be safe from the impending elimination room and also have the power to choose one team each to send to the elimination room.

The couples received their study materials and hit the books, with the beauties beginning to construct their science projects.  Joe helped Tara understand solar energy; Chris, a 23-year-old MIT oceanography student from Cambridge, MA, explained earthquakes to Cara, a 21-year-old cocktail waitress and aspiring soap star from Temecula, CA; while Jim and Tiffany thought outside the box with their physics project. 

The beauties thought they could provide better information to the geeks than the study material, and began to prep them on everything from helping a caller who is sexually active to dispensing marital advice. 

The next day the Beauty and the Geek science fair commenced, with the projects being judged by two UCLA physics professors.  One by one, the beauties would give their presentations to the judges, who would then decide the winner.  The geeks would be able to be with their beauties, but could not interact in any way.

Jason, a 23-year-old Internet marketer from Brooklyn, NY, said he and Kristina, a 21-year-old student from Wheaton, IL, spent so much time on their model, the actual presentation was lacking and it showed.  Amanda and Tara stumbled over some of the specifics, while Randi, a 26-year-old stylist from Houston, TX, was pleased with how her presentation turned out.

Matt, a 21-year-old student/writer from Dallas, TX, thought his partner Leticia, a 29-year-old action-sports announcer from Orlando, FL, had the "potential to win it," however she continuously stumbled during her presentation.  Cara did a good job with her presentation and followed Chris' advice of talking about information she knew rather than dwelling on what she didn't know.

Tiffany nailed the part of the presentation she was familiar with, but Jim opined that his partner also appeared to be "guessing" when asked follow-up questions, which he thought hurt her.

Overall, the judges said they were "blown away" by the presentations and put "a lot of stock" in those beauties who were able to answer questions quick on their feet.  They then revealed Cara won the challenge, meaning she and Chris would be safe from elimination. 

Jason lamented Kristina's loss since the judges commented how Cara's use of an egg during her presentation is what made her stand out -- and he was the one who taught her the trick.

"We helped shoot ourselves in the foot," said Jason.

That night, the geeks met with Dr. Drew in his radio studio for their challenge.  Dr. Drew informed the geeks he wouldn't be judging them on their radio skills, and would instead rate them based on their knowledge about relationships.

"I am the worst person to ask any of these questions," worried Greg, a gay 23-year-old clothing designer/pastry chef from Azusa, CA.  "So I'm scared."

Matt struggled putting on his headphones but delivered a good answer to his caller; Jim did an awful job dispensing advice and didn't follow Tiffany's suggestion of connecting with the caller; Greg excelled with his fashion advice; Jason gave stout advice to a girl who had been cheated on and was also colorful; Chris sounded smart but struggled with his answer; Tommy both connected with the caller and gave good advice; and Joe talked -- a lot, not letting Dr. Drew or the caller get a word in edgewise.

"Joe shut up!" said Tara as she listened at the Beauty and the Geek house.  "Joe messed up and it's killing me."

Dr. Drew then revealed Tommy was the challenge's winner, meaning he and Amanda would be safe from elimination.  The geeks then returned to the house and Tommy credited Amanda for his victory.

"I feel like Amanda won that challenge for us -- just speaking through me," he explained.  "What really did it for me is she told me it's all about openness -- you've got to be open and you've got to be honest."

Jim then told Tiffany that after she selected him as her partner, he had wanted to ask for a kiss but didn't.  So instead, he asked for it once they returned from the challenge.

"No," said Tiffany.  "Why do you want a kiss?"

"I never have before other than cheek kisses," he explained.

"Well I'll have to think about," answered Tiffany.

"I feel like Jim takes in everything that I try to give him," explained Tiffany in a confessional.  "He doesn't push away, and that just makes me happy.  I feel like he wants to help me too.  So it's just a really good feeling -- we're two people who really want to help each other."

Leticia said she was "pretty nervous" about possibly going to the elimination room -- and as if on cue, Amanda told Cara, Tommy and Chris that Leticia and Matt might be nominated since they're "strong competitors."

"A lot of the girls think she's kind of manipulating the guys," said Amanda.

Tommy then pointed out Leticia and Matt and Tiffany and Jim are the only two couples where neither member has ever been to the elimination room.  Cara didn't totally agree that was a good strategy and lobbied for Joe and Tara since they're tough competitors.

"As I'm walking down the stairs for the [nomination ceremony], I can't breathe.  I'm nervous, shaky," said Tiffany.  "I don't want to go home.  I don't want Jim to go home."

Cara then commended Matt and Leticia for being "strong competitors" before sending them to the elimination room.

"We knew it.  We knew it," said Matt before Leticia said she felt bad and took responsibility for the nomination.

Tommy then revealed he determined Tiffany and Jim would also be going to the elimination room, and explained he did it the "most fair and impartial way" he could come up with.

"I just really want to come back for Jim," said an emotional Tiffany.

"I'm not ready to leave the house," replied Jim.  "I intend to come back."

Despite Tommy telling Jim that the nomination was "nothing personal," Jim retaliated by telling Tommy that if he were to survive the elimination room, he'd be gunning for Tommy and Amanda.

Beauty and the Geek's fourth fifth-season elimination room then commenced, with the beauties answering questions about science and the geeks answering questions about relationships and romance.  The first team with three correct answers would remain in the running, while the losing team would be booted.

Leticia correctly answered the first question and Jim answered the second, tying the score.  While Leticia was on fire and confidently answered the third question correctly -- so was Jim, who answered the fourth. 
With the score tied, the next person to answer a question correctly would remain in the house.  Leticia did so and Jim and Tiffany were booted.

Beauty and the Geek's next fifth-season episode will air Tuesday, April 8 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.