Bachelor Pad contestant David Mallet, one of the five "Super Fans" selected to compete on reality competition show's third season alongside former bachelors and bachelorettes, decided to publicly announce his plan to vote for Erica Rose due to the fact she had one vote against her thanks to losing the season's first challenge.

However, David's announcement unintentionally caused a split in the house and made it newbies versus veterans after most of his fellow "Super Fans" had admitted they were on David's side. David had received immunity for the week after winning the challenge, so the uproar in the house resulted in the eliminations of newbies Chris "SWAT" Bain and Paige Vigil.

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, David -- who is currently still competing on the show -- talked to Reality TV World about his experience thus far and explained his highly criticized move to openly call the dramatic Erica Rose out during the third-season premiere. To read what he had to say, click here.

Below are some additional highlights from ABC's transcript of the rest of David's call -- including whether Erica really did "make his life hell" since she got to stay in the game, what he thought Michael Stagliano's chances of winning again would be, which veteran surprised him the most in contrast to his expectations, and whom he was hoping to hook-up with this season.

I was wondering Erica Rose threatened to make your life hell if she wasn't voted off.  Well, she wasn't.  Can you tell us what she does?

David Mallet:  Well, obviously I can't tell you what she does, but I can tell you that she does hold a grudge, and I've known that from watching her.  And all my hope was after hearing that from her was to just kill her with kindness and keep bringing up the fact that, "Erica, I'm a fan.  I'm here on the show.  I'm even more of a fan of Bachelor Pad than The Bachelor and The Bachelorette."

So her and Michael were obviously the two people I was most excited to see in the house, and I just tried to explain to her that that's the fact.  "You and Michael are my favorites here.  I don't want to vote you off, but I know if I don't go for you that I'm gone, and I won't be here to spend time with anyone.  So this is the only way, the smartest strategy, the only thing -- the way I see to play this."

And when she came and confronted  me, I put it out there that I thought I was going to vote for her, and I let her sit there and try to explain to me [why] not to, but she didn't give me one good reason not to, and in front of all the fans too. 

She didn't throw anybody else's name out there we should go for.  She didn't give us anyone else that would back us if we did.  All she kept saying is, "I don't know why you see it that way.  I don't know why you see it that way." 

And I kept explaining to her that it's fans versus veterans, and that's the feeling we're getting and there just was no way that -- she never came back to me with any ultimatum to do anything -- no alternative solution, no other way to vote.  It just kept being, "Well, why are you doing this?  I don't understand why it's me."

So we were just looking for her to throw something out there, some other person that would kind of go with us to go for it, to try to get votes on our side.  And she was never willing to give us another option.  It was just not me, not me.

Well, if not you, who do you think has the best chance to win the whole thing?
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David Mallet:  Well, it's tough because everyone does like Michael.  Michael's a great guy, and I think that it's smart to try to take Michael to the final because he has already won, and no matter how great of a guy he is, no one is going to pick him twice, I think, to win unless they really hate the other team in the final. 

So as long as you are a good guy and you play a good game, if you can make it to the final and bring Michael as the other guy into the final with you, I think you have a great chance of winning the money in the end.

We understand why you targeted Erica, but why did the newbies go after Nick Peterson as well?  Did you just think he was the easiest target out of all the veteran guys?

David Mallet:  Well, Nick was the other one who got a vote against him. Him and Erica were in the heart together and fell out together, so they each had a vote.  And at that point, it was so hard to tell who was willing to accept fans into the house, that that was our way.

I knew that the odds were against us.  You know, like I said, we only have five votes between all of us, and that's not enough to keep any of us in the house whether we had won the challenge or not.  So knowing that they each had a vote against them was our one leg up and our one chance to have some votes in our favor on top of the five that we had.

When you got to the mansion and first realized there were only five "Super Fan" votes in total, did you immediately think like, "Wow, thanks Bachelor Pad.  Thanks ABC, for putting us in this position where we're already the ones that no one knows.  We're already at a disadvantage, and now we're actually at a numbers disadvantage too?"

David Mallet:  Yes.  Absolutely knew it was a disadvantage, and I counted the fans the second everybody showed up, because I knew going into this -- and I said it many times in interviews getting ready to go into Bachelor Pad -- I said, "What are you guys going to do for us?  How are you going to give us a chance in this house because I know we're going to get voted out and we're going to have this huge target on our backs?"

But people work -- you know, you had to work really hard, and that's why my strategy to say my plan to Erica probably seemed ridiculous, but there was no way for us to get a feel for who would be willing to keep us in the house and who would be willing to side with us. So we had to throw it out there to try to get a feel for how people felt about it, how people felt about us voting someone off that wasn't a fan. 

But if you were nice to people, and you had to try to -- you had to get on people's good side.  And the other good thing in the house is there's always somebody making a mistake whether they're -- especially the veterans.  They're going to upset somebody.  They're going to make a bad move.  They're going to rub someone the wrong way, and all you need is one excuse to make some people mad, and they can vote you out of the house.

So I tried to play off that a little bit too further on.  I try to get everyone that's in the house to go that way too.  I try to stir up a little drama too.  I know the back stories between people.  If I see something in somebody else [who] doesn't know what's going on, I try to stir it up without making it obvious it's me bringing up all these conflicts.  But I'm just trying to use the courage that we have here.

Was there anyone that stood out to you for behaving in a way that was very different from what you had expected of them prior to meeting all the veterans?

David Mallet:  Absolutely, [Kalon McMahon].  Of course, you've seen Kalon on TV and he seems like he's real jerky, and he's real cocky and comes off that way.  But he is just playing a little comical part when he makes those jokes. 

He's very witty, a very smart guy, and you know, we must have heard -- I know you hear little clips and little quotes that he says, but we would hear like 50 of those a day, and you laughed at 45 of them.

Maybe five of them seemed a little too serious where you gave him that look like, "Come on, that's a little much."  But the other 95 percent of his little comments that he makes are hilarious.  And he was just like a fun person to be around, a fun person to listen to. 

And Erica Rose, even though she screamed at me, her personality is exactly as it is on TV. So she's like just an entertaining person to sit around and listen to talk, and she would crack me up all the time too.

Obviously a big part of the show is who's going to end up hooking up with or dating whom.  And when you first walked into the house, or I guess more like your first few days at the house, were there connections or chemistry between people that you saw right away?

David Mallet:  It was hard to pick up on any real interest.  [Tony Pieper] had told me the first night that he was interested in [Lindzi Cox], which was a shame because going into the house, I was interested in Lindzi.  But the second I heard that, I wasn't going to even try to step on any toes the first night. 

So he's like, "You think I should go for Lindzi?"  I'm like, "Yes, go for her as a partner."  I wasn't trying to make anybody mad.  So I knew trying to hook up with somebody is definitely another way to get votes against you.  You could hook up with a girl, and one of the other girls in the house might be interested in you, and now you've lost that little up that you had on everyone. 

And also, a guy might like a girl that you show interest in, and he might not be happy with you.  He might want you out of the house.  So even though I was interested, and I'm sure other people were interested in certain people in the house, nobody made it clear the first night. 

There was a little arm around the shoulder, a little bit of flirting, but it was hard to tell what was friendly and what was from people knowing each other maybe from other episodes and other interactions prior to the show, and what was actual flirting.

One of the most dramatic parts romance-wise from the first episode was the little triangle between [Chris Bukowski] and [Jamie Otis] and [Blakeley Shea].  How aware were you of that going on while it was happening?

David Mallet:  While it was going on, I wasn't aware, but I'm sure you'll see it in the next episode. They put it out there to each other already.  It was pretty clear.  So I'm sure that's going to explode. Blakely is not happy, and if you know Blakely at all, she's not going to be afraid to show it and not going to be afraid to talk about it.  So I'm sure that's going to come out in the next episode.

Above are some additional highlights from ABC's transcript of the rest of David's call. To read what he had to say to Reality TV World, click here.