Bachelor Pad eliminated Alli Travis and Justin Rego during Monday night's premiere of the second season of The Bachelor reality franchise spinoff in which 18 former bachelor and bachelorettes compete for a $250,000 cash prize.

Alli, a former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette, was eliminated based on votes cast by Bachelor Pad's nine former The Bachelorette bachelors, while Justin, a former sixth-season The Bachelorette bachelor, was ousted based on voting by the competition's nine former The Bachelor bachelorettes.

The second-season premiere of Bachelor Pad began with the 18 contestants arriving at The Bachelor mansion and former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love star Jake Pavelka being the last man out of the limo. A former bachelorette on Jake's season and the girl he proposed to during the season finale, Vienna Girardi, was already inside and dreading his anticipated arrival.

Pavelka returned to the site of his infamous televised post-breakup face-off with Vienna, seeing her on-air for the first time since their heated exchange. However, Vienna's new boyfriend and former sixth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Kasey Kahl was at her side and ready to give Jake a piece of his mind if approached.

Jake got a cold unwelcoming response to his entrance into the mansion. Fearing that Kasey wanted to fight him, Jake immediately sought him out, pulled him aside and wanted to smooth things over. Jake wished Kasey and his girlfriend happiness and insisted he was no longer in love with Vienna but would always care for her well-being. 

Kasey told Jake he wasn't going to judge or stereotype him based on what Vienna had said about him and what the media had portrayed, but he also acknowledged how it angered him that Jake made Vienna nervous, uncomfortable and upset.

Despite their apparent reconciliation, Kasey still wanted to get rid of Jake as fast as possible.

"He will go home tomorrow," Kasey said.

The following day, the contestants participated in a challenge, which required them to choose a partner. Former seventh-season The Bachelorette bachelor Blake Julian admitted he was interested in former The Bachelor: London Calling bachelorette Holly Durst but had a feeling former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette Melissa Schreiber was into him. As a result, he began thinking strategy and said he'd let things play out with both girls since money on the line.

Meanwhile, former seventh-season The Bachelorette bachelor Ames Brown and former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette Jackie Gordon really hit it off and had already formed a connection. However, they decided it would be smart not pair up so that no one would consider them a "power couple" in the game.

Host Chris Harrison then explained the rules to the "Hook-Up" challenge. Each man would wear a harness and be raised 10 feet off the ground. The ladies were required to hold onto their partners as long as they could, and once a female fell and landed on the bed below, the team would be eliminated.

The last couple to remain in place in the air would win the challenge, receiving two roses -- one for each member of the couple -- giving them immunity from the competition's first elimination vote, as well as a romantic one-on-one date.

Alli paired up with former fourth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Graham Bunn, Ames chose former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette Michelle Money, Jackie and Jake teamed up, Vienna and Kasey were a match, and former seventh-season The Bachelorette bachelor William Holman paired up with former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette Gia Allemand.
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In addition, former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette Ella Nolan became a couple with Justin, Melissa and Blake teamed up, Holly and former fifth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Michael Stagliano were a match, and former The Bachelor: Rome bachelorette Erica Rose paired up with former sixth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Kirk DeWindt.

It all came down to Jake and Jackie versus Kasey and Vienna. Kasey said winning immunity over Jake would be a huge accomplishment because if Jake won, he would survive in the mansion another week when he would have been eliminated immediately otherwise. Both couples gave the challenge everything they had, but Jake and Jackie pulled it out in the end and won.

Vienna was upset and frustrated with Kasey for letting her go in the challenge because he knew how much it meant to her to beat Jake and ensure he didn't receive immunity. They bickered in the hottub afterwards although Vienna noted they had promised each other they wouldn't fight on camera before arriving for the show.

The pair remained awkward for quite some time and when they met again, Kasey told Vienna he thought she was flirting with some of the other men in the house. Vienna got angry and told him he wasn't protecting and taking care of her like he assured her he would. She hoped he would comfort her rather than be mean to her. Although Kasey was aggravated, he promised her she could trust him.

"You know how much I love you," Kasey told Vienna.

"Yeah, well I think I love you more," Vienna said.

Kasey disagreed with that comment, adding he loved her more that peanut butter cookies.

Later on, Jake and Jackie received their date card and learned they'd be enjoying a dinner under the stars and also receive a third rose to hand out to anyone they would like to see remain in the game.

While Jake and Jackie took off on their date, back at the mansion, Graham, Michelle, and Vienna had begun to form an alliance. Graham tried to talk Mike into it and then suggested they also needed Justin and Kirk to gain the majority. Holly, Erica and Alli were going to join forces with them too.

Although Justin agreed to join their alliance, he worried he'd be the most disposable of the group because he was the last member invited to join. Instead of remaining loyal to the group and keeping his word, he chose to rebel, go against the grain and attack the alliance.

Justin then got caught for switching sides when he spoke to Ella, Gia and Blake, and Alli unintentionally got involved in it as well. Alli ran and told Graham, the former bachelor she was beginning to have a crush on, information Justin had told her in private -- that Graham was trying to "work her over."

Meanwhile, Jackie and Jake enjoyed their date and Jackie said she didn't have anything bad to say about Jake because she didn't want to unfairly feed solely off his bad reputation. They got along well, and when Jackie asked Jake what happened between him and Vienna, he told her Vienna had sold their breakup story to the tabloids for thousands of dollars.

Jake admitted he loved Vienna so much that he simply wanted it to work and was ready to give her a second chance, but their relationship could not be fixed. He told her he needed one final conversation to receive the closure he needed to move on. Back at the mansion, Vienna was also talking about Jake but in a different light. She told everyone he wasn't a good guy, he was fake and a monster.

Jackie then brought up the idea to give their third rose to Vienna so that Jake could make a peace offering and get the chance to talk to her. He liked the idea but worried whether it would be the right decision.

The next day, the couple was beginning to almost dislike having the power in the house, labeling it "a blessing and a curse." They felt it was a huge responsibility and Jackie didn't want anyone to have any hard feelings against her. As a result, she put the decision in Jake's hands and told him she'd back him up on whatever choice he made -- even if she gave it to Vienna, an idea she had begun to doubt and regret suggesting.

Jake then offered the rose to Vienna and asked to speak with her and Kasey in private. He told her he wanted to bury their hard feelings and move on, apologizing many times for the things he had done wrong in their relationship.

"Believe me. I never pictured myself giving you another rose ever in my life. Vienna, a year ago, we had something very special and we fell in love with each other. The great times were great and the bad times were really bad. I'm just going to be honest in front of the man you love right now and put some things on the table. Vienna, I'm sorry that I raised my voice to you on TV. I'm so sorry I did that and I didn't mean it," Jake told Vienna.

"I was losing you... I'm very sorry that I told you to quit interrupting me and slapped my knee like a fool, because it doesn't really matter what happened. You don't talk to people like that that you love. You just don't do that. What it was Vienna, was just two wrong people trying to make something work that wasn't going to work and I was wrong. I'm sorry."

While Jake thought everything went well, Kasey said giving Vienna the rose was the "biggest mistake ever." Vienna also thought Jake's intentions were false and that he only offered her the rose on-camera to save face.

"To have Jake sit down and apologize, the best way I can put it is 'torture.' It literally made me sick. He wants to play the nice, innocent sweet, 'Let's make up. I'm sorry.' Are you kidding me? I was not going to listen to it," Vienna said afterwards in a confessional.

"Jake Pavelka is a phony robot. He has no real feelings. He's a complete monster and he's playing everyone like a fool. I think the real reasons he's here is to make my life miserable."

Afterward, Gia -- who considered Jake her good friend and loyal ally -- cried because Jake didn't give her the rose and attempt to save her. She said all Jake cared about was looking like the "good guy" and she was very disappointed he didn't try to protect her. Gia knew Jake's decision was like him "playing chess without the queen."

Gia then felt defeated and realized Kasey and Vienna had all the power. She knew she was at a disadvantage, so she approached Kasey and requested an alliance. She convinced him she had people on her side, and although Kasey didn't know whether she was being honest, she accepted the invitation and told her he wouldn't vote her off. 

Because of Alli's move earlier in the game when she confronted Graham and turned on Justin despite Justin's hope she would keep their conversations a secret, Alli became a target and the contestants opposite of Graham and Vienna's alliance revealed she couldn't be trusted. Vienna's alliance wanted to vote Gia out, while Ames, Justin and Blake's alliance wanted to vote for Alli.

"I just want to know where you guys are at. I feel loyal to you guys but I think they think I'm playing both sides," Alli told Justin.

"But you do realize the fact that because of what you did yesterday, I'm probably going to get voted off right now," Justin said.

"I'm really annoyed with Alli. I don't like the fact that she went off and told other people, 'Hey let's get rid of Justin.' That bothers me, that upsets me, so for that reason, I want her out of here."

Meanwhile, Kasey was on the fence about whether to keep Gia safe and Ella told Justin the guys were planning on voting him out because he was playing both sides. But in a change of events, Blake tried to gather five girls and convince them to get rid of Kasey.

Jackie, Ella, Alli, and Melissa were all up for voting for Kasey -- making Gia, who didn't know whether to remain loyal to Kasey or not after they had made an agreement to help each other, the swing vote.

Jake tried to convince Gia to vote off Kasey, but she wasn't sure what was the smart move to make.

In the end, Gia and Kasey both survived the second season of Bachelor Pad's first vote and Justin and Alli were voted off instead.

"It's ridiculous. I shouldn't be here right now. I just should be back in that house doing what I do best -- taking over. Now it's just game over. It's tragic. I know people watching at home are crying. They want to see me win it, but apparently because a girl who's 24 with big fake hooters came in my way. Bottom line is that my game was completely messed up because of Alli. I should have aligned myself with the other f**kers in the house, aka Kasey and Vienna," Justin said after his elimination.

"I really don't want to go home but I'm going home. I feel a little bit blindsided. It sucks getting sent home the first night. I expected to make it a lot further than I did. I'm walking away with nothing. I'm walking away without the love or the money. I'm disappointed. I'm really disappointed," Alli said in tears following her ouster.
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