Bachelor in Paradise fans, hold the phone! Joe Bailey has a girlfriend.

On Thursday, one of Bailey's Twitter followers named Rachel asked him to get married because she clearly has a big crush on him.

In reply, Bailey, a 29-year-old Kentucky native, revealed some big news.

"I'm actually in a committed relationship as we speak. I think she is the one!" he tweeted Thursday.

The first thing that probably comes to Bachelor Nation's mind is whether Bailey is currently dating Samantha Steffen, the 28-year-old fashion designer from Los Angeles he constantly gushes about on Bachelor in Paradise and is supposed to appear on the show in the coming weeks.

However, based on Steffen's own Twitter account, it doesn't look good.

"If only I could have seen this episode before I got there #hindsights2020 #BachelorInParadise," Steffen tweeted Monday night while the Bachelor in Paradise episode was airing in which Bailey played single mom Juelia Kinney for her rose and manipulated his fellow cast members.

Steffen's tweet included surprised, frustrated, embarrassed and angry-faced emoticons. She also retweeted a follower who joked that someone should get her into a safe house when she enters the show, clearly taking a shot at Bailey.

The next Bachelor in Paradise episode airs Sunday night at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.