Bachelor in Paradise's third season is ending, and viewers can anticipate multiple engagements!

Bachelor in Paradise debuted just over a month ago, and in that short period of time, many of the participants appear to have found -- or at least are on the path to finding -- true love.

Grant Kemp already said, "I love you" to Lace Morris, and fans are wondering if she'll get to the point where she can break through her walls and say it back. Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray told each other they are falling in love, just like Evan Bass and Carly Waddell.

Izzy Goodkind dumped Vinny Ventiera for Brett Melnick. Goodkind and Melnick were going strong until Paradise welcomed a new set of beautiful girls, including Lauren Himle, who found a connection with Brett on their date.

Caila Quinn and Jared Haibon left Paradise together but are no longer together. And as for Nick Viall and Jennifer Saviano, they are heading into the finale as an item, however, Viall has just been announced as Season 21's The Bachelor star, so it's clear things didn't work out between them in Paradise.

The big question that remains is whether Wells Adams will find love and with whom, as he's currently juggling three women -- Ashley Iaconetti, Jami Letain and Shushanna Mkrtychyan, who all have developed seemingly genuine feelings for him.

Curious about what's in store for all of these couples? And since it's already been revealed there will be multiple engagements, which girls will receive romantic proposals in Mexico?

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading now if you want to be surprised by the ending of Bachelor in Paradise].

In the penultimate episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Kemp gives Morris a rose, Viall offers Saviano a rose, Murray hands his rose to Stanton, Bass gives his rose to Waddell, and finally, Adams asks Iaconetti to stay with him in Mexico via rose, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison then allegedly tells the couples they must decide whether to call it quits or pursue a committed, serious relationship outside of the show (which Carbone says only filmed over the course of 18 days).

To help with the decision, each pair will be offered a sexy overnight date. At this point, Adams allegedly chooses to break it off with Iaconetti and they both leave the show before taking advantage of their overnight date.

Since filming wrapped, Iaconetti has expressed interest in Adams on social media, so the current state of their relationship is unclear. Iaconetti has at least insisted on Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise that she is finally over Haibon.

The remaining four couples, however, enjoy that much needed time away from the cameras.

But Viall and Saviano split after their overnight date, according to Carbone, probably because they live on opposite sides of the country. Viall lives in Los Angeles, while Saviano currently resides in Florida.

Carbone didn't reveal whether Saviano breaks Viall's heart, the other way around, or they decide to end things mutually.

The season allegedly concludes with three couples getting engaged: Morris and Kemp, Murray and Stanton, and Bass and Waddell.

The big surprise here is the outcome for Bass and Waddell since the cruise ship singer only recently determined she definitely has romantic feelings for Bass.

Murray and Stanton have confirmed they are still together. In fact, Murray moved in with Stanton in her California apartment with her two daughters. The couple never did a great job of keeping their relationship a secret, as they were photographed shopping at Target together and attending a fair in Orange County with Stanton's girls and thousands of other people.

Kemp and Morris also appear to be doing great. A photo surfaced recently of the pair getting cozy poolside in Denver, CO.

The current status of Bass and Waddell's relationship is unknown because they've been much more discreet about their interactions on Twitter and Instagram post-filming.

However, Waddell recently shared a photo of herself in the same kitchen Bass has been photographed in, implying they are spending time with each other in their shared hometown of Nashville, TN.


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