Bachelor in Paradise couple Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan are continuing to date on Season 8, but now Kate seems unsure of whether they have a real future together, so what happens next? Do Kate and Logan break up or end up together -- and maybe even ultimately get engaged? And what is the status of their relationship now?


[Bachelor in Paradise Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers about Kate and Logan's Bachelor in Paradise fate and their relationship.]

Logan, a 26-year-old videographer from San Diego, CA, was seemingly very invested in his relationship with The Bachelor 26 villain Shanae Ankney, although she had been dating other guys to the point where her friend Genevieve Parisi dubbed her "the Bachelorette of Paradise."


But when Logan and Shanae were separated as part of the season's "The Split" twist, Logan went on a date with one of five female newcomers, Sarah Hamrick. (Meanwhile, Kate was getting to know Jacob Rapini while he was separated from Jill Chin).

Logan and Kate, a 32-year-old real estate agent from Lake Hollywood, CA, had an innocent and friendly conversation one night given Kate was friends with Sarah and Logan considered himself best friends with Jacob.

But Kate and Logan apparently felt immediate chemistry with each other that they couldn't ignore.

Kate therefore decided to pursue her feelings for Logan by asking him on a date once she received a Date Card in Paradise.

Logan admitted earlier this month on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast that Kate's bold move was "shocking" to him but he appreciated her assertiveness and decisiveness.

"She understood, like, the impact that us pursuing each other would have, but she was still for it," Logan told Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young.

"And I think that's what, like, was the most magnetizing for me, is she was like, 'We'll figure it out. We'll talk about how to go about it. We'll try to be respectful, but you're the person I want to be with. So I'm willing to walk through fire to get there for you.'"

Kate and Logan's date absolutely shocked their co-stars, but that's all it took for the couple to determine they only wanted to date each other going forward.

Logan said he was sold on Kate, and so he decided to dump Shanae once she returned from "The Split" twist.

Logan told the cameras that his connection with Kate was "groundbreaking" and hit him "like a hurricane," and so he was hopeful their relationship could last through Paradise -- and maybe even after the show in the real world.


The Bachelorette alum Hayden Markowitz then arrived in Paradise and asked Kate out on a date, and because Logan didn't fight for her or formally ask her to be his girlfriend, Kate accepted the invitation, clearly feeling a little rejected and insulted.

Logan -- who had gone on three Paradise dates earlier in the season -- said he didn't want to hold Kate back. He wanted Kate to have the full Paradise experience and still choose him at the end of the day.

But Kate called Logan "completely asleep at the wheel" and said she desperately wanted to hear him say, "Hell no, please don't go."

Kate and Hayden didn't really hit it off, with Kate saying she had carried the entire date on her shoulders, but she liked everything about Logan on paper. Kate gushed about how Hayden seemed to be rich and very established in his career.

Kate then returned to the beach a little unsure of how to proceed.

And prior to the fourth Rose Ceremony of the season, Kate confronted Logan and complained about how he should have spoken up prior to her date and she shouldn't have to guess how he was feeling about her.

"What I'm thinking is I want you to be mine," Logan said with a smile. "So I want you to feel that way too."

And Kate replied, "I do."

The couple then kissed on the beach in the rain, and everyone cheered them on, except for Hayden, whose jaw dropped to the floor watching them from a distance.


But Kate woke up the next day afraid of the seven-year age difference between Logan and herself. She called him "a boy."

Kate then complained to Shanae how Logan couldn't afford a special gym membership while she had her own personal trainer. Kate was afraid Logan wouldn't be able to afford to take her on a trip or on nice dates, and she didn't like the fact he lived with two roommates.

Kate claimed she's very capable of providing for herself but she didn't want to have to carry someone else. Kate said she deserved to be taken care of and being a breadwinner in a relationship can cause a lot of resentment.

"I can't build a life just on 'you're hot.' Maybe I am old fashioned and I want a man to have provider energy," Kate lamented in a confessional.

However, Kate still decided to give Logan her rose at the Rose Ceremony -- but under one condition.

"There's definitely something here, but I need more. Will you give that to me?" Kate quietly asked Logan.

Logan accepted the rose, but he said he didn't feel well liked by the bachelorette. He had expected Kate to say something sweet and sincere, and so Logan said he felt confused and didn't even know what Kate was insinuating.

So what happened next between Logan and Kate? Did they stay together or split up on Bachelor in Paradise -- and what's the status of their relationship now?

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, The Bachelor alum Lyndsey Windham from Peter Weber's season is going to show up at the beach with a Date Card and ask Logan out on a date due to a lack of options.

"So she asked Logan, [and Kate] told him she didn't want him going on a date so Lyndsey just went home," Carbone wrote in his June 28 blog post.

While Logan proved his loyalty to Kate, Carbone claims the pair broke up before Bachelor in Paradise's Final Rose Ceremony.

Logan reportedly attempted to give Kate his rose at the next Rose Ceremony, when the men get the power back, but she rejected it.

"[Kate] mentioned something about how he drives an orange Nissan and couldn't afford a certain gym membership," Carbone tweeted on November 5.

It's therefore not likely that Kate and Logan reconciled after the show, and so it's assumed the pair are not together now.


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