Bachelor in Paradise couple Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy have seen their relationship tested with the season's "The Split" twist, but now they can't seem to stop fighting -- so do Genevieve and Aaron split up or make it to the finale? Do Genevieve and Aaron get engaged and what's the status of their relationship now?


[Bachelor in Paradise Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers about Genevieve and Aaron's Bachelor in Paradise fate and their relationship.]

Genevieve entered Bachelor in Paradise thinking Aaron was just a buff bro with little going on other than charm and good looks.


She was initially interested in Justin Glaze, but when that relationship fizzled out due to their differences, Aaron arrived in Paradise and asked Genevieve out on a date.

It was on that date when Genevieve changed her mind and opinion about Aaron. She saw new sides to him and realized he was actually pretty deep and they had a lot in common.

From that point on, the pair was inseparable -- until they were forced apart by "The Split" twist.

Genevieve spent days in agony, waiting to be reunited with her man. She was afraid he was going to spark a connection with one of the new female arrivals, but Aaron avoided temptation and waited patiently for Genevieve's return.

When the couple was able to reunite on the Paradise beach, Genevieve and Aaron revealed they were "all in" on each other, and Genevieve broke down with tears of joy because she felt so thrilled and relieved.

But Aaron started to become a little jealous and insecure when Justin returned to the beach for a shot at love with Eliza Isichei.

As Genevieve slammed Justin and repeatedly told their story, Aaron began to feel like he was Genevieve's second choice.

Aaron explained to Genevieve how she made it seem like they got together because of Justin's failure and not because of his own success. Aaron wanted to feel like Genevieve chose him and wanted to be with him, rather than the idea she had ended up with him due to a lack of better options.

Genevieve promised Aaron that she was crazy about him for all the right reasons, and so Aaron owned up to being a bit too sensitive and reactive -- only because he really liked her.

"I do not want to lose Aaron. It would actually crush me to lose him... I am falling in love with Aaron, and I'm terrified, actually. I'm really scared," Genevieve said in a confessional.


But on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Genevieve and Aaron had a fight like never before on the beach in Mexico.

Genevieve essentially wanted to tell Aaron that she was falling in love with him, but she complained about not getting a moment alone with him considering he was treating Paradise "like a bro vacation."

Aaron felt attacked and offended since he believed he was making Genevieve his priority, and so there were tears, admissions of insecurity, accusations of gaslighting, and a moment when Genevieve packed her suitcases and nearly quit the show.

At one point, Genevieve, who felt dissed and dismissed, approached Aaron to talk things out on the show, but Aaron vented about how he wasn't ready to talk and wanted to do so on his own terms. Aaron suggested that he constantly catered to Genevieve and she always got her way.

Aaron also yelled about how there was nothing wrong with him wanting to spend 10 minutes with his friends, although the show edited footage to make it seem like Aaron had spent an entire day with the guys.

Aaron told Genevieve that he wished she had expressed how she was feeling before getting angry.

"Sorry I waited actually 10 minutes," Genevieve snarkily noted.

"That's gaslighting right there," Aaron replied in frustration. "Don't make me feel crazy for a normal thing... Say sorry you didn't communicate that."

The couple bickered back and forth, and Aaron lamented about how he just wanted to have fun and he felt betrayed because Genevieve was prepared to leave him the first time she got annoyed with him.

"This is horrible. It didn't need to be this... I truly wish you the best, but I'm not going to threaten my happiness, and I am not happy right now," Aaron said.

"I am not happy either," Genevieve responded.


Aaron apologized for that, and then Genevieve explained how she had just wanted to tell him that she was falling in love with him.

"That's a big thing and it's scary. There's a lot of really deep feelings that I have that are hard to express. You've become so close to me, and the things you do can deeply hurt me, because of how much you mean to me. And I'm falling in love with you too," Aaron told her.

Aaron therefore asked Genevieve to stay in Paradise, and then the couple kissed and made up -- and everyone else on the beach cheered for them.

So was it uphill for Genevieve and Aaron from there or did their relationship continue to be toxic and ultimately end on Bachelor in Paradise?

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Aaron and Genevieve continued dating in Paradise.

However, they reportedly ultimately broke up and decided a relationship wouldn't work in the real world.

All signs currently point to Genevieve and Aaron not being together now.

After their big fight aired on ABC, Genevieve and Aaron tweeted their viewpoints, and they both had drastically different perspectives on what went down and whether the show's editing was accurate.

Aaron tweeted on November 1, "Guys. Reality tv is not actual reality. But it is actually on tv... Like 40 hrs of filming a week condensed into 4 hours, you see such a small part!"

Aaron also downplayed his remarks to Genevieve on the show and claimed the argument that aired was "truly not the convo at all."

"I was so stressed out, but I promise I was trying my best," Aaron tweeted.

Genevieve, meanwhile, defended her actions and said the editing was a clear representation of what really happened.

"Nothing relevant to the argument was cut out," Genevieve claimed on Twitter. "What you saw is what happened."

Genevieve also insisted she "was NEVER mad" at Aaron about his desire to hang with the boys.

Genevieve tweeted on November 1, "I was upset because I wanted to talk to him alone about something. Is that too much to ask in a very calm way?"

She proceeded to write, "Of course I understand the guys want time with the guys. Did we forget we were just away from our guys for a week and I wanted some time."

"There's a potential engagement in two weeks. I don't think there's time to talk about evolution," Genevieve tweeted, slamming Aaron's frivolous conversations with the guys.


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