Bachelor in Paradise cast spoilers have begun leaking out, and the upcoming ninth season will reportedly include both a former The Bachelorette star and a former The Bachelorette winner!

Bachelor in Paradise's ninth season is set to air on Tuesday nights at 9PM ET/PT on ABC this fall, but the network has yet to announce its official premiere date and cast.


According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, filming began on June 6 and Bachelor in Paradise's Day 1 cast will include between 16-20 people.

Carbone said the "majority" of the Bachelor in Paradise season's cast will be comprised of women from Zach Shallcross' The Bachelor season as well as men from Charity Lawson's upcoming The Bachelorette edition, which recently wrapped filming.

During Carbone's June 6 podcast episode, he revealed that The Bachelorette's Season 19 star Rachel Recchia and The Bachelorette's Season 17 winner Blake Moynes will both be looking for love on the beach in Mexico this year.

"Blake Moynes is down in Mexico... [he's] in," Carbone claimed, adding, "Rachel Recchia is on there [too]. She is down there."

Carbone also revealed The Bachelor Season 27 alums Jess Girod, Kat Izzo, Mercedes Northup, and Cat Carter -- who previously referred to herself as Cat Wong -- will be on Paradise this season, either as members of the original cast or additions later on.

For the men, Carbone said The Bachelorette 19 alums Nate Mitchell and Tyler Norris will grace Paradise with their presence.

And the spoiler blogger is "pretty sure" The Bachelorette 19 alum Aven Jones will be there as well.

In addition, Sean McLaughlin and Tanner Courtad will also reportedly be members of the Season 9 cast, although their time on Charity's The Bachelorette season has yet to air.

Carbone has also heard the name of another of Charity's bachelors, Brayden Bowers, being "floated around."

"Those are names that I've heard and I expect to see them all at some point on the show," Carbone said.

"But there's obviously other names out there. Last year, we had 44 people show up to Paradise st some point."


However, Carbone confirmed The Bachelorette 19 star Gabby Windey and Zach's runner-up from The Bachelor this past year, Gabi Elnicki, will not be on Bachelor in Paradise this season.

The spoiler blogger also insisted The Bachelor Season 24 star Peter Weber declined the opportunity to potentially find his match on the beach in Mexico.

"Pilot Pete, not on the show. He's not going to be on it now," Carbone revealed. "He's not on it now and he's not going to be on it at any point during the season."

Peter was recently spotted on an apparent date at a Zac Young concert with The Bachelor 27 alum Davia Bunch, and so Carbone isn't sure whether Davia will be on Paradise or not.

"Paradise stuff, I will give it to you... once I get stuff confirmed," Carbone told his listeners on the podcast. "When I know it, you'll know it."

Last year, Peter revealed he had planned to participate in Bachelor in Paradise's 2022 season but opted out when he was unable to agree on a contract with the show's producers.

"I was actually going to do Bachelor in Paradise. I was going to do it. We just couldn't agree on a contract at the end of the day is what it came down to," he told Us Weekly.

"The deal was almost done... I had gotten the days off. I had this month off to go out there and I was going to give it a shot. I honestly was."

Rachel Recchia had her heart crushed by Clayton Echard when he dumped her for Susie Evans on The Bachelor's 26th season in 2022, and then she co-starred on The Bachelorette's nineteenth season with Gabby Windey and got engaged to Tino Franco.

Rachel broke up with her The Bachelorette winner before After the Final Rose aired because Tino Franco had cheated on her.

Blake Moynes looked for love on two stints of The Bachelorette: Season 16 starring Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams in 2020 followed by the show's seventeenth season starring Katie Thurston in early 2021.

Blake and Katie got engaged at the end of her season, and they announced their breakup in October 2021. They split just two months after their The Bachelorette finale aired in August 2021.

On The Bachelor 27, Jess Girod and Zach had a mutual breakup over a "disconnect" in which Jess was frustrated about not having received a one-on-one date and Zach criticized her for focusing on the wrong things.

Jess proudly told Zach that she wasn't going to fight for him because she deserved and needed a man -- after painful failed relationships in her past -- to fight for her.

"Is it the craziest thing to want to go on a date with somebody I could potentially marry? Like, it's the craziest thing that I'm upset that I'm the last one [without a solo date]?" Jess lamented in her final words.


On that same season, Zach ousted Kat Izzo during the Rose Ceremony in Budapest, Hungary preceding hometown dates.

Kat demanded to know why Zach was sending her home, and Zach explained while they had "the best and strongest connection" for a while, their dynamic changed in a week and he no longer felt confident in their future together.

Kat admitted that her departure was particularly difficult because she had believed Zach was supposed to be her husband and she couldn't believe he was giving up on her.

Cat Carter, Davia Bunch, and Mercedes Northup were all sent home about halfway through Zach's The Bachelor season.

Mercedes said during the February 23 episode of the "Click Bait with Bachelor Nation" podcast she'd be interested in dating Spencer Swies, Tyler Norris and Johnny DePhillipo on Paradise.

Nate Mitchell emerged as a fan-favorite on Gabby and Rachel's The Bachelorette season, but he was also subjected to scrutiny on social media when one of his former girlfriends claimed Nate had two-timed her and kept his daughter a secret during their entire year-and-a-half relationship.

But Nate apologized for his past mistakes on The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All and Gabby publicly defended his honor, and so many fans continued rooting for the electrical engineer from Chicago to become the The Bachelor star for Season 27.

But Nate said on the "Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation" podcast last year that it just wasn't the right timing to be the Bachelor and he didn't think the job was for him.

And Tyler Norris was eliminated by Rachel on The Bachelorette's nineteenth season before hometown dates.

Tyler hit it off with Brittany Galvin on last year's season of Bachelor in Paradise and they opted to leave the resort together and continue dating in the real world, but they called it quits shortly after returning home.

Brittany suggested on a post-show podcast that Tyler was a little too needy for her, while he thought she didn't give their relationship a real chance.


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