Married at First Sight's finale featured Domynique Kloss hitting on Gil Cuero from a previous season and then making out with Clint Webb, Airris Williams going on a date with an unmatched MAFS applicant, Shaquille Dillon and Kirsten Grimes reuniting, and Gina Micheletti consulting with a divorce lawyer, during the Season 16 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight already featured Nicole Lilienthal and Chris Thielk choosing to stay married while three couples opted to get a divorce following the eight-week extreme experiment: Airris and Jasmine Secrest, Gina and Clint, and Shaquille and Kirsten.


Mackinley Gilbert and his match, Domynique Kloss, decided to get a divorce on Day 12 and were therefore left out of most of the season.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began 19 days after Decision Day, with Clint taking Gina's dog Hank on a morning walk by Davidson County Courthouse in Nashville, TN.

Jasmine and Kirsten were then shown meeting up at an ice cream shop, where they discussed a potential collaboration and business plan together. The women talked about starting up their own party-bus company in Nashville for bachelorette parties and more.

Kirsten told Jasmine, if they fully booked, they could potentially make $10,000 per month -- minus the costs of a driver, gas etc -- and could be pocketing six figures each per year.

Jasmine shared how Airris was dating again, and Jasmine had already been shown going on a date in the previous episode. Jasmine told Kirsten, in turn, "We're going to get you on a date!"

Kirsten looked forward to finding happiness and wealth with her future partner, and she joked with Jasmine how Airris and Shaquille were going to cry over missing out on the money they'll be making as a powerful female team.

Meanwhile, Chris and Nicole were shown decorating their new apartment together and trying to mesh their different styles together. The pair was going to host and spend Thanksgiving with Nicole's father, who had really come around to the idea of Chris being his daughter's husband.

Over a FaceTime chat, Nicole's dad told Nicole and Chris that they did an amazing job throughout the process and were a beautiful couple.

"Nicole's dad was very against this in the beginning and really guarded, so it feels good that I've earned his respect at this point," Chris told the cameras. "I think he's seen I'm in this for the long haul with his daughter. Family is important to both me and Nicole... It feels good and I couldn't be happier."

For Domynique's part, she and her mother Toya got together for some Mexican food and margaritas. Domynique revealed she had not been in contact with Mackinley Gilbert at all.
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Domynique thought it was "weird" Gina and Mack had gone out on a date, but she insisted she didn't care. Domynique said it was "the way Mack acted after the divorce" that made her not want to be his friend going forward.

"We all have to go through the B-S to get to the good sh-t," Toya told her daughter, adding that she wanted her daughter to be able to move forward from the failed marriage.

Domynique shared with her mother how she had some "inquiries" in the works, referring to potential daters. Domynique admitted she had reached out to Gil Cuero, the firefighter from Married at First Sight: Houston.

They had exchanged a few messages up to that point, and Domynique said they were planning on having a video chat.


Afterward, Airris went on a frozen-yogurt date with a woman named Kendra, who had watched Airris on the show and reached out to him. Kendra had been part of the Married at First Sight matchmaking process, but the experts didn't choose a match for her.

Airris immediately liked Kendra's big energy, and he told her, "I would've been happy if you got picked [for me]."

Kendra shared how she needed a Christian man in her life, but Airris suggested he's more of a spiritual man -- who enjoys meditation and yoga -- rather than attending church every week.

Both Airris and Kendra don't have any siblings, and so Airris said he'd like to have a family and build a legacy. Kendra thought it was cute that Airris couldn't wait to be a father, and the pair agreed to a second date.

Twenty days after Decision Day, Nicole and Chris put together a birthday party for Nicole's dog Charlie, who was turning two-years-old. They invited the MAFS cast to join them, but Jasmine and Shaquille couldn't make it.

Shaquille's grandmother apparently passed away, and so Kirsten had reached out to her ex-husband to check on him.

Mackinley said he didn't have much interest in seeing or talking to Domynique, but if it meant spending time with his friends, he was okay with them being in the same room. Mackinley planned to visit Nashville pretty frequently even though he had moved to Michigan.

Domynique also told the girls how it takes an emotionally mature person to marry at first sight and so she and Mack should be able to hang out together in a group and get along.

Nicole gushed to the women about how Chris had seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in her and he still loved her. Nicole figured her marriage could only get better from there, and she was in the process of changing her last name to Thielk.

Later on, Gina met up with her mother and stepfather for lunch.

Gina revealed how she and Clint had an "amicable" split but he kept trying to buy Hank from her for $10,000. Gina laughed over the situation, and then her mom said, "I don't understand how he couldn't fall head over heels in love with you."

Gina disclosed how she and Mackinley had gone on a date and so she was going to see if there was something to "explore" there. Gina's mother wanted to see her daughter end up with "Prince Charming," a man who would put her on a pedestal.

A whopping 22 days after Decision Day, Mackinley was shown growing marijuana plants in Flint, MI. He was working as the director of operations, overseeing three new facilities. Mackinley said the money in cannabis was better for him in Michigan than Tennessee, where he would've been taking a humble pay cut.

That night, Jasmine, Airris and Shaquille went out to a bar together. Shaquille admitted he needed a lot of support at this stage in his life and his grandmother's death had taken a real toll on her.

Shaquille told his friends that he really appreciated Kirsten's phone call about his grandmother but she could barely look at him in a group setting. Jasmine said Kirsten just needed to heal from the breakup because rejection is tough and Kirsten was trying to be "a boss b-tch."

Shaquille said he didn't want to play a back-and-forth game of being friends and not being friends, so he was going to leave the ball in Kirsten's court.


Gina then got the ball rolling on her divorce from Clint by chatting with a lawyer via Zoom. Gina was told the process wouldn't be "terribly expensive" if she and Clint were truly amicable but she would be charged every tenth of the hour.

The lawyer also said she has seen multiple dog-custody cases, but Gina already had Hank for four years before the marriage. The lawyer therefore asked Gina to have Clint write down that he'd only be visiting Hank at times and not take him.

"I trust Clint... [but] I want to make sure that my ass is covered when it comes to Hank, and knowing that Clint cannot take him," Gina told the cameras.

Nicole and Chris were then shown moving furniture into their new apartment 24 days after Decision Day. And Kirsten broke the news to a family member that she and Shaquille had decided to divorce because he thought she wasn't nurturing or supportive enough.

Kirsten shared how Shaquille had also said they were missing chemistry and a spark. Kirsten thought she had made up for missed opportunities with Shaquille, including his trip alone to Memphis.

Kirsten suggested that Shaquille wanted her to be a mind reader and they had struggled to become "one" and get on the same page.

When asked if Kirsten missed Shaquille, she said, "No, and I actually have to see him in a couple of days. We're going to talk about the decision he made... I have mixed emotions about meeting up with him."

Kirsten thought there was more to Shaquille divorcing her than just thinking she hadn't been meeting his expectations.

Afterward, Clint met with a golden-doodle breeder and got to play with two available puppies. Clint considered buying a puppy on the spot, but he decided to return home, think about it, and do his due diligence since it's a life-altering decision.

Meanwhile, Domynique Zoom chatted with Gil and revealed how she had made the decision to divorce her husband after 11 days based on a "gut" feeling.

Gil, appearing surprised and taken aback by the news, said in reply, "I'm all about gut feelings, but I think when it comes down to this process, you have to give it a chance. You have to be willing to fight for it! Obviously there are going to be moments when you guys disagree."

But Domynique said there were post-Decision Day actions that "validated" her gut feeling and so she felt good about her choice to end the marriage early.

Domynique told Gil that when she was asked whom she'd like to go on a date with, he came to mind. Gil hesitated with his response but said he was flattered.

Gil explained how he had been dating for a couple of months but struggled to trust women.

"I might have a slight crush on Gil. He's very articulate... He's very patient and he has a good sense of humor," Domynique gushed. "Yeah, that's why I like Gil!"

At the end of the Zoom chat, Gil told Domynique that they could "possibly" do this again but he had a very busy schedule for the next four weeks.

Domynique felt optimistic about the pair keeping in touch, and she noted how timing is everything and it only takes a few seconds to send a text message.


Kirsten and Shaquille then met up 26 days after Decision Day for a candid chat about the demise of their relationship and Shaquille's ultimate choice to part ways.

Shaquille explained to Kirsten how he had made a decision for himself and he couldn't believe that he was even saying the word "divorce" out loud. Shaquille admitted that he didn't get what he wanted out of their marriage and they were rarely on the same page.

Shaquille said the process brought out vulnerability in him, and Kirsten wished Shaquille had been a little more honest and upfront with her prior to Decision Day.

Kirsten wished Shaquille well at the end of their conversation, and he asked if she wanted to be cordial and/or friends.

"I'm a cordial person. Safe travels back to your family," Kirsten concluded.

Shaquille vented to the cameras how his meeting with Kirsten was everything he had expected it to be.

"No emotion, no nurturing, like, 'Do y'all need anything?' A nurturing person, that ain't Kirsten. Both of us didn't get what we wanted out of the marriage. Hopefully we learn lessons to help us grow and to help us push forward," Shaquille said.

"So we leave being married at first sight as two individuals who could not get on one accord."

Nearly four weeks after Decision Day, Nicole, Chris, Airris, Gina, Jasmine, Clint, and Domynique got together for some axe throwing and drinks.

Nicole asked Gina whether she'd be open to doing more than "making lattes" with Mackinley if he moved back to Nashville, and Gina said she would definitely hang out with him again. Gina attempted to video chat with Mackinley during the group session but he didn't answer and was unavailable.

"Does that mean he's emotionally unavailable?" Chris joked.

Suddenly, Clint started flirting with Domynique and petting her hair. Domynique said she'd possibly be up for a date with Clint, who then put his arm around her and said, "This looks good... We could hang and go to taco night."

Jasmine asked, in all seriousness, if they'd go on a date, and Clint responded, "We're getting tacos, girl!"

The group proceeded to play a little game of "Truth or Dare."

Nicole said if both Clint and Domynique managed to get "the axe to stick," they'd have to kiss. Clint nearly hit a bullseye, and then so did Domynique!

Clint and Domynique followed the rules and had a sexy kiss at the bar, and Nicole yelled, "Is it hot in here or was it just that kiss?!"

Once the pair stepped away from each other, Clint looked intrigued and then he went in for another helping! Domynique and Clint kissed a second time, and everyone was cheering, including Gina.

"Dom is cool as sh-t. She's cool, she's hot, she's fun, she's young, she's vibrant, she's adventurous, she's smart, she's chill, she looks good, her hair feels good... There are things there," Clint told the cameras.

Jasmine and Airris agreed they never saw that coming, and they joked about how spouses were swapping mates.

"So are we getting tacos tonight?!" Nicole blurted out.

But then Clint admitted to the group he had kissed "worse" before.

Gina said watching Clint kiss someone else was confirmation for her that he's not her match because she didn't feel an ounce of jealousy. Gina thought Domynique could be a good match for Clint because she's younger and could handle his crazy sense of humor a little better.

Gina therefore acknowledged how she'd support Domynique and Clint getting together.

Everyone departed the gathering feeling happy and optimistic about the future, either as singles or spouses.


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