Bachelor in Paradise featured Kate Gallivan dumping Logan Palmer in a brutal manner, Aaron Clancy shocking Genevieve Parisi with a breakup, Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby leaving Paradise dating, Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin leaving as a couple, and only two couples advancing to Fantasy Suites during Part 1 of the Season 8 finale Monday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Mara Agreat leaving Paradise because she felt there was no need to put herself through a Rose Ceremony when mostly everyone was coupled up and there would be no new singles arriving. Mara couldn't envision herself forming a connection in the next couple of couple of hours.

Mara's exit left eight guys and eight women for the next Rose Ceremony.


Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer asked the couples to think about if they were really in love and could truly see themselves dating at home outside of Paradise -- or if they should just go home single.

With that being said, he canceled the cocktail party, leaving suspense for the Final Rose Ceremony of the season.

Suddenly, Aaron walked away from Genevieve on the beach, which made her think he was going to leave her and dump her for whatever reason.

It then became time for the Rose Ceremony, and Jesse reiterated how it was a very serious evening and the roses were going to mean more than ever before.

"If you offer a rose tonight, it's because you can see a future with that woman. And ladies, remember, you don't have to accept the rose. If you can't see yourself in a relationship with the man offering it, then it's time to say goodbye," Jesse announced.

Michael gave his rose to Danielle, and she smiled big. Michael said they "could build a good life with the love they left behind," and Danielle said she couldn't wait to leave the beach and be with him outside of Paradise.

Brandon Jones gave his rose to Serene Russell, and he said loving her for the rest of his life was going to be the easiest decision he'll ever make.

Johnny DePhillipo told Victoria Fuller that he was falling in love with her since the moment he met her and he wanted to "do life" with her. Victoria told Johnny, "I love you," and he replied, "I love you too."

Tyler gave his rose to Brittany, saying he couldn't imagine dating anyone else at the time.

Aaron gave his rose to Genevieve, saying he never wavered in thinking they could have something special. He said they preserved through hard times and he recognized he's not the easiest person to get along with.

Justin Young gave his rose to Florence Moerenhout, and Joey gave his rose to Shanae Ankney. Each women accepted her rose and seemed very happy.

Logan offered his rose to Kate, saying they had walked through fire together and he believed in them as a couple. But Kate rejected it. She said while they had some unforgettable times, he had put her down.

"You told me I was critical, looked down on you, not warm enough, and stimulated by the drama when in reality, those are projections that I feel from you," Kate scolded the bachelor.

"And when Jesse asked us earlier to think about if we're happy and in love, the answer to both of those questions for me is 'no.' I know what I want, and this isn't it. So Logan, no, I won't accept this rose."

Since Logan was not in a relationship and there was no one left to receive his rose, Logan was eliminated.

"Shanae liked me for who I was; Kate did not like what I brought to the table, and it tore me up because I had nothing I wanted to change about Kate. I was so satisfied with who she is," Logan said following his ouster.

"I did not have that returned. [She had] anger and disappointment in me. It just hurts. I feel like my sense of who I am has gotten a little lost in the process of trying to please this girl who I was really, really into. I don't know where to go from here."


Kate said she felt in shock but wanted a romance that flows and is effortless. She said her relationship with Logan was too much of an uphill battle.

"In the early stages, we should be dry humping in a corner. Please God, bring me a grown-ass man with a big f-ck-ng d--k and an even bigger bank account," Kate pleaded in her final words.

The next day, Jesse met with the remaining seven couples and said their journey was about to get "tougher" because Paradise was over and there would be no more arrivals or Rose Ceremonies. Jesse asked the couples to take some time and have serious talks.

"Ask yourself, 'Can I see a life with this person? And am I truly ready for an engagement?'" Jesse said.

Jesse said only the truly committed couples who felt ready to get engaged should accept a Fantasy Suite that night.

Serene and Brandon agreed to go to the Fantasy Suite, and Brandon said she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. Serene said no one loved her the way Brandon did and she was going to love him forever.

Brittany then said if Tyler expressed his love for her, she'd know he's The One. Tyler told Brittany that he fell in love with her at the Sadie Hawkins dance, and Brittany said she hadn't felt this way in over two years and he constantly pursued her and made her feel like the only girl in the world.

Brittany therefore told Tyler that she loved him too. Tyler said he wasn't ready to get engaged on the show but he could see that in the future for them. Tyler asked Brittany to leave with him, go to Chicago and meet each other's moms.

Shane spoke to Joey next and broke down into tears. She said she felt nervous, scared and anxious about where she was at. Joey said he thought they both were confident in wanting to date each other after the show, but Shanae said the age gap scared her and their relationship had been more playful than serious.

Shanae also said she wanted a man who's more independent, which Joey took offense to, even though he lives with his parents. Shanae also said she didn't want to be with "a social media freak" who does TikToks.

"I want a man. I don't want a man who dances and makes TikToks," Shanae said.

Joey got angry and said he's definitely a man and Shane was being offensive. Joey said the TikTok stuff wasn't even true and Shanae hadn't brought any of this up before. But Shanae concluded, "I just don't think it's there."

She's 30 and he's 24, and Shanae said she doesn't want just a boyfriend -- she's looking for a husband. Shanae wished she could show her man off and be in love, but she apparently didn't feel that for Joey.

Justin and Florence then agreed not to explore things outside of Paradise, and so the twins left together.

Johnny sat down with Victoria next and admitted to the cameras he was terrified of commitment. Victoria said she had never been treated so good and she felt at home with Johnny.


The couple expressed how they were in love with each other, and Johnny shared how Victoria had flipped his world upside down and he couldn't imagine life without her. Johnny said the more time he got to spend with Victoria, the more reassured he felt about an engagement.

"I want to be everything for you," Johnny told Victoria.

"You are everything," Victoria replied.

Johnny said while he wasn't sure about an engagement, he wasn't going to let her go.

Aaron pulled Genevieve for a chat next, and she said she didn't know what to expect. Aaron said he felt conflicted and saw a light inside Genevieve and had fallen in love with her. But the pair had gone through some ups and downs. Aaron said his main issue was that whenever something was wrong, Genevieve threatened to pack her bags and leave.

"Life is not easy and we need to be teammates... someone who will stick around is something that is so important," Aaron explained.

"I need someone that can give me security. I need to have security... I need someone who will stick around, and for that reason, I don't think I can continue my relationship with you outside of Paradise. And it gets heartbreaking because I do love you and I will always cherish this time with you. And I would not have done anything different."

Genevieve was silent, and Aaron said he felt a peace with the fact their relationship didn't work out. He also called her "a great friend" at the end of the day, before walking away.

Genevieve then revealed to the girls how Aaron had turned everything around on her and blamed her for everything. Genevieve said she hated that conversation, mainly because Aaron didn't mention one thing he had done wrong.

Wanting Aaron to take some accountability, Genevieve sought Aaron out and accused him of placing all the blame on her for the demise of their relationship.

"I reacted because of what you did," Genevieve said, arguing how they both had made mistakes but Aaron didn't acknowledge that.


Aaron said he stayed with Genevieve hoping there would be a change but they clearly didn't mesh and had trouble communicating and understanding each other. Genevieve told Aaron that he had a lot to work on after the show, and Aaron just brushed off the insult.

Aaron told Genevieve that if she packed her bags again, he wouldn't be stopping her this time. And Genevieve assured him that she didn't want him to.

"Third time's a charm!" Genevieve grunted on her way out.

Aaron told the cameras he was initially glad he had spent the summer with Genevieve but that feeling flew out the window.

"Way to ruin that!" Aaron complained.

Genevieve explained how she was angry how her romance ended and Aaron was "a little boy." Genevieve said there was so much she had overlooked about Aaron because she really wanted their relationship to work and she had wasted her time "on a child" who doesn't know the difference between pain and itching.

"And that's big facts," Genevieve noted, making fun of Aaron.

Later on, Michael and Danielle sat down for a chat. Danielle told him that he's a strong and beautiful man and she felt "so lucky" to have him. And Michael started to cry, saying he felt lost for a while after his wife Laura's death.

"For emotional people like us, that's a sentence," Michael said.

Michael had compasses made in late 2018, a month before Laura passed, for Laura, James and himself. He carried it with him at all times so he wouldn't feel lost, and he said the compass brought him to Danielle.

Michael said in some crazy way and in some crazy place, he found a woman whom he wanted to introduce to his son. Michael said he was excited for that and knew it would be a special time for the both of them. Michael said starting a future with Danielle felt "right."

"It would be an absolute honor to meet James, and I really can't wait," Danielle said, adding how she respected and honored his love for his late wife.

Michael thought Laura would love Danielle and be happy that he had found her. The pair felt ready to leave Paradise with each other, as a couple, and Danielle said he's the most special person to ever enter her life.

"Love is unpredictable, and I didn't realize how much I was missing that until I came to Paradise and met Danielle... I'm excited to see how she interacts with James. I know she would be a wonderful addition to our family," Michael gushed. "I'm really excited to get this going."

And Danielle added, "We're going to have fun tonight."

"Oh I know," Michael agreed.


Jesse had some big news for the two final couples: Serene and Brandon as well as Victoria and Johnny.

Jesse shared how they'd get to relax that evening and have a very special and fancy double-date dinner. The next day, they'd be leaving Paradise for their final overnight dates and Fantasy Suites.

Johnny said he was truly thinking about marrying Victoria and he knew he loved her when they reunited after The Split twist. Johnny called Victoria "my person," and Victoria said she fell in love when she and Johnny talked about having children together one day.

The two couples celebrated having come so far in the process.

Serene said she gradually grew in love, a little more every moment, because of how intentional Brandon was with her.

"The only way I can leave this place is with you. I can't go home without you. It's not happening!" Johnny told his girl.

"Then you better put a ring on it," Victoria joked.

The next day, it became time for Fantasy Suites.

Serene said she was excited to be alone with Brandon for the first time, and Victoria noted how she couldn't wait to go to bed with Johnny and wake up next to him.

Serene told Brandon that she totally trusted him and felt safe with him. She had no doubts about him and called their love "the real deal."

"This is so far beyond anything I've ever experienced before. This is definitely the happiest I've ever been. He has it all, he is the 'all.' He is the one," Serene said.

Brandon said home was going to be wherever Serene is going forward, and he couldn't wait to get down on one knee.

Over at Johnny and Victoria's Fantasy Suite, Johnny said meeting her on the beach was the best thing that ever happened to him. Victoria said Johnny altered what she thought a husband would look like for her.

Victoria said she always gravitated towards men who wouldn't give their all because she didn't think she could be loved. She also said she's afraid of abandonment. Johnny said he's his own worst critic and he tends to look in the mirror and hate himself. Johnny said women always left him for someone else and he never felt worthy.

Victoria assured Johnny that she wanted to be engaged and have a family. She didn't intend on finding that in Paradise but she said she could definitely see it happening with him. Johnny, however, noted how he wasn't going to fold under pressure and would only propose if she truly wants to, which made Victoria think he wasn't ready for an engagement.

Victoria said she and Johnny needed to have a serious talk off-camera to make sure they're on the same page.


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