Bachelor in Paradise featured Victoria Paul quitting the show following accusations she's a manipulative liar with a boyfriend back home, Brendan Morais' being questioned about his past romance with Pieper James, Victoria Larson and Tahzjuan Hawkins drama, and the elimination of three women during Monday night's Season 7 episode on ABC.

In addition, Victoria L., Kelsey Weier and Serena Chew were ousted from Bachelor in Paradise after the men handed out roses at the first Rose Ceremony of the season.


The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Aaron Clancy and Tammy agreeing they were on the same page about their blossoming relationship.

There were 10 guys and 13 women on the beach, so three ladies would be forced to go home at the Rose Ceremony held at the end of the week in which the men would have the power and hand out the roses.

Tammy then named the couples who had formed so far on Paradise: Tahzjuan and Tre Cooper, Maurissa Gunn and Connor Brennan, Mari Pepin-Solis and Kenny Braasch, Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer, Joe "Grocery Store Joe" Amabile and Serena Pitt, and Brendan and Natasha Parker.

Natasha said she felt "really confident" about her connection with Brendan and she could feel his positive energy.

Demi Burnett then entered the beach, and she said she had a couple of years to grow and learn what she wants after her failed engagement to Kristian Haggerty. She said while she's interested in both men and women, she looked forward to dating "some dudes" in Paradise.

"I love causing trouble. It's actually my favorite thing to do," said Demi, who stepped on the beach with a Date Card in hand.

"[The girls] are going to be totally freaked out, because they're going to be like, 'Oh my God, look at that sexy b-tch walking in!' I look fine as f-ck right now... I want to f-ck some sh-t up!"

Connor said Demi looked "hot as hell" and she was even more gorgeous in person, and Victoria P. recognized Demi was about to party and steal someone's man.

Demi pulled Connor aside for a chat first, and the couple bonded over their love for cats considering Demi has three of them at home. Maurissa admitted the situation was "stressful" and it was her "biggest fear" for a woman to steal her guy in Paradise.

Demi also chatted with Kenny, whom she called "sexy" with his shirt off, and Brendan, whom Demi immediately invited -- jokingly -- to "The Boom Boom Room."

Brendan shared how he wasn't ready for a full engagement on Tayshia Adams' The Bachelorette season but he had become more free and at peace. He said he was looking forward to potentially find love, and Demi was smitten with Brendan's blue eyes.


Brendan acknowledged he's a shy guy but he's still able to hold a conversation.

"Brendan is so beautiful, like, ugh! So sexy! And the sexual tension between us... it was so good! I want him!" Demi gushed, before asking the bachelor out on her date.

Natasha was clearly bummed out and started to cry, and she planned to spend the day alone so no one would worry about her.

Natasha called Brendan attentive, chivalrous and nice, so she hoped Brendan would be thinking about her on his jetskiing date with Demi, who just wanted to have fun with Brendan and make each other laugh.

Brendan and Demi kissed on their date, and Demi said she was "crushing so hard" on him and she hoped to explore and grow with him.

"I would love to do that every day with you," Demi said with a big smile.

"So moving forward, I think you're amazing... but I obviously talked to other girls and formed things with other girls, so it's like we're going to talk to other people and go on other dates and really see if our paths cross again along this journey," Brendan replied.

Demi was thrown off by Brendan's response and said she was going to try to formulate a "polite" response.

"My initial thought is, 'Oh my God, am I not enough? Is there a reason he's saying this? I feel like I just got rejected," Demi told him.

Demi shared with the cameras how she felt uncomfortable given she just had an incredible date with Brendan and he essentially wanted to keep his options open. Demi said Brendan had bruised her ego and pissed her off.

"This has never happened to me before, except for [Colton Underwood], and that was brutal. But he was gay!" Demi said in a confessional, adding that Brendan was acting like she's "a clingy b-tch" when she's not and there was "a storm brewing -- a Category 4 Demi."

Demi told Brendan that she's the best on the beach and he had startled her.

Meanwhile, a group of girls on the beach discussed how it seemed like Brendan was holding out for Pieper James from Matt James' The Bachelor season, whom he allegedly began dating before Bachelor in Paradise.


Tahzjuan said Brendan and Pieper were "an item," and James Bonsall agreed that the pair were "a thing" in the real world.

Deandra Kanu joked about "exposing" Brendan in front of Natasha, who then discovered Brendan had allegedly been talking to Pieper right before his Paradise stint. Natasha said it would be "f-cked up" of Brendan to date women in Paradise if he had someone waiting for him back home and it was "a bad look."

Back on the beach, Serena Chew, Victoria Larson and Kelsey Weier were worried about being denied a rose at the upcoming Rose Ceremony. Kelsey had yet to feel a spark with a man, and Victoria Paul intended to put herself out there as people around her were making connections.

Victoria P. therefore sat down for a chat with James, who said he was vibing with her the most in Paradise. Victoria P. told James that he's very attractive and was enjoying getting to know him.

"My energy healer friend told me that when you get the chills, it means that you are at the right place at the right time with the right person," Victoria P. shared. "To be honest, I haven't felt that yet, but I want to get a rose because maybe there's someone else... that's coming, potentially, that I could connect with."

Victoria P. could tell, however, that James -- whom she thought looks more like a Jordan -- was a kind person and so she wasn't writing him off.

Karl Smith then stormed the beach with a Date Card for Jessenia Cruz, who asked Ivan Hall out on her date and hoped to continue making romantic progress with the bachelor.

Ivan called Jessenia beautiful and special, and the pair dove into deep conversation at dinner.

Jessenia said she could be silly and joke with Ivan, and then she briefly mentioned the racism controversy that surrounded Matt's season and how Ivan had stood out to her on Tayshia's season when he wasn't afraid to talk about being a Black couple and serious issues.

Jessenia revealed how she had been harassed and bullied on social media by racists after her The Bachelor appearance and so it was a big decision to open up her heart again on television.

"But I feel safe here and I feel safe with you. I know I can share my heart with you and not feel insecure about it," Jessenia explained. "I feel like it comes naturally and that it's not forced, so I'm really happy I came, and if I didn't, I think I would have regretted it for sure."


The couple kissed in a pool and Ivan seemed blown away by Jessenia, who gushed about how she could probably fall in love with Ivan considering he's a good listener whom she could laugh and cry with.

Demi was then shown returning from her date with Brendan alone, and everyone was surprised.

Demi told Tammy, Kelsey, Deandra and Victoria L. that she had a sexy date with Brendan but then he essentially rejected her. Victoria L. shared with Demi how Brendan had allegedly been dating Pieper before Paradise.

"Some of [Pieper's] friends are here, and so they know a little bit about her relationship that was going on previously," Deandra explained.

Demi said she refused to be Brendan's second choice and she was "so pissed" and wanted to throw up. Once Brendan returned to the beach, Demi explained how she had heard about his pre-show romance with Pieper and he wasn't honest about that.

"Pieper and I, we hung out. We spent some time together. We've communicated. We've enjoyed each other's company -- and that's that. There's no relationship," Brendan insisted.

Demi asked Brendan not to waste anyone's time because he was teasing her.

"I'm not in a relationship with her," Brendan repeated.

"But I feel like you're waiting for her!" Demi said. "I don't really believe anything that you say."

"You're entitled to believe whatever you want," Brendan replied.

Natasha also lamented about dealing with another messy person, and she was angry about having to have a conversation about another person who wasn't even on the beach.

Brendan told Natasha during a sitdown chat his date with Demi was a lot of fun but she didn't "set [his] soul on fire." Brendan explained to Natasha how he had met Pieper a month-and-a-half ago and he thought she was "cool" and they talked and hung out a little bit.

"We don't have labels on anything. I don't know if she's going to be here or not," Brendan said.

Natasha asked why Brendan didn't continue to explore his connection with Pieper back home, and he explained their relationship was "super casual" and he actually engaged in deeper conversations with Natasha, with whom he felt the strongest connection.


Natasha said she genuinely enjoyed being in Brendan's company, and Demi watched Brendan and Natasha connect from a distance on the beach. Demi cried and called Brendan "a player," and hated feeling in jeopardy of going home without a rose.

Afterward, Karl got a kiss from Deandra and then Maurissa looked for some reassurance and validation from Connor. Maurissa told Connor that she really liked him, and he pulled her in for a kiss.

"Maurissa was the greatest surprise coming here. She's blown me away a little bit," Connor gushed. "I'm really, really excited to hopefully fall in love with her."

And James was clearly interested in Victoria P., whom Tammy said she didn't trust.

Tammy said she had been caught in Victoria P.'s "lies and manipulation" on Peter Weber's The Bachelor season. Tammy insisted Victoria P. came to Paradise with an agenda, a plan other than to find true love.

Kelsey questioned if Victoria P. was seeing someone at home, although she acknowledged it wasn't her business.

"Everyone has been concerned about Brendan potentially dating Pieper back at home. But the fact of the matter is Victoria P. has a current boyfriend and no one else knows, so her pursuing James here is just so she can get a rose. And it's actually all a playbook," Tammy claimed.

"Victoria P. wants to find her next victim so she can break his heart and then have him follow her back to Nashville and have her little country-singer boyfriend on TV too."

Tammy alleged that Victoria P. was "using" James, and Kelsey said James deserved to know and Victoria P. was about to "look like an idiot."

The next day, Demi said she was completely done with Brendan and the bachelor had wasted her time.

Four women were going home that night, and so Demi was determined to make a quick connection in order to receive a rose from somebody.

The cocktail party preceding the Rose Ceremony then commenced, and comedian and actor David Spade addressed the group. Both Ivan and James announced that they were confident about their rose recipients, but Victoria L. admitted she was nervous.

It appeared Karl's rose was up for grabs, and Serena C. went after her first choice, Aaron, even though he had bonded with Tammy.

Serena C. tried to win Aaron over with a creative rap and the pair kissed, which angered Tammy. Tammy, however, said she didn't feel threatened or intimidated by Serena C. at all.


Tammy then sat on Aaron's lap and had an even steamier makeout session. Tammy bragged about being the winner and was proud of her "trophy" that every woman seemed to want.

After Joe and Serena P. were shown sharing a sweet kiss, Tahzjuan told the cameras how Victoria L. was going to go after every single man since she didn't have one of her own.

Victoria L. confirmed that she felt the pressure but was not ready to go home and give up on love, and so she focused in on Tre, which made Tahzjuan furious.

Tahzjuan accused Victoria L. of scrambling and called the self-declared goddess "fraudulent" and "selfish." Victoria L. maturely said she wanted to resolve Tahzjuan's emotions, and Tahzjuan said Victoria L. was "going back to her old ways" and showing different sides.

"You're not being genuine," Tahzjuan said.

"You're coming aggressively towards me. This confirms you're nuts. You're f-cking nuts. You're crazy," Victoria L. replied, lashing out.

Tahzjuan told the cameras that everyone saw through Victoria L. and she wasn't worth risking what she had developed with Tre.

Tammy then warned James about Victoria P.'s alleged boyfriend, an aspiring country singer, adding, "She was with him literally on Thursday. They share a dog together."

James admitted his head was spinning, and Tammy told James that she didn't want to see him "played" because his connection with her wasn't genuine.

"She was like, 'My guy, what's his name again? Tim? Whatever?' Victoria said that," Tammy explained to James.

"I was like, 'Weren't you literally making out with him last night? How do you not remember his name?! Now she's over here, like, 'Give me a rose!' That's rose-chasing to me, and you don't mean anything to her."

James liked to think he has good radar, but he realized he might have been "way off" with Victoria P.

Tammy said Kelsey lives in Nashville as well and so she can attest to Victoria P.'s alleged relationship back home. James therefore pulled Kelsey aside for a chat, and Kelsey said she and Victoria P. run in similar social circles and she had definitely heard about Victoria P. dating someone.

Kelsey called Victoria P.'s behavior "disrespectful," and James wished this had been an upfront conversation from the beginning.

"Welcome to Paradise," Kelsey said.

James sought out clarity from Victoria P., although he wasn't sure he could believe a single word that came out of her mouth.

James then sat down with Victoria P. and asked her for the truth about allegedly having a boyfriend back home.


"Is that true?" James asked.

"No, I do not have a boyfriend back home," Victoria P. responded.

"I dated someone from February until, like, May -- and him and I broke up before I got here. He encouraged me to step into this with an open heart, and that's what I did. And I wish him well, he's great."

But James brought up how he had asked Victoria P. about past relationships and she only mentioned her previous boyfriend of 14 years.

Victoria P. said there are parts of her that take a little bit more time to unveil and she didn't even know James' last name.

"You didn't know my first name for a while," James snapped.

"I'm sorry, this is a lot... I'm just being real. Can you relax a little bit? I'm 100 percent transparent. We broke up!" Victoria P. said.

James insisted he was being calm as Victoria P. became more defensive, and Tammy told the cameras that Victoria P. was not being honest at all. Tammy told some of the girls on the beach that Victoria P. had actually slept with this man on Thursday.

"There is no one filled with more lies or deceit than Victoria P.," Tammy said.

James said in a confessional that he didn't want to waste his precious time on someone just focused on a rose when he could've been spending time connecting with other people.

Victoria P. proceeded to sit down with Tammy and Kelsey, who said they had just called Victoria P. out on her "bullsh-t."

Victoria P. said she was disappointed the girls rushed to James before talking to her about their concerns first. Kelsey said she was going to talk to James about her situation, but Tammy insisted the bachelorette never planned on telling him the truth.

"I have the receipts," Tammy told Victoria P.

Victoria P. cried, saying she had entered Paradise with an open heart and wouldn't be able to fake it in Paradise.

But Tammy said Victoria P. can be very persuasive, kind of like Medusa.

Victoria P. then told James that she had decided to leave Paradise and she wanted him to know that Tammy and Kelsey "are better than this." But James said he was appreciative that the women had come to him with this information.

Victoria P. then hugged James goodbye and left Paradise on her own accord.

"This doesn't look anything like I thought it would, but does it ever?" Victoria P. lamented in her final words.

"I hope James' perception of me is still good. I don't think he has peace right now. I can see he's shaken up by this... I tried to make something work, and I realized I don't have to search for what I already have at home."

James addressed the group as a whole and said he felt "fooled" by Victoria P. but he was glad about the warning so he can start his journey in Paradise fresh.

Demi and Kelsey then both went after James' rose, and Demi said she'd light the place on fire if Kelsey stayed over her.

The Rose Ceremony, led by Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams, then commenced.

Ivan gave his rose to Jessenia, Noah gave his rose to Abigail, Joe offered his rose to Serena P., Connor handed his rose to Maurissa, Tre gave his rose to Tahzjuan, and Karl offered his rose to Deandra.

Brendan then gave his rose to Natasha, Aaron asked Tammy to accept his rose, and Kenny gave his rose to Mari.

Just as Kelsey was about to pass out, James was prepared to hand out his rose. Demi said Kelsey's behavior was "fake" and she was just trying to get James' rose.

"You can't bullsh-t a bullsh-tter," Demi said.

But James decided to give his rose to Demi.

Kelsey, Victoria L. and Serena C. were therefore sent packing from Paradise.

"The whole point of this show is to meet somebody, and I just didn't. I wasn't there romantically with anyone, and I wasn't going to force it or lead someone on just to get a rose. I think it's just my person wasn't there. I just hope that I'll meet him eventually," Kelsey said in her final words.


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