Bachelor in Paradise featured Teddi Wright dumping Andrew Spencer and quitting the show, Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney ditching Justin Glaze and Logan Palmer for newcomers Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall, respectively, and three women getting sent home during the Season 8 episode that aired Tuesday night on ABC.

Bachelor in Paradise eliminated Hailey Malles, Kira Mengistu and Hunter Haag at the first Rose Ceremony of the season during which the men handed out the roses.


The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Romeo Alexander crying over his lack of options left on the beach, but Casey Woods said Romeo had put himself in that position by trying to make new connections when he already had a solid relationship with Jill Chin.

Hailey kissed Jacob Rapini as a Hail Mary, and Lace Morris also kissed the bachelor and said she'd like to further their connection. Kira went after Jacob's rose next, but she insisted that she actually liked him and wanted to date him.

In order to stand out from the pack, Kira surprised Jacob by dressing in only leaves for her bikini top and bottom. Jacob thought the look was "hot and sexy," and he was excited to be the Tarzan to her Jane.

While Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio kissed on the beach, so did Brandon Jones and Serene Russell. Teddi and Andrew were also still an item.

Justin then asked Victoria if she could genuinely see herself dating him and getting to know him more, and she said absolutely. She gave Justin permission to explore other connections, but she made it known that she didn't really want him to.

"I really like you and we're vibing and I want to hang out with you... I want to see what else this is," Victoria told Justin.

"I know that I'm trying to pursue you," Justin replied, adding how he'd only focus on her the next day.

Genevieve liked Justin a lot, and so she was "losing faith in everything." Genevieve was upset but decided to accept everything that was happening and attempt to remain hopeful.

Justin showed Genevieve that he still cared about her and she mattered to him, and so he surprised her with a vanilla birthday cake.

Genevieve said she really appreciated it, and Justin explained how he wished she wouldn't be all in or all out with him.

Justin promised to be honest with her rather than telling her what she wanted to hear, but Genevieve cried because she needed more validation from him and didn't feel special to him or pursued by him.

Since Justin was still caught up in Genevieve, Victoria made a move on Johnny DePhillipo, who was basically already paired up with Hunter Haag. Victoria said she liked Johnny and wanted him to give their connection a chance.

"I would love to get a rose from Johnny," Victoria noted.

Victoria and Johnny joked around and got along well, and then the couple started making out, much to Hunter's dismay.

"I think Victoria is here to stir the pot," Casey said.

It then became time for the first Rose Ceremony of the season. Three girls were about to go home, and Hunter suddenly became nervous that she was going to be one of them.


The men had the power, and Andrew kicked things off by giving Teddi a rose. Andrew called her "strong potential" for him and said he couldn't wait to see her every day.

Brandon gave his rose to Serene, and he called her "the most beautiful and brightest joy on the beach."

Michael offered his rose to Sierra, Logan gave his rose to Shanae, Casey gave his rose to Brittany Galvin, Jacob Rapini handed his rose to Lace, saying she was "stunning" and "iconic."

Justin gave his rose to Genevieve, which made her feel relieved, and Johnny gave his rose to Victoria.

And finally, Romeo offered his rose to Jill. He apologized for how he had treated her before, acknowledging his mistakes and the pain he had caused.

Romeo explained how he wanted repair their relationship but if Jill wasn't interested in that, he'd be giving her the opportunity to explore other connections in Paradise instead.

Jill accepted the rose because "nothing in Paradise is guaranteed."

Kira, Hailey and Hunter went home, and Kira said she was upset about not getting Jacob's rose.

Hunter cried about how something meaningful had been ripped away from her, adding, "[Johnny] is Victoria's problem now, so I don't have to worry about it."

And Hailey, although sad about leaving Mexico without love, said she looked forward to sleeping in an air conditioned hotel room.

The next day, Jill told Genevieve that she'd never go back to Romeo and she wanted to get to know other people.

Logan gushed about how Shanae was passionate and didn't care how other people perceived her, which he really liked about her. He called her a good person and couldn't wait to deepen their connection.

As for Genevieve, she promised Justin that she'd be more open and communicative with him going forward about her feelings. Genevieve told the cameras she had to "right" herself and start fresh.

"I want something solid; I want something real. I don't want to be just waiting for the next person to come in to go on a date and get to know them," Genevieve said in a confessional.

The bromance of James and Aaron from Katie Thurston's season of The Bachelorette then arrived on the beach, and they said it felt great to be back.

The two men showed up with a double-date card in their hands, and the other cast members joked about "Tweedledee and Tweedledum" joining the cast. Lace thought James looked "hot," and Victoria and Shanae said both men were "so hot."


Jill added how she was "open for business," probably more than any other woman on the beach.

Genevieve said she had met Aaron twice and they were very friendly and platonic encounters. She said Shanae had sparked a rumor that she had sex with Aaron at The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, which wasn't true. Genevieve even went as far as to say she didn't feel an attraction to Aaron when they met before.

But Aaron asked Genevieve to talk first, and Justin hoped Genevieve would think they had something worth fighting for.

Genevieve said she was surprised about Aaron's pull because he had never made his interest in her known or made a move before. After talking for a bit, she determined that he was physically attractive and funny, but she worried about being in a pickle.

"[But it would be] a delicious pickle," Genevieve joked.

Aaron also talked to Shanae, but he asked Genevieve to accompany him on the date. And James asked Shanae to join him, which left Logan feeling shocked. Logan intended to keep his cool although he felt "terrible" to see his love interest go off with a muscular guy with a six pack.

Justin also called Genevieve's decision shocking, "disrespectful" and "hypocritical."

The cast anticipated an interesting date since Genevieve and Shanae were still enemies from their previous appearance on Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor.

The two couples did some chicken fighting in a pool and participated in a limbo and taco-eating contest. The girls had fun and Genevieve said everything was fine and it seemed like Shanae wasn't trying to start drama, which is all she cared about.

Genevieve saw a new side to Aaron's personality and she liked that he was affectionate and complimented her a lot. Aaron admitted he can be guarded at times but didn't want to act like that anymore. He told Genevieve they had great chemistry and he wanted to continue building on that.

"You make me feel special and seen... I'm not trying to jump, jump, jump. If I have a connection, I want to see that through," Genevieve said, before making out with Aaron.

Genevieve said the day surprised her and it was a shocking turn of events. She knew Aaron was into her, and she liked a man showing her that.

Shanae was then shown telling James that she had a good connection with Logan but not a great one. She said she felt very comfortable with James and the date was both enjoyable and effortless, and then the couple kissed.

"I can tell how mature he is, and that's sexy in someone. I know there is something there, and it's different, in a very good way. But there are big, big positives in Logan... [as well as] things I don't like about him. James just seems so confident," Shanae explained in a confessional.

Shanae broke down crying because it was scary to juggle two men she liked.

Meanwhile, Lace determined that Jacob was "a d--chebag," saying that if he was given an inch, he'd take a mile.

Justin was hoping the date was going poorly, and Logan acknowledged the waiting game was tough.

Bachelor in Paradise couple Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti then arrived in Paradise to have some alone time, set a good example, and maybe even give the couples some advice.

Jill told Ashley that she was the most single person on the beach and worried she was running out of time, but Ashley begged her not to give up because Paradise can be wonderful.

Teddi acknowledged how she wasn't all over Andrew like she tended to be in past relationships but she really liked him and didn't want to hurt him. Teddi questioned if Andrew was "The One" for her when thinking about Jared and Ashley's romance. Teddi wanted to stay open to the process.

Rodney Mathews then showed up to Paradise, and he said he was ready to find love again after having his heart broken by Michelle Young on The Bachelorette. Jill said Rodney was "looking good," and Serene loved his energy.

"Every girl wants Rodney but the guys are also friends with him," Lace shared in a confessional.

Rodney was asked to pick a woman who's the apple of his eye, and he chose Jill to chat first. Jill said she was "painfully single" and had been in the trenches the entire time.

Jill told Rodney that she had been hoping to see him in Paradise, and Rodney was all smiles and complimented Jill's personality.

Rodney also spoke to Teddi, and the pair discovered they lived close by to each other. Andrew had been going slow, which Teddi was okay with, but then this happened -- and he didn't want to see Teddi go on a date with another guy.

Teddi told Rodney that she had been hoping he would be on the show and she thought he was cute, which made her feel confused about her romance with Andrew.

"I think there may be missing something with Andrew, so I've been struggling the past few days. I just feel so bad because I think he's so amazing," Teddi cried. "I was excited that Rodney came down, and I definitely want to get to know Rodney."

After shedding some tears, Teddi, looking noticeably upset, pulled Andrew aside for a chat.

Teddi opened up about how she wanted to be affectionate in a relationship but wasn't doing that with him. Teddi said Andrew has all the qualities she wants in a partner and she was attracted to him and enjoyed kissing him but it wasn't enough and something was missing.

"It's not fair to you just because I do think you're amazing," Teddi told him. "I think Rodney coming down made that even more real... I came because I wanted to meet you."

Andrew said he came to Paradise for the same reason and he thought Teddi would make him a better man. Andrew said he got a heart flutter for Teddi but didn't want to force something.

Andrew apparently felt the "spark," but Teddi said she wasn't sure things were going to work between them. Andrew insisted he wasn't mad at her and it was her choice of how they should proceed.

"Maybe we just weren't a fit and we weren't meant to be... I can't find any words at this moment. I do not know what I am doing," Andrew said.

Andrew said he knew something was there and he tried to stoke the fire with Teddi but it "just didn't catch." Their connection simply wasn't strong enough for Teddi, and Andrew understood that and could respect it.

Jill comforted Teddi after the conversation, and Teddi said Andrew deserved more than what she was able to give him. Andrew felt hurt and dumped, but he was a good sport about it.

"If it can't work with him, I don't know if [Paradise] will be able to work," Teddi lamented to Jill.

That night, Teddi was apparently missing and no one could find her. Teddi said she needed to go because she didn't think she was going to find her match on the beach.

Teddi therefore grabbed her suitcase and said she wanted to go without saying a big goodbye to everybody. As Serene was searching for her, Teddi was shown driving off in an SUV. Serene was shocked and hurt her pal left without saying goodbye.

Serene admitted the situation didn't make much sense to her, and Andrew was also surprised Teddi had taken off without a word or providing some answers. Serene figured Teddi was going to regret the decision.

Jill cried about how all of her friends were gone, and Andrew explained how he didn't want to smother Teddi.

"There's one less rose to be offered this week, and that means one more guy will be packing his bags," Jacob said.

The episode ended with Andrew crying, and Michael said he had never seen Andrew -- who repeated how he had tried really hard -- that sad before. Michael was also concerned about Rodney and what he was going to do.

Rodney wanted to ask Teddi out because they had a natural conversation and he thought she was really cool, but then he realized she was no longer around.


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