Bachelor in Paradise featured Shanae Ankney "hot and bothered" by newcomer Tyler Norris, Logan Palmer making out with Sarah Hamrick, Andrew Spencer connecting with Jessenia Cruz, and Rodney Mathews and Jacob Rapini sparking new romances as Lace Morris and Jill Chin were self-destructing during the Season 8 episode that aired Tuesday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Genevieve Parisi crying, feeling totally replaced and saying she wasn't going to be okay.


Genevieve feared Aaron Clancy was going to leave her for one of the five new arrivals: Sarah Hamrick, Kate Gallivan and Eliza Isichei from Clayton Echard's The Bachelor season as well as Jessenia Cruz from Matt James' The Bachelor season and Florence Moerenhout from The Bachelor: Australia.

"I don't think he'll think of it as a betrayal -- I'm not there!" Genevieve said.

And Lace Morris wondered if her connection with Rodney Mathews was enough for him to stay true to her and wait for her.

The women were in a bad mental state even though they moved into a beautiful air conditioned hotel. They all stood over the ledge and shouted, "F-ck you, Jesse Palmer!"

Meanwhile, Jacob Rapini said the new girls were beautiful and brought fresh perspectives to the beach. He could tell that Sarah Hamrick had been working out, and Logan seemed intrigued by Lauren from The Bachelor: Australia.

The women were just happy the men's original Paradise love interests weren't breathing over their necks.

"I feel like I stepped into heaven. These girls are gorgeous. I'm curious what's going to happen here," Logan said with a smile.

That night, the men partied with the newcomers as the original bachelorettes sat around their hotel room and seemed depressed and angry.

Jacob thought Kate was bubbly, outgoing and sexy, and he felt butterflies for the blonde beauty. The pair therefore ended up alone in the pool together and had a steamy make out session.

Kate said she was hoping to build a connection strong enough to get her past the next Rose Ceremony. Kate was convinced Jill would be going home, and she said she'd do whatever it takes to stay and win a guy over. Kate admitted she was only looking out for herself.

Rodney and Eliza kissed on the beach at night, and Aaron said he could see in Eliza what Rodney saw in her -- and so Lace had every reason to be worried.

Over at the women's hotel, Jill had reached her breaking point and closed herself in a bedroom to just scream at the top of her lungs.

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby were then shown arriving back at the Paradise resort following their special date. Michael seemed shocked to see all the new girls and the guys flirting with them.

"I can already tell this is going to cause a lot of chaos down the road," Michael said.

Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer then approached Jill, Lace, Genevieve, Serene Russell, Shanae Ankney, Brittany Galvin, and Victoria Fuller at the hotel.

Jesse said the next twist of the season had the potential to alter the rest of their journeys on the show. With that being said, five new men walked in: Tyler Norris from Rachel Recchia's The Bachelorette season, Alex Bordyukov from Rachel Lindsay's The Bachelorette season, Rick Leach and Olumide "Olu" Onajide from Michelle Young's The Bachelorette season, and Adam Todd from The Bachelorette: Australia.

Genevieve told Jesse that she no longer hated him, and she later said she'd be willing to go on a date with Rick or Alex. And Shanae was attracted to Tyler.


While the women were letting loose and having fun with the new guys in their pool, especially considering they were shirtless and had big muscles, Jessenia was trying to developing a connection with Andrew.

Andrew, however, was struggling to open up to Jessenia and give her a chance because he explained how he's a one-woman kind of guy and wanted to be respectful to Brittany. He also thought Brittany was built the same way.

But Brittany was shown telling Tyler that she'd go on a date with him, and the pair kissed.

Meanwhile, Michael and Danielle held hands on the beach and repeatedly kissed, and Michael gushed about how she's so pretty and has such a good heart.

For Logan's part, he wanted to have fun but he acknowledged how he was really happy with Shanae and wanted to be with her. Logan said he wasn't going to do anything to compromise or mess up his situation.

The next day, a Date Card arrived for Shanae, and she asked Tyler out. Brittany didn't expect that because she had connected with Tyler, but things were changing fast in Paradise.

And Jacob told Kate how he wasn't waking up and thinking about Jill every morning. Jacob said Jill wasn't his person, and Kate was relieved to hear that because she said she didn't want to step on Jill's toes and get in the middle of something real.

"If I walk in and Jacob has another b-tch on his lap, I'll blow his d-ck clean off," Jill joked in a confessional, before footage showed her cuddling with crystals from her first one-on-one date with Tarzan.

As Jill pouted, Jacob and Kate made out with her legs straddled around him. Kate told the cameras that her sights were set on Jacob and that seat was "taken."

"This is not best friends in Paradise; this is Bachelor in Paradise, and I'm here to find love," Kate bragged.

Meanwhile, Aaron told Danielle that he had no plans to pursue another woman because he really liked Genevieve and wanted to be loyal to her and stay with her. He hoped Genevieve was having fun and de-stressing, but she was still crying about being apart from Aaron and feeling "tested."

Genevieve said her heart and her feelings for Aaron were real and she just wanted to see him again.

On Shanae and Tyler's date, the couple did some tantric yoga together outdoors. Shanae gushed about how Tyler's body was "toned, muscular, broad and sexy." She counted his abs -- eight of them -- and smiled sheepishly as he winked at her.

Logan seemingly wondered and thought about Shanae the whole time and was grappling with anxiety while she was kissing Tyler during their sexy yoga session.

A Date Card then arrived for Sarah, who asked Logan out. Logan confessed he was "terrified to ruin something" he had with Shanae but he decided to put his worries aside and just be in the moment with Sarah.

"I'll figure it out when I come back," Logan noted.


Over at the women's hotel, Adam admitted the mood was flat and weird. None of the ladies were pursuing any of the guys, and the men and women were almost sitting at opposite ends of the pool. Rick said he expected a lot more out of Paradise, and Olu almost feared that he smelled bad because of how distant the ladies were being.

"We walked into a group of women who don't have any energy... They are exhausted and want to see other people," Rick complained.

Victoria acknowledged how it was really hard for the women to put in effort when they really cared about other men who weren't there. The only woman ready to party was Shanae, and Genevieve called her "the Bachelorette of Paradise."

Shanae explained to Tyler how you need to be a little selfish in this environment to potentially find your person. She had been hoping her girlfriends would pursue other connections just in case.

Shanae owned up to juggling multiple men, but she apparently really liked Tyler.

Meanwhile, Logan and Sarah went horseback riding on the beach, and he said he was afraid to hold her hand in case it could screw up what he had with Shanae.

Logan told Sarah that he had connected with someone else but he was also interested in getting to know her. Logan said it would've been "ridiculous" to have turned down a date with her, and so he tried to make the most of it and swam in the ocean with Sarah.

As Sarah and Logan kissed in the ocean, so did Shanae and Tyler in a pool.

Johnny, Aaron and Brandon weren't dating any of the new women, but Jacob wasn't sure where Andrew was at.

Jessenia then surprised Andrew with a heart-shaped pizza. She said she could envision Andrew being a solid partner but they had to get past shallow and surface-level conversation.

The couple liked "nerding out" together, and they bonded over the perception of who they are vs. who they really are. Jessenia, for example, is a former beauty pageant queen who loves video games, and Andrew said people typically don't look past the fact he's a pro football player.

"I really like you... and would like to see if I could be a safe place for you," Jessenia said.

"I'm feeling a little bit of something, for sure. It's easy to open up and talk to you, it's really cool. And I love this!" Andrew gushed, adding how she's "freaking gorgeous" and they were really "starting to click."

The couple proceeded to make out under a waterfall.

Meanwhile, Shanae said Tyler seemed genuine and their romance felt "effortless." Shanae said she was feeling things for Tyler -- "all over." She was looking forward to diving deeper with him that night and said she felt "hot and bothered."

"So let's go to The Boom Boom Room," Shanae told the cameras. "I'm completely turned on. I have big, big plans."

But Jill interrupted and starting talking about how Jacob was her man and she loved his man bun. Shanae joked about how Jill couldn't read the room and was all over the place. Jill talked about Jacob nonstop, and Shanae wished she would just go to bed.

"I got c-ck blocked for sure, b-tch," Shanae joked.

The next day, the new girls talked about how Rodney was "a smitten kitten" at the Paradise resort, and Kate gushed about how hot and sexy Jacob looked while working out on the beach.

Rodney said he and Eliza were really connecting and she has the qualities he wants in a future wife. Rodney felt caught in between two amazing women, Lace and Eliza, and so he said he had a lot to figure out.

Rodney admitted to Andrew that when he talked to Eliza, Lace wasn't on his mind. He therefore hoped Lace wasn't sitting at the hotel just waiting for them to reunite again. Serene said Lace wasn't doing well at all and she was really in her head. Lace said she just wanted love and she wanted to stay with Rodney.

Rodney then received a Date Card and he asked Eliza out.

"If Rodney goes on a date, I will be heartbroken. I will be so mad," Lace lamented in a confessional. "I feel lucky that I found Rodney... I am so miserable and alone."

Rodney and Eliza enjoyed a dinner date, and she said she really liked Rodney and their romance felt organic and effortless. She also pointed out how Rodney made her feel special and seen.

Eliza told Rodney that her cheeks hurt from smiling so face, and Rodney said things seemed meant to be that night and he could envision introducing Eliza to his family and friends at home. He wanted to find a woman who would change and enhance his life.

At the time Rodney and Eliza were kissing on their date, Lace was determined to find Rodney and find out where he stood. She hoped they were on the same page and said she'd "go insane" if she had to live without him for the rest of the week.

Lace, wearing a sexy blue crop top, then got a ride to Paradise to check in with Rodney. Once she walked down to the beach, however, Rodney wasn't there.

"Oh my gosh," Brandon exclaimed.

Lace searched for Rodney on the beach and discovered he was on a date.

"Are you kidding me?" Lace vented.

The men didn't want to throw Rodney under the bus or give away details of his romance with Eliza, and Lace accused the guys of being defensive. Lace was fighting back tears and called the situation "f-cked up."

Rodney then walked onto the beach hand in hand with Eliza, whom he dubbed special. Rodney felt ready to take on the world with Eliza -- until he saw Lace sitting at a table.

Lace pulled Rodney aside to talk, and Andrew predicted the conversation wasn't going to go well.


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