Bachelor in Paradise featured the end of "The Split" twist with Shanae Ankney lashing out at Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan, Jacob Rapini dumping Jill Chin, and Victoria Fuller torn between Johnny DePhillipo and Alex Bordyukov during the Season 8 episode that aired Tuesday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with positive vibes on the beach and Logan saying he felt really happy and secure in his relationship with Kate. He said they were totally on the same page and he wasn't going to worry about Shanae until he was forced to break up with her.


Meanwhile, Genevieve Parisi said she felt exhausted and emotionally drained from crying every day, and she was admittedly "terrified" to find out what Aaron Clancy had been doing for days with the new female arrivals.

Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer then told the women that they could return to the beach but a lot had changed and they were going back "to a totally different beach." Serene Russell said she wasn't prepared to see any of her girls get heartbroken.

Kate predicted total chaos would ensure and the women would show up with wrath in their hearts, but she said she wasn't afraid of Shanae at all.

Jill said she really missed Jacob, but he was ready to tell Jill that she's not his person. And Genevieve said she'd feel betrayed, sad and mad if Aaron went on a date with another woman or hooked up with someone.

Shanae explained how it was hard to give her heart to someone because she had been hurt and cheated on in past relationships. She was therefore scared to reunite with Logan, whom she liked and cared about.

When Genevieve saw Aaron again, she said she hadn't given a single guy at the hotel the time of day, and Aaron revealed how he had thought about her the entire time and never went on a date or kissed another woman. He said they had made verbal promises to each other and there was no reason to break those.

Aaron made it known that he was completely into her and he was sorry that she went through so much stress all week. Genevieve broke down into tears because she was so thrilled and relieved, and she nearly knocked Aaron over with her powerful and emotional hug.

Genevieve then told the men she had never cried more in her life than during "The Split" twist. However, she never felt more trust and confidence in Aaron, who promised to have Genevieve's back going forward.

"It made my feelings stronger, and that's all I want for all the girls," Genevieve noted.

Shanae said she was "all in" on Logan, although she had explored other relationships, and she believed Logan was going to be on the same page. She then pulled Logan aside for a chat, and Sarah Hamrick couldn't wait to see the fireworks because she thought "karma" was coming Logan's way.

Shanae told Logan that she missed him and being away from him showed her how much she cared for and liked him. Shanae revealed that she went on a fun date with Tyler but he didn't make her feel secure, comfortable and wanted like Logan had made her feel. Shanae said she liked where their romance was going.

Logan shared how he had gone on two dates, the first of which was with Sarah and he didn't feel a romantic connection.


"I thought we had a really strong connection and I still care for you, and this isn't easy, but there's someone I feel heard and seen by -- and who I feel like I need to pursue," Logan said.

"I feel something really strongly for a girl named Kate. She asked me on a one-on-one and we had a really great time. I was so unsure how to handle this situation, because obviously we had just started to recover from you and [James Bonsall] and having to watch you kiss him and make out with him. I decided to give myself the same chance and get to know someone."

Logan explained how it hurt him when Shanae bragged about how she had been "juggling two men" and he didn't feel their relationship was healthy at that point. Shanae asked why he hadn't expressed that to her, and Logan said such a comment would hurt most people.

Shanae then cut the conversation short. Logan asked for a hug, and she quickly replied, "No."

Shanae called Kate "loud, not nice and rude."

"Just because she didn't get enough screen time on [Clayton Echard's] season, she had to come after me on The Women Tell All," Shanae complained.

Footage then flashed to The Women Tell All and Kate asking Shanae if she had been locked in a closet as a little kid. Kate had also called her "a sinister, diabolical b-tch" on Season 26.

Shanae was clearly irritated, and she said she hated Logan. Kate walked up to Logan to comfort and support him, and when the couple hugged, mostly everyone on the beach cheered for them.

Shanae complained to Genevieve that Logan was "dumb" and "slow." She couldn't believe that Logan was flaunting his new romance right in front of her, and she cried in a confessional, "The Logan I met when I left was way different when I came back."

Brandon Jones predicted that Shanae was going to explode and show her true colors. Shanae pulled Logan away from Kate and said she was "so f-cking pissed" because he was being "so disrespectful." Logan disagreed, and Kate giggled from a near distance.


Kate said Shanae had terrorized the cast on Clayton's season and was a manipulative liar and bully, and so she didn't pity Shanae at all -- nor did she buy that Shanae had changed into a better person on Bachelor in Paradise.

Aaron also said Shanae looked like a fool and should be in a padded room. In fact, Aaron wished he could send Shanae to an alien planet that "better suits her personality."

Given Shanae got all worked up and angry, Logan said this was the exact behavior that had driven him away.

"Logan is straight gutter trash," Shanae vented. "Logan, everything he had said to me is a lie."

Kate asked Shanae to talk since they'd have to live on the beach together. Kate said she didn't appreciate Shanae talking badly about her behind her back, but Shanae said Kate had done the same to her on their The Bachelor season. Shanae also said it was "a b-tch move" for Kate to be all over Logan in front of her.

"There is a twisted satisfaction in feeling like I sort of triumphed over Shanae. There is a little part of me, a little sadistic part, that relishes just a tiny bit. It feels really good," Kate boasted.

Jill was then shown running over to Jacob. Jill had spent the whole week miserable and sad, and she hoped Jacob was going to want to build upon their connection.

Jill told Jacob she had stayed in bed and passed on connecting with the new men because she missed him and wanted to be with him, and then Jacob had to break the news that he made a "weird connection" with the bubbly and personable Kate.

"I kissed her. I thought that something was there and I pursued it. That connection was a little bit stronger... but [it] didn't go through and she's actually with somebody else right now," Jacob explained.

"But the fact I felt a stronger pull to Kate, that right there was a signal for me to say that I don't have that thing I'm looking for with you. You have a unique personality I love and enjoy, but I don't think it's personally right for me. We are here to find happiness and our person."

Jill said she had longed for comfort and safety during "The Split" twist, which Jacob was to her, but she was happy to have the clarity she needed.

With that being said, Jill chose to leave Paradise, and Jacob noted how he completely understood where she was coming from. Jacob said it was "the worst feeling" of his life, knowing he had dumped a girl who sat in bed and missed him for days when she could've dated other men.

"I was so excited to come back. I thought we had a good foundation and that I was safe with him, and that's what hurts the most -- that I wasn't," Jill lamented in her final words.

Later on, Alex explained to Adam Todd and Tyler Norris how Victoria didn't want to move forward with their relationship or take it any deeper until she could have an honest conversation with Johnny. Tyler also planned to pursue Brittany Galvin on the beach.

Brittany then got back to the beach and spoke with Andrew Spencer. Andrew shared how he wasn't in any rush, but Brittany said she wanted a relationship out of the show and had even hoped for an engagement.

Andrew said he went on a good date with Jessenia Cruz, and Brittany said she received validation and clarity from Tyler, and so she wanted to pursue him going forward. Andrew said he was happy for her and felt no ill will towards her, and they hugged it out.

After Michael Allio was shown saying he and Danielle Maltby were "a perfect match," Brandon and Johnny were still waiting for their love interests.

Serene and Victoria then stepped on the beach at the same time, and they ran back into their men's arms.

Serene immediately kissed Brandon, and she said she trusted him the entire time but had the worst experience being away from him. Brandon said he didn't want to take another nap or eat mango ice cream without her again.

Brandon and Serene then said, "I love you," to each other.

Brandon promised Serene that he was never going to leave her.

Johnny also said he was "all in" for Victoria and he really missed her. He said the idea of her liking another man would be really upsetting to him.

Victoria explained to Johnny how she liked him a lot and didn't talk to any of the men when she first got there. However, on the last day, she received a Date Card and asked out Alex.

Victoria said Alex checked a lot of boxes for her on the outside, which made her want to be open to seeing if they had a connection. Victoria admitted she was closed off but Alex met a lot of her "requirements." Johnny snapped at the idea of Victoria having "a checklist," but she struggled to articulate herself well.

"My concerns with you are... you being younger and I'm older than you, and I want to start a family soon," Victoria said.

Johnny said he wasn't mad but he suddenly got quiet and didn't know what to say. He appeared to shut down emotionally.

Victoria said she couldn't explain what she liked about Alex, and Johnny told her to do her thing because she clearly wanted to explore something.

Johnny told the cameras how he didn't want to be anyone's second choice and he was no longer sure if there was a future for them as a couple. Johnny didn't plan on competing with another man, and she just wanted Victoria to feel secure in the fact that he was her guy.

Johnny wasn't sure if he should just walk away, but he was still invested in Victoria and wanted to stay with her.

Johnny told Victoria how he had expected she would get asked out or go on a date, but he wondered what he wasn't fulfilling on her checklist that she needed to go find in another man.

Victoria assured Johnny that he fulfilled her checklist but she wanted to get engaged and start a life with somebody. She wanted to know if they were at the same point in life, when Alex was definitely ready.

Johnny suggested it's important to be in love with somebody before planning a future, and Victoria agreed. But Victoria recalled how Johnny had said at the start of the process he didn't want to get engaged too quickly.

Victoria asked Johnny if he wants kids, and Johnny said he wanted to fall in love. Victoria then asked Johnny to reveal his career goals, and he clapped back saying if she wanted a man established in his career than she should look elsewhere. Victoria told Johnny that he didn't need to get defensive, and so he said he's a passionate about being a realtor.

Johnny decided to give Victoria some space to figure things out, saying the ball was in her court.

That night, everyone talked about how it seemed like the family was back together again.

Tyler, Adam and Alex then showed up at the beach, and Alex immediately hugged Victoria in front of Johnny.

Johnny said he had to swallow his pride but he had butterflies and his stomach was turned upside down.

Brittany and Tyler then reunited, and Brittany revealed how she and Andrew were just friends. Tyler said he really saw something with Brittany, and the paid cuddled and kissed before the Rose Ceremony. Brittany gushed about Tyler being a good, pure and special man.

"Paradise is finally working for me, and I hope we can keep progressing our relationship," Brittany told the cameras.

But then Jessenia pulled Tyler aside for a chat, and Brittany said it felt "malicious." There was clearly tension between "the old and the new girls," according to Aaron and Jacob.

Aaron and Genevieve then talked about Victoria and Alex, and Aaron thought the situation was "f-cked up" and Victoria needed to make her mind up.

Johnny said he was willing to fight for Victoria but he wanted her to choose him. He could see himself butting heads with Alex if Alex continued to be persistent. Johnny also said he could see himself marrying Victoria.

Alex then asked Victoria if he could kiss her, and Victoria said he looked perfect on paper and she could see herself marrying him. But Victoria felt confused and apparently didn't let him.

"I don't want to explore an option right in front of his face. I can't imagine someone doing that to me... I'm actually going to hurt somebody, and it's not fair to either one of them," Victoria cried in a confessional.

Michael noted how Alex was tall, dark, handsome and wealthy -- probably the type of man Victoria was hoping to wed, much to Johnny's dismay.


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