Bachelor in Paradise bachelor Matt Munson quit before the season's second Rose Ceremony but then Daniel Maguire joined the cast during Monday night's Season 4 episode on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with cast members talking about how there was a little bit of a bond between Jack Stone and Alexis Waters but Alexis wasn't really interested in him romantically.

However, Jack seemed to lose interest as well when Alexis attempted to feed him a dead crab from the pool when they were playing a little game in which Jack was blindfolded and had to guess food items he was being fed. Jack said Alexis "crossed the line" and he wasn't going to give his rose to her.

Meanwhile, Jasmine Goode was totally invested in Matt, but bartender Wells Adams pointed out that Matt didn't seem like he was "super into Jasmine" in return. Jasmine thought her relationship was "real and genuine," but it was clear Matt was acting a little standoffish towards her and she wasn't picking up on his body language. 

Christen Whitney then arrived in Paradise, saying the cast needed a virgin to shake things up. Jack thought Christen was very attractive and had a great smile, not to mention that she carried herself well. Jasmine griped that Christen was annoying but still deserved to find love in Paradise -- just not with Matt.

Jack warned Christen that Dean Unglert was with Kristina Schulman, Derek Peth was bonded with Taylor Nolan, and Matt was with Jasmine, but he said all of the other guys, including himself, were fair game to accompany her on a date.

The girls agreed with Jack's perspective on the situation, and Jasmine basically said Christen better not dare to go after her man.

Matt then approached Christen, telling her that he wasn't trying to hold himself down to one person in Paradise. Jasmine had told Christen that Matt was "off limits," but Matt assured the bachelorette he was just looking to have a good time. Christen really liked Matt, thinking they were compatible and he was also very good looking.

Christen wanted to take Matt on the date and assumed the claws were going to come out at the Mexican resort. And she was right, because Jasmine thought if Christen even asked Matt out, he'd probably decline her invitation.

When Matt accepted Christen's date, he told the cameras it would "take a lot for me not to give Jasmine [my] rose," but he wanted to see what else was out there.

When Jasmine found out about the date, she clearly wasn't happy. But Jasmine tried to put on a good face for Matt and act like she was okay with the date since she believed she'd win him in the end anyways.

Jasmine therefore promised Matt that she wasn't mad at him, but later vented in a confessional how Christen was "stupid" and a "b-tch."

Jasmine decided to confront Christen about her decision because the newcomer was well aware Jasmine and Matt had "a thing" going in Paradise. Christen confessed that while she did know about Jasmine's romance, Matt pursued her on the beach more than any other bachelor whom she could've asked out on a date.

Completely frustrated, Jasmine sarcastically told Christen to enjoy herself and "do you," but she told the cameras that Christen was "slimy snake." Christen cried after the conversation because she didn't want to hurt Jasmine's feelings.

When Christen and Matt were away on their date eating chocolate-covered bananas and going shopping for bikinis for the bachelorette, the cast members back at the resort made fun of Christen, calling her "scallop fingers."

The girls, especially Alexis, trash-talked how Christen ordered scallops to go during Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor and ate those scallops in a hot car with her fingers when other bachelorettes were present. The group agreed it was a disgusting visual.

Back on the date, Matt felt refreshed and said he had a lot of fun with Christen, and the date ended with a steamy makeout session in the ocean. Christen had a fantastic time with Matt and felt confident she'd receive his rose at the second Rose Ceremony.

Meanwhile, at the resort, Wells predicted an "atomic bomb" named Jasmine was going to drop once the couple returned from the date.

Jasmine called Christen "rude, nasty and sneaky." And when Matt and Christen returned to the resort, Jasmine made a big effort to kiss Matt numerous times right in front of her competition.

"Rule No. 1: Don't mess with the Queen," Alexis said of Jasmine in a confessional.

Christen was gushing to everyone about how her time and conversation with Matt felt so natural, and she began to not worry so much about Jasmine because she told the cameras dating multiple people to find a match is what Paradise is all about.

As for Robby Hayes and Amanda Stanton's relationship, Robby pulled the single mom away from a game night with the cast and surprised her with a hot tub filled with glowsticks. Robby was trying to set the mood for their first kiss and he told Amanda how she was making his experience in Paradise wonderful, but Amanda felt a little awkward.

Amanda called Robby's gesture "cute, sweet and flattering," but he was being very persistent and she just wasn't feeling a romantic connection with him. Amanda therefore felt a little uncomfortable, and when Robby tried to kiss her on the beach, she dodged his face again. Robby joked about how he was willing to be patient and wait for her.

Meanwhile, Adam Gottschalk had a conversation with Sarah Vendal and admitted he wasn't sure whom he wanted to continue on with in Paradise.

Sarah insisted she was "safe" and that was probably a turnoff in the Paradise environment, but Adam assured her that his feelings for her were strong. Sarah, however, just wasn't willing to share him with Raven Gates or wait much longer for him to choose between the two women.

At the same time, Dean Unglert's love triangle with Kristina and Danielle Lombard was still in an issue. Dean called Kristina "the right" option for him and Danielle the "more exciting" option.

Dean told Kristina that Danielle was "incredibly interesting," fun and "easy to get along with," but Kristina wasn't okay with Dean trying to balance dating two people at once. Dean admitted to Kristina that he still wanted to get to know Danielle and it was hard to shy away from her, which was difficult for Kristina to hear.

Kristina teared up in Dean's arms and could just tell something was off between them. Kristina was starting to question why she continued to hope for the best in terms of her relationship with Dean.

The most stable couple in Paradise, Taylor and Derek, then got into their first fight. When Taylor explained to Derek that he didn't cope well with her annoying tendencies, Derek harshly replied, "F-ck you."

Although Derek claimed he was being sarcastic, Taylor is very sensitive to swears and trigger words given she had to deal with verbal abuse in her past relationships. Taylor walked away from Derek in tears and questioned whether she should end their relationship, because she told the cameras she was never going to put herself in a bad situation with a man again.

When Derek tried to talk to Taylor, she said she was "emotionally exhausted" and needed some time for herself to figure out what was going to happen next. Derek respected her space.

It then became time for the cocktail party preceding the season's second Rose Ceremony in which the men will have the power to hand out roses.

There were several women on the chopping block, including Lacey Mark, who worried Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland was going to give his rose to Dominique Alexis instead.

Raven then talked to Matt since they were involved in a little love triangle, and she insisted she wanted to get to know him better and take deepen their relationship. Adam agreed, saying Sarah was like a cloud over their romance. Adam appreciated how Raven challenged him, and he liked that he had to chase her a little bit, much unlike his dynamic with Sarah.

Sarah spoke to Adam next, and she explained how she didn't want just a "Paradise boyfriend" -- she wants a partner in the real world and a relationship that will last. Adam thought Sarah was a great communicator and told her that they had a "genuine and authentic connection."

Adam revealed he had a "different type of firework" with Sarah than Raven, and Sarah said receiving a rose from the bachelor would symbolize "a very hopeful future."

Meanwhile, Dominique felt confident she was going to receive Diggy's rose. With that being said, Diggy pulled Lacey aside for a chat and basically got scolded for accepting a date with another woman less than an hour after he accompanied her on a date and they kissed. Lacey suggested Diggy lacked respect for her, and she was disappointed in him as a friend and as a man.

Diggy didn't think he did anything wrong, but he apologized to Lacey anyway for letting her down. He then warned the bachelorette that he was pretty sure his rose was going to Dominique.

Meanwhile, Kristina was done playing games because she didn't want to allow Dean to have his cake and eat it too. Dean sweet-talked both Kristina and Danielle, telling each woman how amazing and incredible she was. Dean also told both women that he was totally infatuated with them.

Dean told Kristina that Danielle deserved to stick around in Paradise because she's an incredibly nice and interesting woman, but Kristina wasn't okay with the fact Dean had trouble "moving away" from her.

Dean melted Kristina's heart, however, when he said that he considered her emotions before his own every time he made a decision about something. Kristina noted that was the sweetest thing a guy had ever said to her, and Dean admitted he cared more about Kristina's feelings than Danielle's feelings.

But Danielle was waiting for a straight answer from Dean as well. He wanted to have more time with her, but Danielle scolded him to "man up and make a decision."

Afterward, Robby was shown giving slippers to Amanda. He was trying to pull out all the stops, and Kristina said that if Amanda was really into Robby, his gestures would be attractive.

Amanda wasn't feeling chemistry with Robby, but after he expressed himself and how he cared for her on a daybed on the beach, he went in for a kiss again and Amanda finally went for it.

Amanda told the cameras that Robby was doing all the right things and, deep down, she wanted to kiss him for a while. Amanda appreciated how sweet and patient Robby was, because she admittedly took a long time to open up to him.

Derek then decided to apologize to Taylor again in the hope of mending their relationship. Taylor explained that Derek had crossed a boundary with her, and he said he felt horrible to have hurt her like that. Derek couldn't stand to watch Taylor cry, and he insisted he wanted to be on the same team and never cause her pain again.

Taylor liked that side of Derek, and she appreciated hearing how he wanted to be a team. The pair agreed they cared about each other, and Derek promised to grow from this argument. The couple therefore got back together, and Taylor said "the magic happens" in a relationship when you discover how conflict is handled.

Meanwhile, Matt told Christen that he wasn't sure if she was going to get a rose from him. Christen believed Matt was going to give Jasmine a rose out of sympathy because she was pissed off at him and totally stressed out. Christen, although hurt, thought Matt was just looking to "keep the peace."

Matt then told Jasmine there was something stopping him from falling for anyone in Paradise, and he couldn't envision their relationship being smooth in the future since they're such different people. Jasmine couldn't believe that Matt was breaking up with her, but it was clear he was ready to go home.

Jasmine didn't think Matt's exit made any sense, and she said the move was "really messed up."

Matt left before the Rose Ceremony, leaving Jasmine in tears and Christen confused and emotional as well. Jasmine vented about how she never wanted to talk to Matt again and he was such a "flip floppy" individual. 

Wells pointed out to a group of cast members that Matt should've handed out a rose before leaving so at least one of the two girls could continue dating in Paradise

It seemed like Jack's rose was the only rose up for grabs. Jasmine tried to hit it off with Jack, calling him "hot," but she knew her attempt didn't work. Christen then went after Jack, and after talking about her virginity, they shared a passionate kiss. Christen gushed about how she felt more chemistry with Jack than she did with Matt.

Once it became time for the Rose Ceremony, Daniel arrived in Paradise, and the episode ended.

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