Bachelor in Paradise featured Justin Glaze juggling connections with Genevieve Parisi and newcomer Victoria Fuller, former Bachelor Nation villains Shanae Ankney and Logan Palmer smitten with each other, and Romeo Alexander dealing with "a burning mess" with multiple women during the Season 8 episode that aired Monday night On ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with the men having the power this week and Hailey Malles noting how two women would be going home and so they didn't need any other female arrivals.


Genevieve rated her romance with Justin an 11 on a scale from 1-10, but then Victoria F. from Peter Weber's season showed up with a Date Card and interest in Justin.

The men thought Victoria was "gorgeous," and the women, including Genevieve, admitted they were intimidated by her. Genevieve was starting to "spiral," and Shanae didn't want to lose Logan. Hunter Haag had also developed a connection with Johnny DePhillipo, so she was nervous.

Johnny told Victoria that she's "perfect," but Victoria ultimately asked Justin on the date because she had heard good things about him through mutual friends. Genevieve immediately broke down crying because she had spent the whole first day getting to know Justin and she really liked him.

"I'm going to lose Justin," Genevieve cried to the cameras.

Before Justin left for the date, he talked to Genevieve about his decision and encouraged her to keep her options open and explore other connections as well. Justin said he'd like for them to test what they had and maybe come back to each other if their feelings for each other were truly strong.

Genevieve played it cool and told Justin it was "fine," but she was anything but fine.

"If Justin forms a connection today, that would be horrible," Genevieve said, adding how she hoped the date would go "terribly."

Justin and Victoria went off-roading through mud and the woods for their date, and they both had a blast.

"Within our first like five minutes, I feel like we understood each other," Justin said to Victoria. "And so I was excited to go on the date and I'm glad I did."

Victoria told Justin that he was "an easy pick" for her date, and Justin said he was definitely vibing with Victoria given they had a similar sense of humor and the conversation was flowing.

Justin said, "It feels like we've known each other a lot longer than just today. So I think there could be a promising future for me and Victoria."

Meanwhile, Kira Mengistu liked Casey Woods and had even played with his nipples. Casey thought she had come across a little too aggressively, and he said he needed "a good girl" to get engaged to and Kira was "too much" for him.

Sierra Jackson was also continuing to bond with Michael Allio. She thought he was grounded and handsome, but Sierra had questions since he's a father to a young boy named James. Michael explained to Sierra how this process was hard for him because he doesn't date multiple people.

Michael also shared how he got scared when dating a woman for too long, when things got "real," because he missed his late wife Laura and craved stability at home for his son.

Sierra said Michael would never replace Laura but rather just add to and enhance his life. Michael thought Sierra was a sweet woman and good listener, and then he went in for a kiss.


"Sierra is amazing. She totally understands that old type of love that is forever and still exists between me and Laura, but also understands the beauty when you do find love again. I had no idea Sierra and I would have this kind of connection. There is something really good there," Michael gushed.

Shanae also felt "butterflies" for Logan, whom she had been hoping to meet in Paradise. The couple made out in the ocean, which made Hailey feel like she didn't really have a chance with him and should've pulled him sooner.

However, Hailey took her shot and believed in her connection with Logan.

A Date Card then arrived for Shanae, and she asked Logan out on a date, which really disappointed Hailey.

Hailey cried and hoped her "person" was going to arrive on the beach soon or Logan would "get his head out of his ass" and give her another chance.

On their date, Logan said he wouldn't have wanted to be on the date with anyone else, and he and Shanae went dancing at a club and had a great time. The two former Bachelor franchise villains had a chance to come together and rewrite their stories together.

"I felt like an outcast before, for a lot of my life, and I see how like brave you've been to come back," Logan told Shanae.

"And for you to like be amongst other people who put you down in a public way, and to return, I see so much strength in you. And I'm so attracted to it."

And Shanae said she felt comfortable and was "smitten" with the bachelor.

"I feel something with you, and that's scary in a sense because I haven't felt that in a long time. I see this going really good. I'm excited about this week," Shanae expressed to Logan before kissing him.

Shanae didn't feel judged by Logan, and she noted how Logan could be her "person" for sure.

Genevieve hoped Justin was going to know exactly whom he wanted to pursue that night. She thought if anyone was going to steal Justin away from her it'd be Salley Carson from Clayton Echard's season because the pair had apparently hit it off at the Stagecoach Festival.

Suddenly, Lace Morris discovered a suitcase labeled "Salley" in the women's suite. The girls opened the bag and found her hair extensions and vibrator, and Genevieve worried about Justin forming a love triangle with three women. Genevieve almost packed her bags and said "all hell" was going to "break loose" if Salley made an appearance on the beach.

Bartender Wells Adams then told a long story about how Salley, who didn't even make it out of a limo on Night 1 on Clayton's season, needed to talk to her ex before leaving for Paradise.

Salley allegedly asked a producer of the show to get inside the trunk of a car so her ex wouldn't see her waiting outside for Salley. The producer allegedly waited for four hours while the ex told Salley that he didn't love her anymore and she should give Paradise a shot.


The next morning, Salley packed her bag and checked it at the airport, but her ex called her once she was at the gate and confused her -- and so Salley missed her flight. Wells, however, said they were still expecting Salley to come to Paradise.

Genevieve said the whole situation as well as the unknown felt like "torture," and she was afraid to get dumped and cry on her birthday. She hated being one of two options.

When Justin returned from his date at night, he talked to the guys first for about an hour, and they told Justin how Genevieve had been "mopey" and "pouting all day."

Genevieve wanted to feel chased and pursued, so she wasn't pleased and thought Justin's behavior was "ridiculous." Justin then approached Genevieve.

Justin told Genevieve he had fun on the date with Victoria and it was a "tough" situation. Genevieve admitted she was "checked out," adding, "I don't know what to do from here. I think from what I'm hearing, I don't think I'm what you want."

Genevieve told Justin that he needed to figure out where things stood, and she lamented how it was the worst birthday ever.

"What do you think I'm having these conversations for?" Justin asked, seemingly annoyed Genevieve was taking this news so poorly.

Romeo Alexander, although he had established a good connection with Jill Chin -- who thought she'd be able to sit back and relax at the upcoming Rose Ceremony -- then decided to complicate things by pursuing Brittany Galvin.

"I really want to explore something with you," Romeo told Brittany. "I want to pursue something with you, but I also want to do this without devastating Jill. Would you be open?"

Brittany, however, told Romeo she had too much respect for Jill, her new friend, to move forward with him. Brittany even turned her head when Romeo went in for a kiss.

Romeo said he didn't want to get wrapped up in drama, but Brittany advised him to clear his head and think things through. Brittany said it was "the most awkward conversation" she's ever had and it turned her off.

"Romeo is just not my type of guy. If he were to give me a rose, I would tell him I would rather get hit by a bus," Brittany admitted in a confessional.

Brittany told Jill what happened, and she appeared angry.

Romeo attempted to explain himself and said talking to Brittany was "a mistake," but Jill pushed him away and yelled, "Bye, I already wasted my time!... I don't want to play games with you... Good luck!"

Jill recommended that Romeo should "explore other options" because she was going to firmly shut the door on him and not allow him to let her feel like "garbage."

Jill said she had "expected basic human decency" from Romeo and felt "so hurt" by him.

Romeo suddenly had few options left, and so he attempted to stir up a romance with Hailey and then Kira. Michael joked about how Romeo had "cast a f-cking net" to try to hook one woman out of the group.

"I want to salvage any spark that there may have been between us," Romeo told Kira, adding how he regretted handling things poorly with her.

But like Jill, Kira felt she could no longer trust Romeo and she wouldn't be quick to forgive and forget. Kira said Romeo had made a lot of rash decisions in Paradise that made no sense, and so she wouldn't confirm or deny whether she'd accept a rose from him.

Romeo, probably feeling silly and regretful, broke down into tears.

Casey said Romeo had basically embroidered a scarlet letter onto his shirt, and Lace called the desperate bachelor "a dead man walking" into the next Rose Ceremony.


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