Bachelor in Paradise featured Chris Conran breaking Jessenia Cruz's heart for newcomer Alana Milne and being scolded by his castmates to leave the resort, Kenny Braasch dumping a furious Demi Burnett, Becca Kufrin sparking a connection with Thomas Jacobs, and Tammy Ly regretting her decision to dump Aaron Clancy for "a new shiny penny" during Tuesday night's Season 7 episode on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer "doing great," according to Noah, who also said The Bachelorette alum Becca and Aaron were "vibing and having fun."


The other strong couples in Paradise at this point were Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn, Jessenia and Chris, and Brendan Morais and Pieper James.

But Kenny was stuck in a love square with Demi, Tia Booth and Mari Pepin-Solis. Demi, in fact, invited Kenny to join her in "The Boom-Boom Room" at breakfast, but when Kenny didn't jump at the opportunity, she accused him of wanting to hang out with "losers" instead.

Demi said she really liked Kenny and was just going after what she wanted, but Mari also wanted to be with Kenny and so she planned to have a serious conversation with him again.

Suddenly, actor Tituss Burgess arrived in Paradise and revealed to the cast members he'd be throwing "a tight ass party" for VIP's only.

"It's a 24 karat night you won't want to miss," Tituss said. "But only a select few will be joining, and the list is Becca, Aaron, Noah, Abigail, Kenny, Jessenia, Chris, Riley, Demi, Deandra Kanu, James Bonsall, and Thomas Jacobs.

Riley asked Maurissa not to have too much fun without him, but she predicted more women were going to arrive and he was the one who needed to be good.

Mari was very upset to not receive an invite considering Demi and Kenny would get to party together.

"I'm just so angry right now. I'm tired of being walked over. I'm done taking it," Mari complained.

"I know what I want and I'm not ready to let it go. I'm not going to let you do whatever you want, like, I was there first. Demi doesn't know who she's messing with. The heat is on!"

Mari worried Demi and Kenny were going to grow their relationship and take it to the next level since they'd have time together that evening, but she hoped deep down inside Kenny would dump Demi and pursue a romance with just her.

Tammy then told Thomas that she hoped he'd want to come back to her but she didn't want him to feel obligated to return to her arms. Thomas, however, joked with Tammy that she'd probably punch him if he neglected her.

As the women on the beach began overthinking everything -- including Maurissa, who cried and was "sick" over the idea of Riley potentially leaving her for another woman -- the cast members at the party were having a good time.

"I'm happy Jessenia is at the party. She's still my choice on the beach. She's been my top choice since before I walked up here, but I feel like there's something that's going to happen at this party, and I'm slightly nervous for that," Chris explained.


Tituss then welcomed a handful of new VIP's to the party who could also potentially join the Paradise resort: Alana Milne, Chelsea Vaughn, Alayah Benavidez, and Mykenna Dorn.

The competition heated up, and Jessenia was disappointed by Alana's arrival, knowing Alana was "also interested in Chris." Jessenia claimed Alana had "thrown herself" on Chris in San Diego, CA, which "wasn't a good look," and she was only interested in him.

Chris immediately pulled Alana aside for a conversation, and she shared how she and Chris had met each other a few times before Paradise and she'd like to see if they could be "more than friends."

Chris acknowledged Jessenia had been sweet to him, but he didn't waste any time making a move on Alana.

"It might piss someone off but there's something I've been wanting to do for a while," Chris said before kissing Alana.

Jessenia walked in on the kiss and appeared totally disgusted, but not necessarily surprised.

Jessenia felt totally betrayed and "blindsided" as Abigail attempted to comfort her, and Jessenia called the whole thing "hurtful" considering it played out right in front of her face.

Chris explained to Jessenia that she's smart, amazing and absolutely gorgeous but he was struggling with his feelings for Alana. Chris told Jessenia that both she and Alana were on his list of women he'd like to see in Paradise, with Jessenia being his No. 1.

"I didn't think I'd have feelings for her at all. I don't know what it is or what happened," Chris claimed.

Alana tried to interrupt the conversation and Jessenia forcefully told Alana to leave. Chris told the cameras he had a mental block in his head and felt "in trouble."

"There was a little piece of me that was looking for something a little bit more from Jessenia," Chris said in a confessional, "and I could potentially find it with Alana. Here were are: love in Paradise."

But the surprises didn't end there. The cast members received a private concert from Olivia Holt, who kicked off her show by performing her hit song "Next."

Chris kissed Alana directly in front of Jessenia on the dance floor, and his fellow cast members couldn't believe it.

Thomas said he was "bewildered" to see it, and Riley added, "That's one of the most dishonorable and disgusting things you could do to somebody. Clearly Jessenia is heartbroken." Abigail also called Chris' behavior "messed up."

James told the cameras that Chris' actions were "sketchy" and it seemed he had come to Paradise for the wrong reasons, and Deandra said this felt like "a Brendan and Piper situation" in which maybe the pair had been involved and dating prior to the show.


Jessenia then left the party, apparently without saying goodbye to anyone.

Jessenia cried to her friends on the beach how it wasn't even worth having a conversation with Chris and hearing him out because his actions spoke volumes about how he was feeling and what he wanted.

The next day, Mari sat down with Kenny for a chat and said she really liked him and cared about him and wanted to be with him. Mari said she wanted to start thinking about the relationship they could have outside of the show, but Kenny worried Mari may be after his rose.

Mari promised Kenny that her intentions were pure and she felt 100 percent about him and was being honest.

"I know it came off like I was flip flopping back and forth, but I was just scared," Mari told Kenny, explaining why she had taken a step back and wanted to date other people at one point.

"It's not like my feelings have changed; I've been about you the whole entire time."

Kenny admitted his feelings for Mari were "pretty strong" from the start and he couldn't even explain why. He said there was "something different" about their connection and he never felt this way about a woman before.

Kenny and Mari agreed they'd leave the show together without roses if it came down to it, and then Kenny kissed his girl -- and Demi watched from a distance with fury in her eyes.

Demi lamented in a confessional about how Kenny sucked, adding, "I feel like I just had a one-night stand that doesn't want anything to do with me."

Demi wanted Kenny to determine which woman he wanted to pursue going forward, and Kenny let Demi know gently that Mari was The One.

"Why do you want her?! A girl who is stuck-up as f-ck? She's completely different from me. She thinks her sh-t doesn't stink. She's rude to everyone. So is that what you like or do you like someone like me, who's playful and funny?" Demi asked Kenny.

Kenny said he didn't expect to like Demi and hang out with her as much as they had been.

Demi lashed out and called Mari "not nice" and "mean," and she just couldn't believe Kenny was dumping her when she had been nice and sweet to Kenny.

"She's evil! She's a mean, mean girl. She's a pageant girl!" Demi said.

"I feel like an idiot, dude. I don't know why you'd want to be with someone who didn't even know if they wanted you. I wanted you; you literally had sex with me and then you're like, 'I still want this girl.'"


Demi said she deserved way better than this before calling Kenny the most immature 40 year old she'd ever met in her life. Demi said Mari and Kenny could both "suck [her] ass" and she was going to "burn the beach down."

Jessenia was then shown crying and feeling totally defeated. She put her guard back up to protect herself and was upset because she realized how much she liked him.

However, Jessenia had lost trust in Chris both as a partner and as a friend, and so she insisted she was done with him.

Later on, Chris cried on the beach alone and second-guessed his choices. Riley said Chris was clearly not a genuine guy and he didn't care about what he did to Jessenia at all.

"The man is a clown. Everyone is seeing him for what he is. He has no honor, and I don't deal with dishonorable men, period," Riley snapped in a confessional.

Mari said all Chris needed to do was be upfront with Jessenia and let her know that he wanted to explore his connection with Alana, whom he had clicked with before filming Bachelor in Paradise.

Just as Chris was questioning his one-night romance with Alana, she arrived on the beach to go after her man.

Although Alana received a warm welcome from most of the cast members, Noah pointed out how she had ruined one of the strongest couples on the beach, and Aaron agreed she was "making waves" and he wasn't a fan of her. And Jessenia certainly didn't engage with the brunette.

Alana asked Chris out on her date, and Chris announced to the group how he was just following his heart. Both Becca and Joe Amabile mocked Chris' speech, and Chris left without even talking to Jessenia first.

However, Chris suddenly returned and his co-stars advised him to have a conversation with Jessenia to at least give the poor girl some closure.

But Jessenia insisted she had nothing else to say to Chris and he didn't owe her anything. She thought his romance with Alana completely seemed planned, and Jessenia accused both Chris and Alana of "scheming" and not having good intentions.

"When people lie and they burn me that way, they just no longer exist to me," Jessenia noted.

While Chris and Alana were on their date, Joe and Riley worked each other up and became pretty passionate over how Chris had treated Jessenia. Joe accused Chris of coming to Paradise "with a playbook and a strategy."

Jessenia also said Alana had talked to her about Instagram followers before, which made the men even more suspicious.

For their date, Chris and Alana went ziplining, and Chris said he needed to do what's best for him because he's looking for a woman with whom to spend the rest of his life.


Jessenia told Joe that it seemed like Chris used her for a rose so he could stay in Paradise up through Alana's arrival.

Chris and Alana were then shown making out on their date, and Chris said, "It's about time you showed up."

Joe told the group Chris had failed to outsmart anybody and he's "a bad actor." He determined that something needed to be done and he didn't want Chris or Alana to stay on the beach.

"When they get back from their date, I think they've got to go... He's a scumbag," Joe said in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Becca said she was interested in forming a relationship with Aaron, whom she had given her rose to at the previous Rose Ceremony. She anticipated having meaningful and insightful conversations with Aaron to progress their relationship, but then Chelsea arrived on the beach ready to flirt and unafraid to make a move.

Aaron gushed about Chelsea being gorgeous with long legs, and Chelsea asked Aaron out on her date.

Becca was a little disappointed she'd miss out on time with Aaron and wondered if he really liked her since he wasn't exactly trying to get to know her on a deep level, but Tia Booth assured Becca that Aaron was really into her.

However, Aaron appeared to have a great time riding horses with Chelsea on the beach, and the pair kissed during a picnic on the beach. Aaron connected with Chelsea and hoped the date would solidify whom he'd like to give his next rose to.

Becca said Bachelor in Paradise was completely different from being the Bachelorette and she's never not received a rose. She didn't know if she was going to stay or go home basically the next day.

Just as Tammy gushed about trusting Thomas and being so happy with him, Becca received a Date Card that evening and revealed how she wanted to get to know Thomas better.

Becca thought Thomas was well-spoken, charming and charismatic, and so she asked Tammy for permission to take Thomas out. Tammy told Becca that they'd remain friends no matter what and Tammy hoped Thomas would just pick and return to her later on.

"Who am I to stand in the way of a connection? If you want to explore it, I think you should. Please, go for it," Tammy said.

But Tammy broke down and cried moments later, and Maurissa said Tammy had done this to herself.

"Aaron was all-in for Tammy, but then comes Mr. Thomas, and it was like a shiny penny over here!... And Tammy was like, 'Ooh, shiny penny!'" Maurissa joked.


Once Becca and Thomas left for their date, James questioned Thomas' intentions, saying Thomas had found "the perfect victim" in a former The Bachelorette star with a lot of clout.

The girls, including Demi, also worried about Thomas' swag and whether he was being genuine or putting on a show.

But Thomas told Becca that he didn't know anything about her past. Becca explained she had been engaged before and thought she was going to marry this man -- Garrett Yrigoyen -- and have children with him, and so when things ended, she put walls back up.

"I'm scared to be doing this," Becca confessed to Thomas.

Thomas said it was okay to be afraid but he'd never want to leave "what if" on the table. Thomas shared how he also felt trepidation to join the Paradise cast but felt really good by Becca's side, and she gushed about how she was "smitten" and couldn't stop smiling.

Thomas and Becca then danced and laughed to the sounds of a mariachi band, and Becca was ultimately glad she had traveled to Mexico to find love again.

"I'm starting to feel tonight what I think Paradise should be," Becca said.

Aaron seemed to believe Tammy deserved to be in pain over Thomas' potential connection with Becca because Tammy had done him "dirty" and so he didn't feel sympathy for her.

"I'm so stupid!" Tammy lamented on the beach about leaving Aaron, adding that she was going to give up on love if Thomas ended up choosing Becca.

When Chris and Alana returned to the beach from their date, the cast members were fuming about Chris being "a fraud" and all about having more social-media followers.

Chris explained he instantly felt a connection and spark with Alana that he had been missing with Jessenia and so he wanted to continue this journey in Paradise with Alana.

But Joe immediately wanted to talk to Chris upon his return. Joe said Chris had called himself a solidified couple with Jessenia, only to leave her right when Alana arrived.

"You're ruining it for everyone. It does seem like a lot of this was structured," Joe told Chris.

Chris said he was putting everything he had into his relationship with Jessenia but wanted to give it more. Chris said something just wasn't clicking with Jessenia, and Joe said that made "no sense" because Chris and Jessenia were clearly good.

Riley hopped in and scolded Chris for having his tongue down another woman's throat with Jessenia watching nearby.


"You were setting it up to make me feel like you were actually here for me, Chris, and you weren't! You lied to me multiple times! So don't sit here and ask for a pity party, because it's not going to be given to you," Jessenia griped.

Riley said it was apparent Chris and Alana had something going on before the show, but Chris wouldn't confirm that. In fact, Chris insisted he was "not in a relationship" before coming to Paradise.

Riley told Chris that he has no honor or respect, but Chris said he was just looking for a spark.

Riley then accused Chris of wanting "clout" as his spark and said it was "f-cked up" how he went about things.

"You told me word for word that you were not going to choose Alana over me, and that's exactly what you did," Jessenia said.

When Alana asked if anyone wanted to know what she thought, everyone clapped back, "No!"

Jessenia told Chris to f-ck himself, follow his heart, and "get the f-ck out of Paradise," and Riley and Joe seemed to agree.

Chris and Alana realized their experience in Paradise going forward was going to be miserable because nobody liked them, and Alana got really upset because she had just arrived.

Chris said he felt "fireworks" with Alana and so he asked her to leave the resort with him, but Alana cried and said she only had one date with Chris and wasn't convinced yet that she wanted to be exclusive with him in the real world.

Chris told Alana that he's stay in Paradise for her because he only wanted to be with her, but Alana didn't know what to say or what to do.

Alana ended up leaving Bachelor in Paradise alone and single, and Chris was forced to do the same since Alana didn't want to be in a relationship with him.

"I can't believe this, what?! I feel the same way Jessenia feels, bur yet it's cool that Brendan gets to explore his already-established connection with Pieper," Natasha complained.

"It's the same thing! You guys feel this strongly about Chris but you don't feel as strong about my situation? What?"

But Demi pointed out how Brendan was even worse than Chris and was probably sh-tting in his pants.


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