Bachelor in Paradise featured Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi having a blowout fight, Shanae Ankney making her strongest connection yet as "a cougar," Hayden Markowitz crashing the party, and Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer being put to the test during the Season 8 episode that aired Tuesday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with a bonfire at night following the third Rose Ceremony of the season. Paradise seemed "chill," according to Logan, except for Eliza Isichei's love triangle with Rodney Mathews and Justin Glaze.


Logan said he never felt a connection like what he was experiencing with Kate, and he noted how he was all in on her.

Hayden from Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia's The Bachelorette season then arrived in Paradise with a Date Card.

The Florida native and dog lover said this was his kind of environment, but Johnny DePhillipo claimed he's not a great guy and had made some enemies on their Bachelorette season. Hayden, for example, had called Gabby "rough around the edges" and also compared Rachel to his ex-girlfriends.

Hayden pulled Shanae aside to chat first and almost immediately brought up his dog Rambo.

Shanae said Hayden was cute and attractive but his obsession was his golden retriever was "weird" and a turnoff. She said he just wasn't her type. Hayden then talked to Florence Moerenhout, who got "fratboy vibes" from the bachelor, as well as Kate.

Logan believed he had something really strong with Kate and that they were locked in on each other, and Kate told Hayden that she and Logan had talked about being "mutually exclusive" but he shouldn't be afraid to shoot his shot with any of the women on the beach.

Hayden apparently took Kate's advice to heart, because he asked her out on the date. Kate accepted his invitation, telling the cameras that she wanted to test her relationship with Logan.

Kate hoped Logan would tell her not to go on the date, just like what happened between Eliza and Rodney, but Logan recommended that she should go if any part of her wanted to get the full Paradise experience, like he had.

Logan -- who had gone on three Paradise dates earlier in the season -- let Kate decide for herself because he said he didn't want to hold her back.

Logan's dismissive attitude about the date made Kate feel like Logan wasn't fighting for her. In fact, she said he was "completely asleep at the wheel."

Kate had wanted to hear Logan say, "Hell no, please don't go," but Logan confessed he had wanted Kate to say she wasn't interested because she was happy with her man. Neither individual acted on how he or she truly felt.

"It was almost as if he failed the test, which was very disappointing," Kate admitted in a confessional.

Hayden said he felt bad for stealing Logan's girl for the day but it wasn't personal.

The date took the wind out of Logan's sails, and he said it was a "deflating" situation because Kate was clearly willing to risk what they had. But Logan hoped Kate would come back to him.

For their date, Hayden and Kate went ziplining. Kate had a blast, but she could tell that Hayden was scared to death -- and so she quickly determined they're probably not a match. However, the date continued with some champagne and Kate remained open-minded since she thought he was a sweet guy. She also believes that people can change for the better.


Hayden said he liked Kate's positive attitude, but then he got into the story about his dog and how he had spent six figures to save his dog from a brain tumor.

However, the surgery was only going to buy the dog another year at most, and so Kate seemed to think Hayden was crazy. Hayden also admitted how he had said his ex-girlfriend was hotter than both Rachel and Gabby, which made Kate think she had made "a critical error" by going on a date with him.

Hayden also told Kate that he didn't think Rachel and Gabby were on the show for the right reasons. As Hayden continued to speak, Kate realized how good she had it with Logan.

Back on the beach, Justin looked forward to getting to know Eliza more, and she couldn't stop smiling around him. Eliza was prepared for a couple of tough days considering she was still interested in Rodney as well.

Michael Allio could tell that Eliza had wanted Rodney to claim her as his girlfriend and so when Rodney gave her permission to go on a date with Justin, Eliza assumed Rodney didn't care about her that much, which Michael insisted wasn't the case.

Eliza told Justin that she wanted to feel wanted, and Justin promised to show her that. Eliza also said Justin coming back to Paradise just for her was really special.

"We had such an amazing week. We were making huge leaps and bounds, and I felt like she was my potential fiancee and my potential wife. It's a spark I haven't felt in years, and to see her go on a date with another man, I'm not okay with it. This is a major, major setback for us," Rodney lamented in a confessional.

Rodney believed he had been very intentional with Eliza and so her attraction to Justin for his intentional behavior was "hurtful."

The men on the beach were torn between rooting for Justin or Rodney because both guys were respected and loved. But Andrew Spencer called Rodney the best pick, claiming he was more ready for an engagement.

Justin then approached Rodney and asked him to talk. Justin called Rodney his "guy" and asked Rodney how he was feeling, and Rodney said he cared about Eliza and he only wanted her. Justin said he was in the same boat and didn't want to put any stress on Eliza.

"The damage is already done," Rodney noted, "and this is the situation we're in now."

Rodney said he thought he was doing the right thing by giving Eliza the option to choose but he was frustrated with himself and had made a mistake. Rodney said his approach was "wrong" and he wished he had been "selfish and direct" in telling Eliza that he wanted her.

Rodney called Eliza "an amazing human being" and said she was worth fighting for, and so he wasn't going to back down any time soon.

Rodney therefore asked Eliza if they could talk, and he said he wanted to prove to her that he only wanted to be with her. Rodney said it was a shock that she didn't know where he stood, but Eliza said he could've told her not to go on the date with Justin.

Eliza said she never would've gone on the date had Rodney asked her not to and she was just hoping to receive validation and clarity from him.


Rodney promised Eliza that she was his only focus, but she wasn't buying it. She said Rodney didn't even seem stressed when she left, but Rodney claimed he didn't want to make a scene.

Rodney asked what he could do to prove to Eliza that she was all he cared about, and she said she didn't want to have to tell him what to do.

Eliza needed more time to think and was admittedly guarded, so she couldn't provide Rodney the answers he needed about whether they were going to be together going forward. Rodney still felt hope and called Eliza his "everything," but then Eliza made out with Justin in front of everybody.

Genevieve boasted about how Rodney was genuine, kind, sweet and understanding, and so she hoped Eliza wasn't going to jeopardize what she had for the shiny new toy.

Later on, 24-year-old twins Justin Young and Joey Young from Gabby and Rachel's season stepped foot on the beach with a Date Card for a double date.

The cast could barely tell them apart except for their gold and silver necklaces, and the girls thought they looked young with baby faces. Aaron Clancy said "the sh-t" he took that morning was the size of one of the twins.

Jacob Rapini didn't think there was a shot Shanae, a 30-year-old woman, would go out with "a kid." If anything, he thought Shanae would want a kid of her own at this point in her life.

But in the end, Justin asked out Florence, 32, and Joey asked out Shanae, and both women said "yes," even though they felt they were rocking the cradle a bit as "cougars" and probably wouldn't connect with the guys on an emotional level.

For the double date, the two pairs competed in taking body shots, making frozen daiquiris, and crushing tomatoes with their feet. And at one point, Florence was dared to lick Justin's armpit and Shanae was dared to kiss Joey. The girls also turned the twins into human burritos.

Shanae said she had a lot of fun on the date and had "the feels" for Joey, and the couple won the crazy competition. Florence also apparently felt good vibes and a connection with Justin.

"Age ain't nothing but a number, although I have a 28-year-old brother. So hopefully we won't be doing hometowns any time soon," Florence joked to the cameras.

And Shanae made a shocking revelation.

"I've been exploring multiple guys here, and I haven't had that deep connection like what I had with Joey. What I'm feeling right now is 100 percent different from other dates I've been on... [I want to] keep connecting and get to know him," Shanae gushed.

Meanwhile, Aaron said he felt on top of the world -- on Cloud 9 or even 10 -- with Genevieve. He felt solid about their future together, and Genevieve confirmed she was falling in love with Aaron.

Genevieve desired alone time with Aaron to express how she felt, but he apparently spent a full afternoon with the other guys. And once he reunited with Genevieve, he asked Johnny to join him in the pool.

Genevieve complained to Aaron about how she had been trying to spend time with him all day, and he replied, "Are you really doing this?"

"So I'm not allowed to feel this?" Genevieve asked.

Aaron didn't know why Genevieve was "coming at" him, and it sparked an argument.

"Don't make me feel weird for grabbing a beer with someone. You're making me feel like I'm neglecting you," Aaron snapped, adding, "I've done everything right yet you constantly have to make something wrong with me... It wears me down and chips away at me."

Aaron said everything was fine and Genevieve had made a big deal out of nothing and he wasn't sure how they were going to continue. Aaron wished Genevieve had just asked to talk to him before she got upset.

"Sorry I waited actually 10 minutes," Genevieve replied.

"That's gaslighting right there," Aaron replied. "Don't make me feel crazy for a normal thing... Say sorry you didn't communicate that."

Aaron said Genevieve was making him feel like a failure and a relationship "takes two sometimes."

Genevieve explained how she was just trying to express her feelings and wasn't yelling or upset. Aaron essentially asked Genevieve to play it cool because he really wanted things to work out between them.

Genevieve told the cameras that she had just wanted to tell Aaron that she was falling in love with him and he was treating Paradise like "a bro vacation." Genevieve said she shouldn't have to ask her man to give her 10 minutes of his time, but Aaron felt he had spent the entire day with her.

Genevieve concluded that she and Aaron just didn't get each other, and so she decided to go. Genevieve, who had opened up like never before, said Aaron wouldn't listen to her, nor did he understand her.

As Johnny advised Aaron to let Genevieve cool off because she really liked him, Genevieve vented in a confessional, "My gut is saying we are not meant for each other, and there is nothing else I can do to make this relationship work."

Aaron told Johnny that Genevieve was "a bomb ready to go off" and she didn't make him feel good at all times, and then Genevieve was shown packing her suitcase.

The women attempted to tell Genevieve that men are stupid, and Genevieve acknowledged how she's emotional and sensitive. Victoria asked Genevieve to talk things out with Aaron because their communication was lacking.

Brittany agreed the men had been bro'ing out with each other and it needed to stop since engagements were right around the corner.

Aaron told the guys that he'd like to fix things with Genevieve, but when she sought him out for a conversation, Aaron hesitated to cooperate.

When Genevieve asked Aaron why he was acting that way, he wasn't sure if he was ready to talk. Aaron essentially complained to Genevieve -- who apparently already had her mind set on leaving -- how they always did things on her terms and he was sick of it.

Aaron accused Genevieve of wanting everything exactly when she wanted it, and he suggested the time and place of this conversation was going to be up to him and when it's convenient for him.

Genevieve then stormed away and called him "so rude."

Genevieve proceeded to wheel her bags out of Paradise, and Aaron chased her down and asked what was going on.

The couple bickered back and forth, and Aaron said Genevieve had done things that bothered him but he was understanding and let them go. He said he just wanted to have fun and apparently felt betrayed Genevieve was prepared to leave him the first time she got annoyed with him.

"This is horrible. It didn't need to be this... I truly wish you the best, but I'm not going to threaten my happiness, and I am not happy right now," Aaron said.

"I am not happy either," Genevieve responded.

Aaron apologized for that, and then Genevieve explained how she had just wanted to tell him that she was falling in love with him. Genevieve said when she brought her emotions to him, his reaction -- about doing things on his time -- wasn't a nice way to talk to her.

"That's a big thing and it's scary. There's a lot of really deep feelings that I have that are hard to express. You've become so close to me, and the things you do can deeply hurt me, because of how much you mean to me. And I'm falling in love with you too," Aaron told her.

Aaron asked Genevieve to stay, and then the couple kissed and made up -- and everyone else on the beach cheered for them.

Victoria joked about how Aaron and Genevieve were crazy because they fought so frequently but maybe they're perfect for each other, and Genevieve laughed about how it took all of that drama for her and Aaron to express how they really felt.


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