Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison apparently sympathizes with Graham Bunn in his relationship with AshLee Frazier since they got off to an "odd forceful start."

"AshLee and Graham have one of the more intriguing relationships... I know these two very well. I've known Graham for over six years now and I can easily see what he's really saying and feeling... It was good for them to get out of the house and be by themselves [on a date] so they could discuss some much needed issues," Harrison wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

"I said in week one when relationships start on a controversial or rocky note it's really hard to come back from that. AshLee is clearly all in, but Graham is a slow mover. Now this can work if AshLee picks up on these signals and slows her roll, but right now that's not happening and Graham is clearly feeling a little suffocated and pressured. That is not a good position to put anyone in."

Elise Mosca is also clearly "all in" when it comes to her relationship with Chris Bukowski. Bukowski asked Mosca to leave Bachelor in Paradise with him due to his painful sprained knee ligaments. Mosca, who was head-over-heels and falling in love with Dylan Petitt just one week prior, gladly accepted Bukowski's offer, claiming it was the beginning of her fairy tale-ending.

"The fact is, Elise and Chris seemed pretty happy after the [Rose Ceremony] and were ready to start a fresh new love affair. Hey, it just might be crazy enough to work," Harrison suggested.

"He honestly felt like crap the entire time, and it was a pretty tough for him to enjoy. It was so bad in fact the next morning Elise and Chris went to the hospital to get [his knee] checked out... Chris came back to the villa determined to gut it out and stay in paradise, but as you know by now that didn't happen and it changed everything this week."

Bukowski's decision to quit the show allowed Michelle Money to stay. Bukowski insisted that if anyone deserved to find true love on the show, it was Money. She's failed to find a solid partner thus far, going from Marquel Martin to Robert Graham. Money became invested in Graham only for him to give Sarah Herron his rose instead.

"[Chris and Elise's departure] left a rose for one more woman this week. In an incredibly touching moment, Chris generously gave that rose to Michelle. It really was a sweet moment that meant the world to Michelle. You know sometimes in life it just takes one little push to get you over the hill and from there it can be a beautiful ride. We'll see if this is just the push Money needed," Harrison wrote.

Martin appears to be having a great time in paradise. He's managed to move his way through Money, Danielle Ronco and Jackie Parr. After crushing a couple hearts, Martin now seems smitten with Parr.

"Guess who's enjoying the limelight coming off [Andi Dorfman]'s season? I'm incredibly interested to get your perspective on Marquel and how he handled all of this... Is he being a player or is he being wise in keeping his options open to every possibility? If it weren't Marquel -- say it was someone like Chris Bukowski -- would you have the same opinion?" Harrison questioned fans.

"No matter anyone's opinion, he seemed to really enjoy his time with Jackie. He enjoyed it so much he gave a nervous awkward speech about not kissing on the first date right before he kissed on the first date. One of the greatest things to hear on a date is 'I never do this,' which translates to, 'I pretty much always do this but I'm conflicted about it and I'd really like you to believe I don't.'"

Overall, Harrison noted that Parr and Martin "had a great first date and this could be the beginning of something special."

As for next week's special two-night Bachelor in Paradise event on Monday and Tuesday night, Harrison noted in his EW blog viewers will see "even more twists and turns, tears and drama."

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.