Bachelor in Paradise eliminated Danielle Ronco and saw one couple decide to leave the show together during Monday night's third broadcast of the new ABC reality dating series.

Danielle Ronco, a 26-year-old from St. Louis, MO who appeared on Juan Pablo Galavis' season of The Bachelor, got eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise after she was left without a rose. She had been expecting to get Marquel Martin's rose, but he ended up giving it to someone else. 

"This wasn't paradise. This was Marq Hell," Danielle said following her ouster.

In addition, Chris Bukowski -- a 27-year-old from Washington, D.C. who appeared on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette as well as Bachelor Pad 3 -- sprained ligaments in his knee and was in so much pain he wanted to leave the show. He asked Elise Mosca to quit Bachelor in Paradise and go home with him.

"We came here for a reason and that's to find someone to potentially find a great relationship with and fall in love. And I think I've found it. I hope [Elise] feels the same way," Chris explained.

Elise, a 27-year-old from Los Angeles, CA who appeared on Juan Pablo's The Bachelor edition, gladly accepted Chris' rose and the couple withdrew themselves from the dating show.

"I did hope I would meet someone this quickly and I visualized it and I hoped for it and I really prayed on it. Everything does happen for a reason and I know it. And that's why there are lights at the end of the tunnel. There are silver linings. There is a storm and then comes a rainbow. I'm so happy I met Chris," Elise said after quitting the show with Chris. 

"He doesn't want me dating other guys. He doesn't want me to be away from him. He wants me to meet his family. He wants this to continue outside of paradise, and that is everything that I've wished and hoped for. I mean, he's standing there. He looks extremely handsome, and he smells amazing... This is definitely what I came to paradise for."

Bachelor in Paradise's third episode began with Sarah Herron explaining that she had given her rose to Robert Graham because she definitely wanted to get to know him better and barely knew Dylan Petitt, who had also been involved in drama involving her best friend Elise.

Elise was also so happy to have given Chris her rose, saying that he might be her "rainbow after the storm" and she could totally see herself falling in love with him. Elise realized Dylan just wasn't ready for a commitment. Michelle Money also admitted she was "really into" Marquel and thought they were very sexually attracted to one another.

Michelle envisioned a happy ending with Marquel until Danielle arrived with a date card in her hands. Danielle came on the show just to date Marquel, and so she asked him on a date and he was thrilled to accept. He thought she was beautiful, which Michelle acknowledged as well. Michelle therefore quickly got over Marquel and set her sights back on Robert, who had assumed he was getting her rose at the previous Rose Ceremony.

For their date, Marquel and Danielle enjoyed a helicopter ride together and he thought a connection was definitely possible although Michelle was "great."

The next day, Elise got a date card of her own and AshLee Frazier was upset it didn't belong to her. Clare Crawley noted that AshLee was acting like the power couple in the house with Graham Bunn when they definitely didn't fit that description. As expected, Elise asked Chris on the date as a reward for him fighting for her.

Chris then told the cameras he felt a pop in his knee after swimming in the ocean. The medics required him to stay at the mansion, and Chris said "it sucked" he couldn't go on the date. 

Meanwhile, Marquel and Danielle swam in a pool in Campeche. She admitted she had a crush on him and went on the show just to meet him. Marquel felt it was a compliment and didn't want to disappoint her. In the end, Marquel had exceeded her expectations and she believed they had "instant chemistry."

Despite Chris' injury, he still went on his date with Elise. She loved how confident he was and how he knew exactly what he wanted. They also took a helicopter ride to Campeche.

Elise called him her "Prince Charming," saying she felt blessed to be there with him. Chris told the cameras he was in "agony" but thought Elise was "super hot." Elise apparently did most of the talking, which Chris wasn't used to. Although he insisted he was okay with the conversation, he simply said in a confessional that he just wanted "to get down and dirty."

Back at the mansion in Tulum, Clare and Zack Kalter assumed Robert was into Michelle, who regretted giving her rose to Marquel at the prior ceremony. Clare and Michelle then set up a double date with Robert and Zack separate from the house so that Michelle could win him back. Michelle told Sarah about the plan but insisted she should still try to get to know him. Michelle wasn't trying to "mark her territory" because Sarah still wanted to pursue Robert.

Sarah wished she could get to know Robert without anyone else around. He, in turn, liked Sarah and thought she was very genuine and kind.

On Chris and Elise's date, the couple received a card which had a key to two different rooms. Chris really wanted to share a room yet Elise wanted to feel things out between them a bit more first. The pair went for a swim and Chris thought Elise looked "extremely sexy" in her bikini and thought she was "unbelievable." They madeout in the pool and Chris told the cameras he wanted "to enjoy her behind closed doors," insisting he could make that happen.

Elise, convinced Chris was "a gentleman," decided to accompany him to one suite.

Meanwhile, Sarah was upset because she didn't have the confidence to plan a romantic moment with Robert like Michelle had. Sarah said "a prettier, more well-put together girl" did what she couldn't and Robert probably wouldn't like a girl like her. She felt like an "outcast" and couldn't help but be insecure.

Michelle then became vulnerable with Robert, telling him that she had no interest in Marquel anymore because he "played games" and she was solely focused on him. She felt a spark and explained she'd like to find love in paradise with Robert only.

Jackie Parr then arrived on the island with a date card. Taking a look at who seemed coupled up, Jackie asked Marquel out on the date -- as he appeared to be single.

Marquel was taken aback by her good looks, and even Michelle admitted Jackie was gorgeous and had "an unbelievable body." Zack also thought Jackie was "hot" and admitted he was hoping to see her on the show when he first arrived. However, Zack was pretty deep in his relationship with Clare, so there was apparently no going back.

Danielle was sad to see Marquel go on another date. He was open to every possibility and she found it hard to watch.

Graham then talked to Michelle about how AshLee had set the precedent for being together and they're way ahead of where they should be at this point in the game, as they hadn't even kissed or been on a date yet. Graham said it was weird how AshLee was already talking about him meeting her father and she was simply way ahead of him. 

AshLee then got a date card and asked Graham out. She could imagine herself leaving the show with Graham at the end of it. He, however, thought they had some issues to work out.

As for Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul's relationship, the lovebirds were enthralled with one another. She felt like she had known Marcus forever, and he could definitely picture a future with her.

Marquel and Jackie visited the Edzna Ruins, and Marquel thought they had amazing chemistry. He thought Jackie was gorgeous and hilarious. She also believed they had a great day together but she just needed to let her guard down.

Marquel told the cameras Jackie was his "one and only," the girl he "had been waiting on." Although both people insisted they never kissed on the first date, Marquel asked permission to kiss her and she let him. 

After Chris and Elise's date, Elise said she was "on Cloud 9," but a doctor revealed Chris had sprained his ACL and MCL. He also had a partial tear in his meniscus. It put a damper on things in paradise for Chris because he could barely get on his feet. Elise, however, liked taking care of her man. His pain "was a turning point" in their relationship, as Elise noted, "This is my man forever."

Sarah was concerned for Elise and her judgment because she had been falling for guys so easily and quickly. Elise told Sarah she wasn't worried about getting hurt, and that statement blew Sarah's mind because she knew how heartbroken she was over Dylan. Sarah advised her not to rush things. 

In Campeche, AshLee and Graham had dinner together and she admitted she had been following his Instagram prior to Bachelor in Paradise. He seemed shocked and freaked out by her confession, and AshLee even called herself "obsessed" to the cameras. Graham was having fun with AshLee but asked her not to put "too much pressure on 'forever.'"

However, AshLee was ready to take that next step with Graham and stay together in a suite overnight. Graham, on the other hand, wanted to sleep in separate rooms because he didn't think that would be appropriate so early on. AshLee said in a confessional that she didn't want to force or rush things -- all the while noting they'd have "hot babies."

Before the week's Rose Ceremony commenced, Chris told the cameras he felt great about his relationship with Elise but was in too much pain to really enjoy himself. He told Michelle he might leave, and she advised him to just be "miserable" in paradise, as there was no good reason not to do that.

Meanwhile, Sarah's connection with Robert was developing and she was really starting to like him. She was battling Michelle for his rose, and ever since Michelle had the double date with Robert, she felt he was avoiding her. Michelle confronted Robert about being standoffish, and he explained he was in a tough spot because he didn't want to hurt either girl and had feelings for them both.

Danielle also knew that Marquel's rose was either going to herself of Jackie. Danielle reminded Marquel she had a great time with him and wanted to get to know him better. He was the only person she was interested in on the island. Jackie also told Marquel they were on the same page and she wanted their relationship to continue.

At the Rose Ceremony, it was the guys' turn to hand out their roses to the girls. Graham gave his rose to AshLee.

Zack gave his rose to Clare. Jackie admitted to the cameras she had her eye on Zack from the beginning but it was becoming increasingly obvious Zack and Clare really liked each other and were hitting it off.

Marcus obviously gave his rose to Lacy and she gladly accepted. Michelle envied what they had as a couple.

Marquel decided to hand his rose to Jackie, saying he was following his heart. Danielle was clearly very disappointed.

Robert gave his rose to Sarah. Michelle immediately began to cry, feeling defeated and empty-handed.

Chris then announced his decision to quit the show and asked Elise to go home with him. She was thrilled about his request. Chris told Elise that she made him feel like he's never felt before. With that being said, Chris offered his rose to Michelle so that she could stay on the show and continue her search for love. He acknowledged that no one deserved to find true love as much as Michelle did.

Michelle called Chris' gesture "so sweet" and cried. She respected Chris and said in a confessional that those were the sweetest words anyone has ever said to her.

"I will never get sick of hearing that... As long as I live, I will never forget this," Michelle told the cameras.

The cast was very surprised Elise left with Chris, that she had fallen so fast and hard for him.

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