The Bachelor alum Salley Carson says she would sue Bachelor in Paradise if she could.

Salley, a 26-year-old spine surgery robot operator from Virginia who currently resides in South Carolina, will be joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast during the upcoming Season 8 episode airing Tuesday, October 11 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.


Although Salley hasn't even graced Paradise with her presence yet, she's been an ongoing topic of conversation. Kira Mengistu, for example, alleged that Salley and Justin Glaze had made out at Stagecoach in April.

And Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams told several bachelorettes a dramatic and exaggerated story about Salley's journey to Mexico -- which included Salley allegedly missing her flight, being totally hung up on her ex-fiance, and making a producer wait for her inside the trunk of a car for hour hours.

One fan wrote to Salley on her Instagram account, "Wait you left someone in a truck for 4hrs !!!! Wtf... they could have died... are you OK?"

And Salley replied, "That definitely did not happen. Try to remember it's a TV show," according to Us Weekly.

Another Instagram user reportedly commented, "Sue abc," to which Salley responded: "Would if I could."

Salley isn't the only Bachelor in Paradise participant who is unhappy with the show and everything that went on behind the scenes.

Teddi Wright decided to quit the show without saying goodbye to anybody, and she took to Instagram last week to explain how she had left a "cruel" environment and wanted to stick to her boundaries.

Salley found fame when she appeared on the premiere episode of Clayton Echard's The Bachelor season earlier this year.

Salley was engaged to a man named Avery Buchholz and even celebrated her bachelorette party in 2021 before leaving to film The Bachelor, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

Salley's wedding -- which had been scheduled for September 26, 2021, according to her wedding registries -- was ultimately called off due to a "lack of trust."


Salley thought she'd be ready to find love again with Clayton, but, once she traveled to Los Angeles and got to meet the Season 26 The Bachelor star, she realized she wasn't. Salley therefore rejected an early rose from Clayton and decided to go home before limo entrances that evening on Night 1 of filming. 

Clayton told Us after his season premiered in January 2022 that he "respected" her choice to self-eliminate because she was just being honest with her heart and seemed totally "genuine" in her decision making.

Salley then became a storyline on Bachelor in Paradise 8 when Lace Morris discovered a suitcase with Salley's name on it inside the women's villa. Salley, at the time, was nowhere to be found at the Bachelor in Paradise resort in Mexico.

Lace, Genevieve Parisi, Jill Chin, Hunter Haag and Sierra Jackson therefore sought Wells out for some answers, especially since Genevieve had been worried Salley may show up and steal Justin away from her. (Genevieve, however, ultimately moved on with Aaron Clancy, as viewers have seen on the show).

When sharing "The Saga of Salley's Suitcase," Wells began by saying a female producer had planned to take Salley to the airport so she could be a part of Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season.

"She wanted a second shot at love and we wanted to grant that to her, but we were a little apprehensive. I mean, she didn't even get out of a limo the first time. So we decided to send a producer to make sure that she got on her flight," Wells explained.

The producer allegedly arrived at Salley's house, only to be informed that Salley couldn't come outside because she had "explosive diarrhea."

The producer therefore knocked on Salley's front door, and then a man answered and yelled, "Salley ain't here!"

The producer texted Salley to "get [her] ass home," and then four hours later, Salley showed up at the hotel where the producer was staying and said she was ready for Paradise.

But before packing, Salley demanded to see her ex-boyfriend -- whom she had been engaged to before going on The Bachelor 26 -- and talk to him.

Salley and the producer therefore drove to "a freaking mansion," where Salley's ex lives.

"[Salley] freaks out and says, 'Listen, if he sees you in the car, he's going to lose his mind. You need to get in the back... in the trunk.' And so the producer gets in the trunk. This is dead freaking serious," Wells insisted to the women listening to his story.


Salley allegedly promised the producer her conversation would only take 10 minutes -- but then four hours went by.

Once Salley came back outside, she told the producer that her ex no longer loved her and he wanted her to go to Paradise. The next morning, Salley was allegedly hell-bent on going to Paradise and having a good time.

Wells said Salley packed her suitcase, went to the airport, and checked her luggage.

"We're at the gate. Then, all of a sudden," Wells recalled, "the producer looks back and Salley is on the phone with somebody. She's crying uncontrollably. She's on the phone with her freaking ex."

The gate was about to close and the flight was about to depart, and so Salley and the producer were allegedly crying, hugging and "freaking out" about whether Salley was going to get on the plane.

"The producer said, 'You have to make a decision. Do you want to stay with someone who said they don't love you and want you to go to Paradise, or do you want to go to Paradise and find maybe your person?'" Wells shared.

Salley allegedly froze and the producer boarded the plane alone, with Salley's suitcase onboard.

Genevieve asked Wells if Salley was still coming to Paradise, and Wells responded, "As of today, she says she's coming. Is she coming today? Is she coming tomorrow? I don't know."

Romeo Alexander noted how Salley is "a stunner" and would probably "wreak havoc on this beach" upon her arrival.

Wells has refused to clarify how much of "The Saga of Salley's Suitcase" was actually true.

But the silly skit -- which featured Wells changing wigs and playing multiple characters in the "saga" -- received some backlash from Bachelor Nation.

Many fans accused Wells and the show of bullying Sally and mocking her feelings and emotions.

"I think that the audience needs to remember, it's obviously tongue-in-cheek because of how we presented it to the audience," Wells recently told Entertainment Tonight.

"I saw some people on Twitter being like, 'This is bullying. This is mean.' We did a Drunk History reenactment of something. You can't take this too seriously."

Wells also said he's "amazed" at how much Bachelor Nation has talked about Salley given she only appeared in one episode of Clayton's The Bachelor season.

"It's pretty impressive," Wells marveled, "if I'm being honest."


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