Bachelor in Paradise alum Shanae Ankney has revealed that she's pregnant and expecting her first child.

Shanae, 31, took to Instagram on Monday, October 23 to announce that she's going to be a mom. She and boyfriend Nate Ebner are expecting a baby girl.


"I cannot wait to become a girl mom. Baby Ebner arriving April 2024," Shanae, 31, captioned photos of the couple celebrating in their kitchen after biting into a cake that revealed pink frosting inside.

Shanae, who is currently 16 weeks pregnant, told People that she found out she was pregnant in late July.

"I knew I was pregnant before I even took the test. I just had a gut feeling," Shanae shared. "We waited and waited for the double lines to show up, and boom! The double lines appeared."

The Bachelor alum continued, "Nate and I were looking at each other, just smiling and in awe."

Shanae discovered she has a daughter on the way by doing genetic testing when she was around 10 weeks pregnant.

"Instead of opening the results from the doctor, we took the results to a bakery to have cupcakes made with either pink or blue colors to find out the gender once we bit into them," Shanae recalled.

"Nate and I did a little reveal together with just the two of us. I wanted something more intimate due to it being our first pregnancy."

Nate, who previously played for the New York Giants as well as the New England Patriots in the NFL, told the magazine he is "super excited" to become a parent.

"I think Shanae is a wonderful human with a beautiful soul, and I can't wait to watch her be an amazing mother to our child," Nate said.

Nate predicted that the Bachelor in Paradise alum will be "the absolute best" mother, adding how she has "so much love to give."

The athlete noted, "I know it will be difficult, but I think I have a lot to offer, and I'm excited about the experience, the challenge and the learning along the way."

Nate is apparently looking forward to becoming a father due to the close relationship he shared with his own dad.

"I know that, if I can be a fraction of the father he was to me, our child will be a lucky one," Nate said. "I believe parenting is the first step to a better society."

And Nate gushed about how he's going to be "the best girl dad out there" for his little one.

"I never really thought the baby would be anything other than a boy," he admitted.

"[But] I can't wait to have a one-of-a-kind relationship with this little girl, and I hope to be a great example for her of how a man should act, what strength looks like, and how you treat the people you love in your life."


Shanae pointed out how Nate's desire to have kids attracted her to him from the get-go.

"I knew he wasn't messing around," The Bachelor alum said of Nate's willingness to commit and settle down.

"Him asking me how serious I was about children was very attractive to me because I knew how serious he was about children, wanting a family and looking for that special someone to share that with."

Shanae boasted about how she's "immensely thankful for the wonderful man" that Nate is, and she told the magazine, "I can't wait to witness the incredible dad he is destined to be."

The Bachelor alum concluded, "We know this is going to be life-changing, but in the best way possible. We can't wait to continue to build this life together and become parents."

And Nate chimed in and shared, "There's no one else I'd rather go on this journey with than Shanae. I think together we will make great parents."

After teasing how she was in a new relationship for several months, Shanae and Nate went Instagram official with their relationship in April.

"Always laughing when I'm with you! [Heart emoji]," Shanae captioned three photos with her new man.

In the picture, Shanae was walking arm-in-arm with her beau, although she had chosen not to identify him by name at the time.

Shanae sparked drama and was viewed as a villain on Clayton Echard's The Bachelor season, which aired in early 2022.

Shanae, for example, called Elizabeth Corrigan "fake" and "two-faced," and she mocked Elizabeth's ADHD disorder.

Shanae also accused Elizabeth and Lyndsey Windham of bullying her and creating a "toxic" environment, before swearing at Genevieve and Sierra Jackson to keep her name out of their mouths and throwing a football team's gold trophy into a pond during a group-date afterparty.


Clayton asked Shanae to apologize for rubbing everyone the wrong way, and so Shanae delivered a totally insincere -- although convincing -- apology to the cast.

"I am really sorry and I hope we can get past this, because I really want to talk to you guys and confide in you and be there for one another. I am truly sorry," Shanae announced.

But then the blonde beauty bragged in a confessional, "I'm not sorry, hoes, you mean-ass b-tches! I need an Oscar award for that performance. Fake it until you make it! I never thought I could act before but I'm f-cking good."

Shanae was called "a Herpes outbreak" and "a puppeteer," and Clayton's bachelorettes agreed that they'd view Clayton in a different light if he continued to keep Shanae around.

"Shanae likes to push people to the limit and be cute, calm, and collected when it's all so phony and calculated," Mara Agreat said in a confessional on the show last year.

"She's a roller coaster, she's dramatic, she's erratic, she's unnecessary. She's not wife material, she sucks."

Clayton ultimately decided to eliminate Shanae in Niagara Falls, Canada, during a February 2022 episode of The Bachelor's 26th season, and she claimed she was totally shocked and taken aback by her ouster.

Clayton decided to keep Genevieve over Shanae on a two-on-one date.

Clayton has said he would've sent Shanae home earlier had he known more about her antics and rudeness, but Lyndsey called him out for lying about the extent of knowledge he really had.

Clayton also recently suggested, totally under the radar, that producers made him give Shanae roses for the sake of drama and entertainment value, which "killed" his credibility.

Shanae went on to appear on Bachelor in Paradise 8, hoping to rehab her image and find lasting love.

Shanae made many girlfriends while filming this time around, including Genevieve, but she refused to commit to one bachelor in Mexico. Shanae made it known that she was having a good time and keeping her options open.

Shanae bounced from Logan Palmer to James Bonsall to Tyler Norris to Joey Young in Paradise.

Shanae fell the hardest and deepest for Logan, whom she wanted to return to after a string of dates, but he ultimately dumped Shanae in order to pursue a relationship with Kate Gallivan.

Neither Shanae or Logan left Bachelor in Paradise in a relationship last year.


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