PageSix reports that 'The Bachelor II' is looking for a beer-drinker this time around - someone who doesn't remind viewers of Ivy League management consultant Alex Michel.

"Alex is a tough act to follow, and we're looking to get someone who's different," says Mike Fleiss, executive producer.

"We're looking for someone who's more approachable than people thought Alex was," says casting director Lacey Pemberton, who chose Alex Michel as the first "Bachelor." "I think graduating from an Ivy League school made Alex seem unapproachable to certain people," she says.

"I really look for someone who's geniune and is interested in being there for all the right reasons," says Pemberton. "Aside from the obvious, we're looking for someone who's charming, attractive and someone most girls would want to date," she says.

"We're clearly looking for a guy who's different and who's had new experiences," Fleiss says. This time, they are looking for "maybe someone who didn't graduate from an Ivy League school, has a regular job, enjoys sports . . . and enjoys all sorts of regular activities," Pemberton says.

"Someone who understands the vulnerability of everyone else there, including himself. We don't want someone who doesn't respond . . . or who is totally self-absorbed."

Pemberton and her team have already begun searching for a "Bachelor II" star. In the next few weeks, they'll travel to Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Miami for a series of one-on-one interviews.