Annaliese Puccini got rejected twice in one night on The Bachelor, as she was denied a kiss as well as a rose, and Arie Luyendyk Jr. admits watching that part of Monday night's episode was tough.

"One of the more difficult parts of watching this episode back is seeing Annaliese feeling so neglected and so hurt. Annaliese is amazing, and I really felt a connection with her the first night. I thought we had really great potential," Arie wrote in his People blog.

Annaliese attempted to kiss Arie at the cocktail party preceding the Rose Ceremony to determine whether they had a connection, or at least some physical attraction to one another. However, Arie turned her down, insisting they just weren't at that place yet in their relationship.

Annaliese later gathered enough courage to confront Arie and demand he reveal whether they at least have potential for romance down the road.

"But, by this time, I really didn't feel the chemistry," wrote Arie, who sent Annaliese packing in that moment.

"I know that the women left a lot behind to come meet me, and I really promised myself that I wouldn't lead any of them on. As soon as I was 100 percent sure someone wouldn't be a long-term partner, I knew I had to say goodbye."

Arie justified in his blog, "That's why I couldn't kiss Annaliese, and why I ultimately had to say goodbye. As much as being rejected can hurt, I couldn't lead her on."

In addition to letting go of Bibiana Julian at the Rose Ceremony, Arie surprisingly chose to eliminate Lauren Schleyer during their one-on-one date at a Napa Valley vineyard.

"My first really hard goodbye came on my only one-on-one of the week. After the intensity of the wrestling, I was so excited a relaxing, intimate date," Arie revealed.

"This date was so much more my speed. I've only wrestled once, but I drink wine often, and really appreciate a good cabernet. Besides racing and real estate, wine is probably the thing I know the most about."

Going into his date with Lauren, a 31-year-old social media manager for AT&T from Dallas, TX, Arie didn't know the bachelorette that well.

"But I knew she was attractive, mature, and kind," Arie noted.

"Taking her to Hall Wines felt like the perfect date because we'd be alone in a beautiful location, and would have plenty of time to really get to know one another. Lauren S. is a great woman with so much to offer, but as the day went on, I realized that the connection and chemistry were missing."
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Lauren kept kicking herself throughout the date, telling the cameras that she had trouble relaxing, being herself and communicating her thoughts and stories.

"I really felt like she just didn't let me in," Arie wrote. "Even though I knew saying goodbye was for the best, this one felt very personal. I really wanted it to work, but I knew even with time, I could feel she wasn't the one for me and that being decisive was best for us both."

Arie sent Lauren home before their date even finished, and Arie admitted he then listened to an orchestra alone, "reflecting on how many hard goodbyes laid ahead."