Scott MacIntyre was revealed to be the sixth finalist eliminated from American Idol's eighth season during last night's live results show broadcast on Fox.

The blind 23-year-old from Scottsdale, AZ was sent home from Idol's eighth season based on the home viewer votes cast immediately following Tuesday night's live performance episode broadcast that saw the Top 8 finalists perform songs that were released during the year of their birth.

"On behalf of the judges I want to say that you have been an inspiration to the entire world through your commitment, through your talent, and we all watch American Idol so we as an audience get to witness unique and gifted artists such as you Scott realize a dream that seems near impossible," Idol judge Paula Abdul said following MacIntyre's elimination. "You are one classy gentleman, God bless you we love you.

Prior to MacIntyre's elimination, Anoop Desai, a 22-year-old from Chapel Hill, NC, and Lil Rounds, a 24-year-old from Memphis, TN, were revealed to be the other members of this week's bottom three vote-getters.

Approximately 34 million home viewer votes were cast immediately following Tuesday night's live performance broadcast, however only 30,000 votes separated MacIntyre and Desai, the next-lowest vote-getter, according to American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

MacIntyre had sung Survivor's "The Search is Over" during Tuesday night's live broadcast.

Judge Kara DioGuardi had commended MacIntyre for stepping away from the piano and playing the guitar for a "difficult" song instead. However, she had also questioned the song choice and said that there were parts of the performance she had not enjoyed.

"I'm not sure that I would have picked that song for you as a power ballad because I do see you more as a singer-songwriter at the piano. You had some good moments but you also had some off moments," she said.

Abdul had also complimented MacIntyre for playing the guitar but said his high notes had come off as "screeching."

Judge Simon Cowell was not as complimentary and critiqued almost every aspect of his performance.

"Well I would suggest you go back to the piano next week. Seriously, because that's where you're comfortable. The song was horrible, if I'm being honest with you... I'm not criticizing you, the song was atrocious. The guitar playing wasn't much better. The two actually didn't go together, it was just weird hearing the awful guitar over a very boring song," he said. "This was you trying to be somebody else and absolutely not working. So I have to say I think Paula's advice was wrong."

Judge Randy Jackson added that the entire performance had just been "okay" for him and not overly impressive.

"The problem for me really was it was just all okay. The song was okay, the vocals were okay, it didn't show you as a star as one of the best undiscovered talents in America, and I think at this point in the competition we're looking for that. Dude, I want you to leap off the stage vocally."
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Once MacIntyre was revealed to be the week's low vote-getter he was allowed to perform "The Search Is Over" one more time in an attempt to convince the judges to use their new "The Judges' Save" ability to save him from elimination.

During the performance, the judges seemed split as to whether or not to keep MacIntyre in the competition and they seemed to continue to debate the issue among themselves even after MacIntyre was done.

When prompted by Seacrest, Cowell said that MacIntyre's situation was "completely different" than last week's elimination in which Megan Joy was not even considered for "The Judges' Save."

"I didn't care [last week]," Cowell told Seacrest.  "I genuinely didn't care -- I don't think she cared [either] -- and this is a whole different ballgame."

Cowell also added that the judges were split as to whether to use "The Judges' Save" on MacIntyre, with two judges in favor or it and the other two against it.

However after allowing the judges to discuss the situation some more -- during which MacIntyre admitted he was in "an interesting spot" -- Seacrest pressed Cowell for the group's decision.

"This is really tough," Cowell said.  "I really, really like you Scott. I'm looking over there [where the other remaining finalists are] and I think there's a bunch of talented singers so this decision isn't just based on you, it's whether I think someone is more talented over there. And this is the problem."

"I know I can please you another week Simon," MacIntyre pleaded back to Cowell, after which DioGuardi and Abdul seemed to voice their opinions that he should be saved.

After still not receiving an answer, Seacrest pressed Cowell again.

"So Simon, I have to push you for a verdict," Seacrest told Cowell.

"You want me to make a decision? You want me to make it?" Cowell asked the other judges before tossing his hands in the air and turning to MacIntyre. "Scott, someone's got to make a decision here, and I'm gonna say it's the end of the competition. Sorry."

"Thank you Simon," MacIntyre said before being mobbed onstage by the remaining finalists.

In addition to MacIntyre's elimination, the results show also featured a group performance from the Top 8 of "Can't Get You Out of My Head" by Kylie Minogue - which was released in 2002, the year American Idol was "born" -- and guest performances from Flo Rida and former fifth-season Idol finalist Kellie Pickler

Idol's Top 7 eighth-season finalists - Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai, and Matt Giraud - will all take the stage and perform during next week's performance episode on Tuesday, April 14 at 8PM ET/PT.

On Wednesday beginning at 9PM ET/PT, another finalist will be eliminated - unless "The Judges' Save" is utilized -- from the competition based on home viewer votes, revealing the season's Top 6 finalists.

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