American Chopper's upcoming revival will apparently pit a still-feuding father and son against each other.

The TLC reality series' revival -- dubbed American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior -- will follow Paul Teutul, Sr. as he operates his Orange County Choppers motorcycle business in Newburgh, NY while his son Paul Jr. runs his own Paul Jr. Designs startup motorcycle shop across from Orange County Choppers's original location in nearby Rock Tavern, The New York Post reported Wednesday.

American Chopper's sixth and supposed final season premiered last spring and the finale aired in February. The season featured Paul Sr. feuding with sons Paul Jr. and Mikey, resulting in their departures from Paul Sr.'s Orange County Choppers motorcycle business in New York. 

Afterward, the show continued to chronicle the men's separate activities, which included Paul Sr. continuing to run Orange County Choppers on his own, and Paul Jr. -- who is currently in a court dispute with Paul Sr. over the value of a minority stake in his father's business -- attempting to launch his own design business.

Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. haven't spoken in over a year.

"I'm always hopeful for a reconciliation, but sometimes these things happen for a reason," Paul Jr. told The Post. "Even though you never want dissension in any family, especially with your father, this has allowed me to break out and do things on my own."

While Paul Jr. claims he wishes there would be a reconciliation, his father said he needs to prove it through actions -- not talk.

"Junior seems to say all the time he'd like to reconcile, but the thing of it is, he's never come to me with that. I'm happy he's making an attempt to go out on his own, but I don't feel he's ever really followed through with anything in his life," Paul Sr. told The Post.

"But this way, if he fails, he can't say, 'My dad made me fail.'"

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior will begin filming next week and is currently slated to premiere in August, according to The Post, which added the show's exact format is still unknown.

"This is a very bitter situation that runs really deep," executive producer Christo Doyle told The Post. "At times I feel I'm a family therapist and not a producer."

TLC is expected to formally announce the show's order later this week during its upfront presentation for advertisers.