America's Next Top Model eliminated two models and determined Season 22's Top 7 finalists during Friday night's broadcast on The CW.

After the show's 9 contestants participated in their sixth photo shoot, Top Model judges Tyra Banks, Miss J. Alexander and Kelly Cutrone eliminated Courtney Duperow, a 21-year-old 5'3" model from Avon Lake, OH, and Bello Sanchez, a 26-year-old 5'9" model from Los Angeles, CA, based on the combination of their challenge scores and judges' scores from 1-10.

This week's episode featured Season 22's Top 9 modeling for fashion photographer Erik Asla. The contestants were transformed into living, lifesize dolls and each had their own theme. Their poses had to be very technical and include smizing and joint isolation. Tyra also made it clear that when they moved their heads, their eyes needed to follow.

For the challenge, the models had to work in teams of three to film a PSA that would convince people women should get equal pay, especially in STEM -- science, technology, engineering and math -- jobs. The teams were required to create a six-second Vine video to be judged by little school girls.

At panel, Tyra explained there was going to be a double elimination.

Best photo went to Lacey, who received a 9.5 from Miss J, a 10 from both Tyra and Kelly, and a 9 from the challenge. Her total was 39.5 out of 40.

Following Lacey, Tyra handed out photos to Nyle with 37.2 points, Justin with 35.8 points, Mikey with 35.7 points, Hadassah with 34.2 points, and Mame with 31.6 points.

Tyra's call-out order left Bello, Courtney and Devin in the bottom three.

Courtney was the first person eliminated based on her scores: Miss J and Tyra 6.9, Kelly 6.0, and Challenge 8. Her total was 27.8.

Courtney said she just started to learn everything and unfortunately choked under the pressure. Competing meant the world to her and she was at least happy about the fact her brother would probably be proud of her.

Bello was out next. He received a score of 7.1 from Miss J, 7.8 from Tyra, 8.1 from Kelly, and a challenge score of 8. He racked in a total of 31.0 points.

Bello got mad at Tyra for telling him that he had lost his passion throughout the competition. He made it known that if there was going to be a chance to come back, he was definitely going to get that spot. On his way out, Bello declined to hug the cast members, which surprised Tyra.

Devin was declared safe thanks to his total score of 31.5 points. He earned 7.1 points from Miss J, 8.1 points from Tyra, 8.3 points from Kelly, and a challenge score of 8.
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