America's Next Top Model eliminated no one after Season 22's Top 4 finalists engaged in an emotional photo shoot with their mothers during Friday night's broadcast on The CW.

Michael "Mikey" Heverly, a 25-year-old 6'1" model from Hollywood, FL, and Lacey Rogers, an 18-year-old 5'7" model from El Dorado, AR, were in danger of elimination because they racked in the lowest combined scores from the photo shoot critiqued by Top Model's judges Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone and Miss J Alexander as well as the challenge.

Mikey and Lacey tied for the lowest total score, but when the judges were about to announce their tie-breaking decision, they revealed no one would be going home.

This week's photo shoot featured the contestants modeling with their mothers, who came to visit them. Tyra's own mother served as the photographer.

The challenge required the models to shoot a mock cover for Nylon magazine. The covers hit a newsstand on the street and customers got to pick out which magazine they'd prefer buying. The model to sell the most of his or her issue would win the challenge and an opportunity to film a segment for Nylon video.

Michelle Lee, the editor in chief of Nylon, and J. Errico, the magazine's fashion director, helped guide the contestants.  In the end, Nyle DiMarco's personality shined through and women on the street loved his big eyes, so he won.

At judging panel, Tyra handed out best photo to Mame Adjei, a 23-year-old 5'7 1/2" model from Silver Spring, MD. She received 9.6 points from Miss J, 10 points from Tyra, 9.5 point from Kelly, and 8 points from the challenge. Her total score was 37.1 points.

Nyle, a 25-year-old 6'0 1/2" model from Washington, DC, had the second best performance of the week. He earned 8.8 points from Miss J, 9.4 points from Tyra, 8.8 points from Kelly, and 10 points from the challenge. Nyle's total score was 37.

Mikey and Lacey were in the bottom two with a total of 35.2 points -- 8.5 points from Miss J, 9.0 points from Tyra, 8.7 points from Kelly, and 9 points from the challenge.

Tyra claimed the judges "debated and fought hard" to make the decision of whom to eliminate since it was a tie, but they ultimately kept everyone safe. Mikey broke down crying with happiness, as he thought he was the one going home.

Tyra revealed two finalists -- one guy and one girl -- will square off in the finale. But before then, the four finalists must prepare a presentation for the judges in which they argue why they should become "America's Next Top Model."