The CW has revealed the identities of the 16 contestants -- eight girls and eight guys -- who will compete on America's Next Top Model's twentieth season premiering this summer.

As previously announced, America's Next Top Model's twentieth season will feature male models competing and living alongside female contestants for the first time ever in the show's history. The new edition will also continue to feature the new home viewer voting and social-media components that were introduced last season as part of America's Next Top Model: College Edition.

With men and women living under the same roof next season, the network promises "there will be more than a little opportunity for rivalry, flirtation and romance."

Top's Model's twentieth season will once again be hosted by show creator and judge Tyra Banks. Serving on the judging panel will be returning judges Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans.

Stylist Johnny Wujek will continue his role as the reality modeling competition's creative consultant who will guide the contestants through their photo shoots, and social media correspondent and top fashion blogger Bryanboy will return to mentor the models and highlight the comments, scores and video messages from the viewers that will be revealed during the show's panel critiques. 

Like last season, America's Next Top Model's twentieth edition is enabling fans to vote each week online and choose their favorite contestants based on photo shoots taken over the course of the show's production, which began this week.

Voting began on Thursday and will continue through April 3. The dates fans can vote at are February 24, February 28, March 3, March 7, March 10, March 14, March 17, March 23, March 26, March 29, and April 3. The viewer voting scores are added to scores from Banks and the Top Model judges to help determine who is eliminated during each judging panel session.

"Some" of the eliminated guys and girls will be given the opportunity to return to the competition via votes on their photo shoot pictures, which allows the audience the chance to save their favorite model.

The model crowned "America's Next Top Model" will receive $100,000 national ad campaign with Guess, a fashion feature in Nylon Magazine and a modeling contract with Next Model Management. 

America's Next Top Model is produced by 10 by 10 Entertainment in association with The Tyra Banks Company, with Banks, Ken Mok and Laura Fuest Silva serving as the show's executive producers.

The eight female contestants who will be competing on America's Next Top Model's twentieth season -- and their The CW-supplied bios -- are:

- Alex, a 5' 9 1/4" 21-year-old student from Palm City, FL

- Bianca, a 5' 9 1/2" 18-year-old stylist and saleswoman at a boutique from Los Angeles, CA

- Chlea, a 5' 10" 20-year-old credit analyst from Bear, DE

- Jiana, a 5' 10" 20-year-old bartender from Denver, CO

- Jourdan, a 6' 0" unemployed 19-year-old from Bend, OR

- Kanani, a 5' 7 1/2" unemployed 19-year-old from Chicago, IL

- Nina, a 5' 8 1/2" 18-year-old student from New York, NY

- Renee, a 5' 8" 24-year-old model from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The eight male contestants who will be competing on America's Next Top Model's twentieth season -- and their The CW-supplied bios -- are:

- Chris H., a 6' 1 1/2" 25-year-old doorman and security guard from North Bergen, NJ

- Chris S., a 5' 10 1/4" 23-year-old hairdresser from Houston, TX

- Cory, a 6' 2 1/2" 22-year-old wedding singer from Philadelphia, PA

- Don, a 6' 0" 25-year-old rapper, model and club promoter from Minneapolis, MN

- Jeremy, a 6' 3" 19-year-old nutritional supplement salesman from Mission Viejo, CA

- Marvin, a 6' 1" 20-year-old sales associate from Bronx, NY

- Mike, a 6' 5" 26-year-old vending and catering company employee from Los Angeles, CA

- Phil, a 6' 3 1/2" 24-year-old bartender from Lanesboro, MA
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