America's Next Top Model eliminated one model and determined Season 22's Top 11 finalists during Friday night's broadcast on The CW.

After the show's 12 contestants participated in their third photo shoot, Top Model judges Tyra Banks, Miss J. Alexander and Kelly Cutrone eliminated Dustin Mcneer, an 18-year-old 5'11 1/4" model from Kernersville, NC, based on the combination of his challenge score and judges' scores.

Dustin left the show saying he missed out on a lot to appear on Top Model, such as walking at graduation and prom, but he still found it to be an awesome experience.

This week's episode featured the contestants modeling high-fashion athletics amongst fun neon-colored blocks for a photo that would be completely unretouched. Fashion photographer Erik Asla shot the photos.

This week's challenge required the models to take pictures for a model comp card and retouch their shots within 30 minutes. Next Model Management agent Anthony De La Rose observed the contestants at work. Mikey won the challenge and received "a romantic night on the town for two." He chose to bring his buddy Devin along even though he was snuggling up to Ashley at night.

At panel, Tyra explained the scores this season will be based on a 1-10 score from each judge and then their 1-10 challenge score. The fan vote on social media is no longer being utilized, and if there's tie, the judges will determine which model goes home.

Best photo of the week went to Lacey, who received an 8.6 from Miss J, a 9.8 from Tyra, and a 9.8 from Kelly. With those scores added to her challenge score of 9, her total score was 37.2 points.

Following Lacey, Tyra handed out photos to Mame with 36.1 points, Devin with 35.4 points, Mikey with 34.7 points, Ashley with 33.8 points, Bello with 33.5 points, Nyle with 31.9 points, Ava with 31.5 points, Courtney with 31.4 points, and then Justin with 31.4 points.

Tyra's call-out order left Hadassah and Dustin in the bottom two.

Hadassah received a 7.3 from Miss J, a 6.8 from Tyra, and a 7.4 from Kelly. She had a total of 30.5 points when adding in her 9.0 challenge score.

Dustin earned 6.9 points from Miss J, 7.3 points from Tyra, and 7.2 points from Kelly. His total, 28.4, included his challenge score of 7.0.

The winner of Top Model will receive prizes including $100,000 from Zappos Couture as well as being the face of their national luxury brand re-launch in 2016, a fashion feature in Nylon, and a modeling contract with Next Management.