America's Next Top Model: College Edition eliminated Victoria Henley and allowed Leila Goldkuhl to re-enter the competition during The CW's broadcast of the nineteenth season's ninth episode Friday night.

Victoria, a 5' 9 1/2" 18-year-old student from Colquitt, GA attending Liberty University, was ousted from the competition after she found herself in the bottom two based upon her total combined scores from the challenge, Top Model's three judges and home viewers' fan vote.

"I'm disappointed... This is all so frustrating. I know I can do better than this!" Victoria said in tears.

"I'm so frustrated at this point. I wanted it. I wanted it so badly. I think about my mom and she's given me everything. She's done so much for me. I wanted to be able to achieve this for her and to be able to give back to her in some way. I really saw myself going so far, so I want to try to leave this with my head held high and as a role model for that quirky girl who is a little different than anybody else."

In addition, Leila, a 5' 11" unemployed 20-year-old student from Framingham, MA attending the University of Rhode Island, was told she'd be able to rejoin America's Next Top Model: College Edition after she received the highest social media score of all the previously-eliminated contestants.

"This is a big, big, big deal. Week by week, I felt the love from everyone on social media. I felt the support and I worked really hard to get back, and I'm going to work even harder to be America's Next Top Model. I won't let you down, I promise," Leila told her fans once Top Model creator and lead judge Tyra Banks welcomed her back into the competition.

"I wasn't expecting a super warm welcome, and I definitely didn't get a super warm welcome from all the girls."

Last week's episode left off in a cliffhanger, with Brittany Brown's elimination from the original running. Tyra told her to stand with her fellow eliminated girls in the back of the room and wait for the revelation of whom had earned a spot back in the Top Model competition.

The social media scores Brittany had received from every prior photo shoot were added up to count as her total score, while the other previously-eliminated girls had participated in and were graded on the same photo shoots all along -- just within a separate competition from the models still actually in the running to be crowned America's Next Top Model.

After Tyra announced the name of every returning girl -- Darian Ellis, Yvonne Powless, Jessie Rabideau, Leila, Destiny Strudwick, and Allyssa Vuelma -- and then Brittany joined them, she revealed the girls one by one from the lowest social media score overall to the highest.

During Friday night's broadcast, Tyra called out Destiny, Darian, Yvonne, and Jessie in that order. Tyra then announced Brittany, with a score of 5.41, didn't get the spot.

Brittany's permanent elimination left Leila and Allyssa with the two highest scores and the possibility of coming back. In the end, Leila trumped Allyssa with a score of 5.84 from the fans. Allyssa lost with a close score of 5.44. Tyra noted the girls' social media scores were less than a point away from each other.
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Once Leila found herself back in the competition, the girls traveled to Jamaica for their upcoming challenge and photo shoot.

Victoria landed in the bottom two alongside Kiara Belen, a 5' 9" 22-year-old student from Las Vegas, NV attending the University of California - Irvine, after the season's ninth official photo shoot, which required the girls to tell a story in only one image -- a woman caught in a love triangle between Top Model judge Rob Evans, who would be playing her husband, and her river raft guide, who was played by another male model. 

During the episode's challenge, the girls had to create a dance hall routine in pairs after working with choreographer Jonte and dance hall musician Konshens. Nastasia, a 5' 8 1/4" 19-year-old student and sales associate from East Stroudsburg, PA attending East Stroudsburg University and Kiara won the challenge with nine points each. Victoria and Leila placed second with eight points, and Kristin Kagay and Laura James finished last with only seven points apiece.

During panel, America's Next Top Model: College Edition's judges gave Victoria a total of 19 points for the photo shoot. She received six points from Top Model judge Kelly Cutrone, six points from Rob and seven points from Tyra. In addition to her challenge score, Victoria also earned 4.297 points from the fans, making her overall score 31.3.

Kiara earned a total of 19 points from the judges as well after Kelly gave her six points, Tyra gave her six points and Rob gave her seven. Added to her challenge score and 4.513 from the fan vote, Kiara was revealed to be safe thanks to her overall score of 32.5.

Nastasia received the first call-out in Tyra's line of best to the worst scores of the week. She had an overall score of 39.3, which included a perfect 10 from Rob and a score of 5.341 from the fans. 

Following Nastasia, Tyra then revealed the photos of Laura, Leila and Kristin -- leaving Victoria and Kiara in the bottom two.

Now that Leila is back, the eliminated model each week will no longer have the second chance that previous girls have had to re-enter the competition.