Brittany Brown was eliminated from America's Next Top Model: College Edition during The CW's October 21 broadcast of the nineteenth season's eighth episode.

Brittany, a 5' 10" 18-year-old student from Gilbert, AZ attending Chandler-Gilbert Community College, was ousted from the competition after she found herself in the bottom two alongside Victoria Henley based upon her total combined scores from the challenge, Top Model's three judges and home viewers' fan vote.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Brittany talks about her America's Next Top Model: College Edition experience -- including whom she believed was her toughest competition while on the show, what her thoughts were on Victoria and her behavior, and why she struggled to maintain her Disney image while also trying to be herself throughout the competition.

Reality TV World: When you landed in the bottom two with Victoria, what was going through your mind? Did you think it was going to be you going home or did you feel pretty certain it was Victoria's time to go?

Brittany Brown: It is always a terrible feeling being in the bottom two. In a way, I felt it coming, I knew with the scores I received I was most likely going home.

Reality TV World: When Tyra Banks told you that it was the moment of truth when you and the other previously-eliminated girls were going to find out who had averaged the highest social media score and was going to be able to come back into the original Top Model competition, did you think your chances were going to be good or did you kind of feel defeated?

Brittany Brown: I think I had a great chance: my fan base was only growing stronger. However, I knew some of the eliminated girls also had strong scores. We all wanted it to bad.

Reality TV World: Out of all the eliminated girls, who did you think was your biggest competition and probably had the best chance of getting high social media scores before the results were announced?

Brittany Brown: I knew [Leila Goldkuhl] had strong social media scores -- she's a fabulous model. I don't think it was her time at all when she was eliminated. I'm happy she's back in!

Reality TV World: You kept landing in the runner-up spot in Tyra's call-out order at panel or you'd land in the bottom two. Could you talk about that inconsistency a little bit? Why do you think your photos or performance varied so greatly throughout the competition? What do you think contributed to that?

Brittany Brown: I worked my butt off every week I was there. I loved all the photo shoots, and I thought I was delivering well minus the cheer week. Getting second best photo felt good but I tried to keep pushing for that number one spot, but it just didn't happen.

Someone always seemed to beat me out with the overall total. My photo was not too great cheer week and it was terrible being in the bottom with Leila. That was a weird week.

Reality TV World: When you got eliminated, Tyra said you can't forget who you are and what you believe in, as she felt your photo didn't really portray your Disney image. But based upon how you presented yourself in your go-sees, it seemed like you tried very hard to maintain that image. So how did you feel when Tyra said you were basically forgetting who you are? Did you completely disagree with that critique?
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Brittany Brown: I love Disney and that's a huge part of me. I was being myself, but then got a little confused because I didn't know exactly what they wanted from me. Each judge had a somewhat different opinion. I was going crazy trying to be exactly what they wanted because I thought I was doing that, but it just wasn't coming across that way to the judges.

Reality TV World: During your Guess go-see, one of the women said you were a "a little too sweet, a little girl next door." But obviously, that was your type of Disney image Tyra kept insisting you should keep and represent. So was that frustrating for you to hear when you watched back the episode, and do you think it's actually necessary to turn off that "sweet, girl next door" persona at times rather than maintain it all the time?

Brittany Brown: I think it's important to show off all your sides and definitely bring certain ones out when going for a particular job. The judges emphasized how important it is to brand yourself, so sometimes I would go out of my way to be extra sweet. I think I forgot to just relax and be myself sometimes because I was so worried about giving the judges exactly what they wanted.

Reality TV World: Do you think you could actually book more jobs with that cutesy image in high fashion modeling than trying to be edgy and sexy for example? Some viewers have said the Disney look seems more compatible with what commercial modeling might be looking for.

Brittany Brown: From this competition I learned how important it is to just be myself. I could drive myself nuts trying to be exactly who everyone else wanted me to be.

Reality TV World: During your last photo shoot in the competition, Johnny Wujek said he was waiting to see you have an edge and the judges wanted you to look a little more like a nudist in your mugshot photo. When you watched the episode back, what went through your mind? It seemed like the professionals were all looking for something different from you, so is it safe to say they confused you and maybe didn't communicate advice well enough to help you in the end?
Brittany Brown:
It was confusing hearing different feedback from all the judges. They wanted different things. Personally I loved my jail photo. I know my personal opinion doesn't affect my score but when I saw it pop up on the screen I thought it was a little cutesy but still with some edge. However, it didn't turn out like that, but I want to thank my fans for liking it!

Reality TV World: The designer LuLu said you were a model she would really consider hiring. Do you have any idea why she didn't follow through with booking you? Does anything stand out in your memory that maybe didn't go well during your go-see or something?

Brittany Brown: I was surprised that I didn't book LuLu but at the same time we built a nice rapport. Maybe I just wasn't right for the particular job. I love her designs though and it was wonderful to hear her say that.

Reality TV World: Out of all the go-sees you went to, which designer did you want to book the most? Also, which designer were you the most surprised you didn't book and why?

Brittany Brown: I wanted to book Lulu and Charlotte Ronson because I felt I had the greatest time with them. They both seemed interested and took my photo. I was surprised I didn't book them both.

I went on the go see with [Kristin Kagay] and we both thought I had a good chance. When we found out Charlotte Ronson actually picked Kristin, it was surprising. Nothing against Kristin we just didn't think she seemed interested in her during the go see.

Reality TV World: What were your thoughts on Victoria while you were on the show? You mentioned during the episode in which you got sent home that you didn't think she could handle the stress of the competition. Could you talk more about why? Was it just her eating habits you were referring to or was there more to it?

Brittany Brown: Victoria is an interesting person. I don't know her very well because I didn't know what was real and what was an act. I was truly worried for her and when I tried talking to her about things she got defensive and it was confusing. We did see weird things going on but she claimed to be just fine.

Reality TV World: Did it shock you when Victoria told the judging panel she felt "attacked, bullied and ostracized?" Were you worried in the moment her statements might've had the potential to hurt you or any of the other girls in the competition?

Brittany Brown: Yes it was frustrating to hear her say that. I know some girls were genuinely worried about her, and when she kind of just threw us all under the bus, it was annoying.
Reality TV World: Towards the beginning of the season, Kristin was very controversial in that most of the girls in the house didn't seem to like her personality. However, in recent episodes, she seems to be coming around both in her attitude and modeling performance. What are your thoughts on that? Did she kind of grow on everybody or do you think the show's just been editing her recently in a more positive light?

Brittany Brown: I don't think in any way Kristin is a bad person. She's actually really funny and can be very sweet. However, if she doesn't like you, or if someone is being rude to her, she doesn't back down. She has a little "mean girl" side to her and the show liked to portray that side a lot more. When it comes to modeling, she does like it but she is just new to it. She was doing better as time went on.

Reality TV World: While you were on the show, whom did you think had the most potential to win Top Model?

Brittany Brown: I always saw Leila as a tough competitor. She wants this really badly and she has a great high fashion look. She is full of potential, and I am rooting for her.

Reality TV World: What's next for you? What are your plans for the near future, is modeling your top priority?

Brittany Brown: I'm going to school and continuing to model. I was a theatre kid in high school and am realizing how passionate I am about acting. I want to give that a go. "Either you see opportunities or stop signs -- I don't have time for stop signs." - Walt Disney

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