America's Got Talent's judges and host Terry Crews hit the group Golden Buzzer for Japanese dance act Chibi Unity during the Season 18 episode that aired Tuesday night on NBC.

America's Got Talent judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara joined forces with Terry to automatically advance Chibi Unity, a synchronized group of dancers who utilize white sheets and shadows to create dramatic effects, to the show's Season 18 live shows via the Golden Buzzer.

When Chibi Unity stepped onstage, a representative from the group told the judging panel, "When we saw Mayyas, the AGT champion of last year, we thought, 'We have to get on the stage of AGT.'"

Simon mentioned how the Mayyas were probably the best dance act to ever grace America's Got Talent's stage. He therefore asked the group if they're even better.

"Please look forward to our act," the representative noted, clearly dodging the question.

After the dance act wowed the judges and the audience in their matching costumes and white face paint, Howie could be heard telling Simon while on his feet, "They're amazing," and Simon in turn agreed, "That was great."

Howie proceeded to tell the act, "The dance category this year on Season 18 is off the charts, but you took it to another level. The emotion that comes out of your dancing, it's inspirational."

"You added everything," Howie continued, "and it was so wonderful. I loved the speed and the movement and the dexterity you had. I would love to see a show -- an hour of you -- in Las Vegas!"

Heidi also said she "loved it" because it was "unexpected" for her.

"The music was unexpected, I loved the changes of the outfits. It was very dynamic and super good!" Heidi shared.

Sofia, meanwhile, admitted she was "getting goosebumps" while watching the dancers perform.

"My heart was beating! It was the best dancing I've ever seen in my life!" Sofia gushed. "I would say it was a perfect AGT audition."

And Simon capped off the judges' feedback by calling the performance "so powerful" and "so original."
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Simon gushed about how the dancers were also "incredible" and "amazing."

With that being said, Simon announced to the other judges, "I think right now, we're all thinking the same thing."

Both Heidi and Sofia could be heard telling Simon, "Yes."

Simon winked at Terry and then asked the host to join them at the panel.

"We all loved you so much that we, collectively, would like to give you something special," Simon said.

The audience chanted "Golden Buzzer," and then the group of five joined their hands together and pressed the button, prompting golden confetti to fall from above.

Simon concluded that this dance act is going to make this America's Got Talent season "very, very special," and that marked the end of auditions for Season 18.

The other auditions who received the Golden Buzzer were Brazilian singer Gabriel Henrique, blind and autistic singer Lavender Darcangelo, Atlanta Drum Academy, blind singer Putri Ariani, dance group Murmuration, and Mzansi Youth Choir.

Sofia put Gabriel through to the next round, Heidi gave Lavender the Golden Buzzer, Terry hit the Golden Buzzer for Atlanta Drum Academy, Simon hit the buzzer for Putri Ariani, and Howie decided to give the honor to Murmuration.

Mzansi Youth Choir received the show's first-ever Audience Golden Buzzer.

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