After teaming up to send their friend and co-worker Tammy Trenta home last week, The Apprentice 5 candidates Allie Jablon and Roxanne Wilson had no one but each other to go after when their team lost for the second week in a row. In doing so, Allie, a 30-year-old medical sales manager from Columbia, SC, and Roxanne, a 26-year-old appellate attorney from Austin, TX, appeared to annoy Donald Trump with their "disloyalty" to each other, resulting in both of them being fired.

With the double firing, Sean Yazbeck and Lee Bienstock are left as the final two contestants competing to be the winner of The Apprentice's fifth season.

The Apprentice 5's thirteenth episode began with Allie and Roxanne returning back to the suite from last week’s boardroom. Sean, who had entered into a fledgling romance with Tammy, appeared to be at first disappointed then later annoyed with Allie and Roxanne (his former teammates) as they discussed the boardroom session. Venting during a private confessional, Sean promised to "bury" the all-girl team during their next task.

The next morning, the two teams met with The Donald and this week's advisors, Trump children Ivanka and Donald Jr. This week's task was to design new uniforms for the employees of the Embassy Suites hotel chain. The judges for the task would be Embassy Suites employees themselves. After seeing each new uniform collection presented in a fashion show, the employees would vote and decide which team created the better collection.

After the teams met with the hotel chain's management team and interviewed hotel staffers, it became clear that they would be taking decidedly different approaches to their new collections. Lee, who was serving as Gold Rush Corporation's project manager since Sean had filled the role on their previous task, took the straightforward approach of finding out what the staff -- who would ultimately determine which collection was better -- wanted and giving it to them.

Meanwhile over at Synergy, Roxanne was once again content to play her sidekick role, resulting in Allie becoming Synergy's project manager. Foolishly deciding that "it was probably more important that they be stylish than functional," the pair -- terming themselves unofficial "co-project managers" -- decided to focus on making their new uniform collection less practical and more stylish.

The teams' different approaches also extended to their dealings with the designers who would take their ideas and transform them into a reality. Showing more fashion knowledge than one would expect, Sean worked extremely well with Gold Rush's designer, effectively conveying the specifics of what they wanted done -- including picking out the specific fabrics their uniforms should use. Meanwhile things didn't get as smoothly for Synergy, with Allie butting heads with their designer and speaking to him in a rude manner that even Roxanne thought was inappropriate and "an embarrassment."

At the fashion show, both designs looked nice, but while it appeared that the Synergy offerings were more stylish and fashionable, it was also obvious that the Gold Rush entries were clearly more practical and comfortable. When the results were announced, it was no surprise that staff favored the Gold Rush designs by a nearly 3-1 margin. As the task's winners, Sean and Lee had a private dinner with Ivanka and Donald Jr. Although it was a much more modest prize than last week's private jet trip to California, the dinner did give the pair a chance to learn that The Donald wears a pink bathrobe and would prefer to have a glass of milk and cheeseburger at home than eat a fancy meal at a restaurant.

As they prepared for their boardroom session back in the suite, Allie and Roxanne hugged and cried and swore they would not throw each other "under the bus" in order to continue in the competition. The united front was something they initially appeared to carry into the boardroom as well, however when The Donald began to press them, their friendship ties strained to the breaking point. After listening to them launch into simultaneous speeches in which they started out talking each other down and eventually began to tear each other apart, Trump got tired of watching them go at each other "like cats and dogs." Scolding the "close friends" for their behavior, The Donald fired them both.