Ali Fedotowsky was allegedly instructed to keep one of her The Bachelorette sixth-season suitors on the show.

(SPOILER ALERT: Please stop reading this article immediately if you don't want to know any information about The Bachelorette's sixth season.)

Kimberly Kerekes -- one of The Bachelorette bachelor Justin Rego's two alleged at-home girlfriends -- claims the show's producers told Fedotowsky not to eliminate Rego from the dating competition to ensure he would still be around when she received an already-scheduled phone call from Jessica Spill, Rego's other alleged girlfriend.

"I know that Ali was informed to keep Justin on the show and not get kicked off because the phone call was waiting on the sidelines to go through," Kerekes told RadarOnline in a Tuesday report.

"Ali found out that Justin had two girlfriends when Jessica contacted ABC. They made a phone call, and basically Jessica was on the phone with Ali."

Rego was allegedly sent packing by Fedotowsky during the season's sixth episode after she is confronted with the phone call from Spillas.

Kerekes claims she had been dating Rego for "about three months" before he told her he was leaving to participate in a reality show -- however she was unaware it was The Bachelorette and also didn't know that he had another girlfriend.

"He told me he was going onto a reality show, but I didn't know which one it was. I found out through mutual friends that it was The Bachelorette," Kerekes told RadarOnline.

"I did not know that he had a girlfriend named Jessica. I thought I was his one-and-only, I thought it was exclusive. He was under contract not to have another girlfriend, so why would I think that he would be with anyone else other than me?"

Spillas allegedly came forward by contacting former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette and fellow Toronto resident Jessie Sulidis -- who subsequently put her in contact with ABC, leading to the phone conversation with Fedotowsky that led to Rego's elimination.

Kerekes also claims that the only reason Rego went on The Bachelorette as one of Fedotowsky's suitors was because he wanted to further his career as a professional wrestler.

"I agreed to keep dating him because basically he told me [going on the show] was for his career, to launch his career, and had nothing to do with actually falling in love," she told RadarOnline.
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"He told me that she wasn't really his type, and he actually said that he thought that she was kind of rude in the beginning of the show and just really wasn't his type at all and that he was just going on the show for his career."

Kerekes' belief that Rego was only on the show for his career was also apparently obvious to a majority of Fedotowsky's 24 other initial bachelors, who -- during Monday night's premiere broadcast -- singled out Rego for not being there for the right reasons.

"Is he trying to get famous, I'm going to say definitely," Kerekes told RadarOnline.

"Why else would he have gone on the show? Basically everything he says is a lie. Don't trust him. I don't know what he's looking for in life, but I guess I hope he finds it."

Kerekes described Rego as "very outgoing, very witty and comical."

"He always played the nice-guy role," she told RadarOnline. "He always wanted to make everyone think that he was a nice guy and that he actually cared."

In addition, Kerekes said Rego has attempted to apologize since he was outed for having two girlfriends while also trying to woo another woman on national television.

"Since the news broke, he wanted to apologize and say that he's sorry for putting me through this and that I had to find out this way," she told RadarOnline. "But I've just been really ignoring him."