All-Star Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump fired Dennis Rodman during Sunday night's sixth episode of the celebrity reality competition's sixth season on NBC.

Trump fired the retired NBA basketball star after his "Power" team lost the season's sixth task, which required "Power" and the opposing "Plan B" team to each create a two-page advertorial and product display for Trump's wife Melania's new skin care line.

"I wasn't in good shape to be here the first time five years ago, but Donald believed in me. He brought me back and I think I did a real good job of rebounding. And then people know, 'Hey, I'm not just a party animal. I'm actually a pretty good guy,'" Dennis said following his ouster.   

Dennis and magician Penn Jillette opted to serve as their teams' project managers this time around.

The teams were judged on creativity and overall presentation, and the winning project manager would receive a total of $40,000 for his or her charity.

Once in the boardroom, Penn discovered the judges loved his team's slogan but disliked how they used Melania as their spokesperson on the posters since she had been creating her skin collection for over 10 years behind the scenes.

As for Dennis' team, their display was praised, but Trump immediately revealed they had lost the task due to a misspelling on one of their posters. They wrote, "Simply... Milania," rather than "Melania" -- something Trump had labeled the "ultimate mistake."

Therefore, Penn received $40,000 for his Opportunity Village charity and Dennis was on the hot seat. While country star Trace Adkins worked on the advertorial, which included its text and layout, Dennis signed off on the copy to be printed on the posters.  

Former Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick said the execution fell on the project manager's hands, so Dennis should be fired. Although everyone faulted themselves for not catching the mistake prior to their presentation, it was clear either Trace or Dennis should be blamed. Rapper Lil Jon openly expressed that idea.

As a result, Dennis just selected Trace to join him in the boardroom again. Trace argued that he put together the display that received great reviews from Melania and that Dennis was "boisterous, unruly, unpredictable, and improper" at times. Trace also reiterated the fact Dennis had signed off on everything because it was his task to lead.

"You're not a disaster now, Dennis. You've been amazing. I think you get the 'Comeback Player of the Year' award. I really do. Are you proud of yourself?" Trump asked Dennis. "You should be proud."

"I'm not proud of myself just because... every time we have this boardroom, every time it's like, 'I know I'm coming in here,'" Dennis explained.
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"You're in here all the time. I mean, that bothers me also, because frankly, you are in here all the time. I don't know, because your team brings you in, that's why. And by the way, in all fairness to me, every week, I let you go. But every week, they bring you back -- different teams, different players. And you are the project manager and you did lose. Dennis, you're fired," Trump noted.

"And I just want to say keep it up and I'm so proud of you. Great job, Dennis."