Adam Lambert's whole world is currently revolving around a relationship.

But it's not a relationship with a person.

"I'm dating my album, actually. We're in a very serious relationship," the former American Idol runner-up joked with Access Hollywood in an interview. "We've been traveling the world together, hand-in-hand."

Lambert's latest album "The Original High" was just released on Tuesday.

"I think 'The Original High' proposed to me, actually," Lambert continued, explaining that the new LP represents the next phase of his career.

"It's definitely future. The sounds on the record are very right now, they're very contemporary. I think in the past I was... emulating some of my big glam rock icons and now, with this album, I feel like I'm finally kind of really grounded in who I am as an artist and as a person as well."

Lambert said he's now in his thirties, so he's naturally grown up a little bit.

"And [I] calmed down a little bit. You just grow into yourself at a certain point and I think the album really reflects that," the singer noted.

"The Original High" follows Lambert's 2012 album called "Trespassing" and features a song with the lyric, "chasing the original high." 

"I think we all have things in life that make us feel alive. Everybody's after that rush, after that feeling. Maybe it's love, maybe it's some sort of adrenaline rush. For me, performing -- getting onstage in front of people -- that makes me feel high as a kite," Lambert told Access Hollywood.

"So for me, it's about looking back and kind of reminiscing about what was that thing that first made you feel that way, and is it possible to run back and get it or is that impossible, I don't know."

Lambert's debut single off the new album is entitled "Ghost Town." Ironically, Madonna has a song with the same title.

"It was definitely a coincidence. My song was already mixed and we had already decided it was the first single, like back [in] the fall of last year and then her tracklisting came out and I saw it on iTunes and I saw 'Ghosttown,' I went, 'What? What are the chances?' Especially because I'm a Madonna fan," Lambert explained.
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"I definitely love her and I watch her work, so it felt strange, but you know the songs are so different, that... once I heard her song I was like, 'Oh, okay. Hers is like this, mine's like this.' It's fine."

Lambert finished American Idol's eighth season as the runner-up, losing to winner Kris Allen. Lambert has since served as a guest judge on Idol and performed on the stage numerous times.