Reuters reports that ABC has announced that it has placed its George Hamilton-hosted reality show "The Family" on hiatus and canceled its new archeological adventure "Veritas: The Quest" series. Like most of the ABC lineup, both new shows have struggled in the ratings, and ABC said the spate of recent news preemptions and scheduling changes had made it too difficult to promote and build audiences for them.

Much like it did with last season's "The Mole 2," ABC says that "The Family" will be relaunched this summer. Remaining episodes of "Veritas" are expected to air later in the year.

In other reality series news, ABC also announced has canceled its combat reality show "Profiles from the Front Line," the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced series documenting the exploits of American forces last year in Afghanistan. ABC cited possible viewer confusion with current footage of the war in Iraq as a supporting factor.

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