ABC has announced that its new Welcome To The Neighborhood reality series will premiere Sunday, July 10 at 9PM ET/PT. A six-episode series, Welcome To The Neighborhood will feature seven diverse families competing to win a beautiful dream home -- with the cul-de-sac's neighbors deciding who wins the competition.

Set in the new upscale "Circle C Ranch" development near Austin, Texas, Welcome To The Neighborhood will begin with seven diverse families arriving in the conservative neighborhood. While the seven families are excited about the chance to win a 3300-square-foot, four bedroom, 2.5 bath home, the three "opinionated" cul-de-sac families who will decide which competing family will become their new neighbor aren't nearly as excited about the candidates, which include a family covered in tattoos, a homosexual couple with an adopted child, and a family who practice Wiccan, a pagan religion.

According to ABC, the three neighborhood families will see "their belief systems get rocked as they try to get past their own pre-conceived notions and prejudices," after which the series will end with "some eyes and hearts opening up, opinions changing and a community transformed."

Each week, the competing families will participate in a challenge intended to show the judging neighbors how well they might fit into the close-knit community. The winner of each weekly challenge will receive the coveted "free pass" -- preventing the three cul-de-sac families from being able to eliminate them from the competition's current round.

As described by ABC, the seven house-hungry families who will be trying to impress their potential neighbors are:

• The Crenshaws - A religious, African American family

• The Eckharts - A Caucasian, pagan family that worships several gods

• The Gonzalezes - A loud, boisterous Hispanic family

• The Lees - An Asian family that runs a sushi restaurant

• The Morgans - A Caucasian family that looks picture-perfect, except Mrs. Morgan has a little secret

• The Sheets - Defying all stereotypes, this Caucasian family is covered in tattoos and are staunch Republicans

• The Wrights - A Caucasian homosexual couple who have adopted an African American boy

The three families who have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to choose their new neighbors are:

• The Stewarts - The super-opinionated Mr. Stewart, who is considered the "governor" of the cul-de-sac, is very protective of his community and will be looking at the competing families through a microscope

• The Bellamys - Mr. Bellamy is a staunch Republican and would challenge any potential neighbors with politically different views. But the three Bellamy kids would welcome new neighbors who are different

• The Daniels - A devoted Christian family, they would like their new neighbors to have a similar focus and direction in their lives

Welcome To The Neighborhood is from MGM, New Screen Concepts and the Jay and Tony Show Productions, with Rob Lee, Chuck Bangert, Lou Gorfain, Jay Blumenfield and Tony Marsh serving as executive producers.