A&E Network has announced it's ordered Obsessed, a new Intervention-like reality series that will follow individuals suffering from extreme anxiety disorders.

A&E has ordered 11 hour-long episodes of the series, which is currently in production and slated to premiere later this year.

"Like our Emmy-nominated series Intervention, Obsessed balances intense human drama with redemption," said A&E programming executive Robert Sharenow. "The series will take a raw, honest and emotional look at the world of anxiety disorders while offering those who suffer a path to recovery."

Each Obsessed episode will document two individual cases where the subjects face extreme anxiety disorder, highlighting both their struggles and the rehabilitation process. 

Through cognitive behavioral therapy, each subject will be taught how to understand their thought process, change thought patterns, manage their anxiety and avoid the compulsions, according to A&E. The series will then revisit each subject after several weeks of treatment to see if the obsession lingers.

In addition to anxiety disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and general anxiety disorder, Obsessed with also feature individuals with a variety of phobias.

Obsessed is being produced by Tijuana Entertainment, with Troy Searer, Rob LePlante and John Foy serving as executive producers.