90 Day Fiance's Part 2 of the Tell All featured a Mohamed Abdelhamd cheating bombshell, Ariela Weinberg revealing she had spent three months away from Biniyam Shibre, Biniyam confessing his son saved his marriage, Jibri Bell admitting living with Miona in South Dakota was a mistake, and Bilal Hazzies and Shaeeda butting heads over when to start a family during the Season 9 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

The Tell-All special was hosted by Shaun Robinson and starred Emily Bieberly, a 29-year-old from Salina, KS, and Kobe Blaise, a 34-year-old from Cameroon; Kara Bass, a 29-year-old from Charlottesville, VA, and Guillermo Rojer, a 23-year-old from Venezuela; and Bilal, a 42-year-old from Kansas City, MO, and Shaeeda, a 37-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago.

The following couples were also featured in the episode: Jibri, a 28-year-old from Rapid City, SD, and Miona, a 23-year-old from Serbia; Yvette "Yve" Arellano, 48-year-old from Albuquerque, NM, and Mohamed Abdelhamd, a 25-year-old from Egypt; Patrick Mendes, a 31-year-old from Austin, TX, and Thais Ramone, a 25-year-old from Brazil; and Ariela, a 30-year-old from Princeton, NJ, and Biniyam, a 31-year-old from Ethiopia.


Ari and Biniyam first appeared on Seasons 2 and 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

On Part 1 of 90 Day Fiance's Season 9 Tell All that aired last week, all of the couples confirmed they're still together and married.

Thais and Patrick announced during Part 1 of the special that Thais is pregnant with Baby No. 2, and Kara and Guillermo also revealed they're expecting their first child together.

In addition, Kobe and Emily welcomed their second child, a daughter named Scarlett, once filming of their season wrapped in late 2021.

90 Day Fiance's ninth season documented Americans, who had fallen in love with foreigners, bringing their fiances to the United States on K-1 visas.

The foreigners and their American partners all got married within the 90-day period allotted by K-1 visa, but the couples had to navigate unique lifestyle and cultural changes along the way.

Below is what happened on Part 2 of the 90 Day Fiance: Tell All for the show's ninth season.


Jibri continued to fight with Patrick's brother John, accusing him of dimming lights and interfering in Patrick's relationship because he's lonely and drinks beer in the morning. Patrick said he didn't think John was too involved in his relationship, but Thais disagreed.

Thais said the privacy in her relationship was often compromised, but Patrick said he had a right to share things with his family because they're brothers. John also said that's just life and he was cordial to Thais.

Patrick explained how John tended to be combative and had no filter, which wasn't good for his relationship with Thais.

John complained during a filming break how Jibri liked to "spit stuff" and get in other people's business and he was about to "drop Sparkles to the ground," and Jibri vented to Miona about how John was a "d-ckhead" and he didn't want to see or deal with him again.

Jibri -- who said he really liked and respected Thais -- refused to film with John going forward, threatening to knock Patrick's brother out.

"If you're going to bring it bro, you need to take it," John griped, adding, "I don't want to have to remove you."

"I've seen you in action with your boyfriend bro. I'm not scared, bro," John clapped back.


Jibri told the Tell-All host that John is "trailer trash" as well as belligerent, disrespectful and toxic. Jibri said John's behavior reminded him of when he had been bullied in his past and he didn't like how John treated his brother and sister-in-law.

Thais said she admired Jibri for standing up to John, and Kobe pointed out how Patrick was at fault for not standing up for his wife.

Patrick, on the other hand, acknowledged how he was in a weird position and protected Thais as much as possible while not going for John's throat. Patrick insisted he was trying and doing the best that he could do.

"If you don't like people bullying you, you were bullying me before. You were picking on our relationship," Ari told Jibri.


Emily and Kobe had welcomed their second child together, a daughter named Scarlett, after filming the 90 Day Fiance season ended. Emily got emotional when watching back footage of her sweet kids, saying she loves the life she and Kobe have built together in the U.S.

Emily was relieved that Kobe got to witness the birth of his daughter, unlike the birth of their son Koban, and she told Shaun how she had freeze-dried and encapsulated her placenta into pills.

Emily said she had no anxiety and lost her baby weight in a few weeks, and so she recommended the process to Kara, who pointed out how she'd be willing to do the same thing.

While Emily and Kobe seemed happy, Kobe admitted, "We haven't had sex in a long time... more than a month."

Kobe said that's what happens when a couple has kids, but Emily made it known that she and Kobe had sex several times after Scarlett was born. Kobe admitted he didn't want to take any chances.

"I think you need to talk to Bilal because he knows how to not get a woman pregnant, so he could probably give you some notes," Shaeeda joked.

"She's Queen Shade," Bilal noted.

Thais and Patrick said their sex life had increased since getting pregnant, and Kara and Guillermo said the same thing happened to them.

Emily later defended how she wanted a night alone with Kobe in a hotel room and when he first arrived in America, although the plan had initially angered and upset Kobe.

Emily said she and Kobe were still living with her parents and helped around the house in a group effort. Emily's father felt he had been supporting the couple for a year, and her mother admitted Emily and her husband needed to move out soon and take care of themselves.

On the topic of breastfeeding, Kobe stood by the fact he thinks 17 months is too old to be breastfed, but Emily's mother said breastfeeding should be normalized in America. Other cast members also took Emily's side on the matter and didn't think it was strange Emily was feeding her son at his age.

Emily and Kobe hoped to move out of her parents' place in a couple of months.


Shaeeda said she and Bilal were practicing for children, but Bilal explained how he wanted some time with Shaeeda as a married couple before having a kid. Bilal said he'd like to wait to years, and then Shaeeda confessed how she and her husband didn't see eye to eye on this topic.

Shaeeda told Shaun it's "a sensitive topic" for them because they had totally different perspectives and goals in that department.


Bilal explained how having children is limiting but he was the one who had convinced Shaeeda to have children from the beginning -- a claim which Shaeeda denied.

"Bilal doesn't want children right now, at all," Shaeeda said.

Bilal said that he thought he was a good guy but everyone seemed to view him differently.

Shaeeda argued that she didn't travel over 3,000 miles to marry a guy who's not a good person. Shaeeda planned not to repeat the mistakes of Bilal's past, but she also said she wasn't going to remain silent -- which could result in the couple's marriage coming to an end.


A member of Yve's squad, Tatiana, walked onstage and immediately began bickering with Mohamed.

After watching a clip of Yve's friends asking Mohamed about his sex life during their first meeting, Mohamed explained how his sexual life is private, but Tatiana argued that women in America should be allowed to talk about sex openly and it's empowering for them to do so.

"It's not anybody's business, but you can talk about sex until tomorrow," Mohamed announced.

Tatiana said sex isn't taboo but she understands how Mohamed's culture holds that in a scared way.

Tatiana said her group of girls meant no offense by the conversation, and Yve revealed how she didn't find out Mohamed was a virgin until after they consummated their marriage and were intimate for the first time. Yve assumed Mohamed had sex before because he had a college girlfriend.

Tatiana said Mohamed had a chance to resolve things with Yve's friends but he chose not to.

Tatiana also suggested Mohamed wasn't genuinely in love with Yve because he had threatened to find another sponsor in the U.S. when Yve had been trying to push back their wedding in order to have the ceremony and reception of her dreams.

Jibri said he saw "true love" between Yve and Mohamed, regardless of what Tatiana believed.

Many members of the 90 Day Fiance cast also supported Mohamed and claimed it was understandable when he considered finding another sponsor out of impatience. Shaeeda, for example, said the foreigners in these relationships are desperate to work and get on with their lives in America.

Tatiana suggested Mohamed has an ego, and as she spoke, Yve quietly whispered to Mohamed about how he needed to calm down and chill.

Mohamed thanked Tatiana for being a good friend to Yve, but he said her attacks were not going to help her get to know him on a personal level and be able to relate to who he is.

"Other than that, I have no problem with you and we can shake hands," Mohamed declared.

Tatiana therefore shook Mohamed's hand, and Yve smiled.

Mohamed found the segment "very stressful," and Emily agreed backstage how Yve's friends had asked Mohamed inappropriate and personal questions upon first meeting him.

Tatiana was then shown talking to Mohamed backstage, explaining how Yve's friends only wanted the best for her and she'd like to move forward in a friendly dynamic with Mohamed. Mohamed said he respected Tatiana, but she seemed upset about how he had called her friends "stupid and weird."

Despite obvious tension, the trio went in for a group hug, and Yve asked everyone to try to get along going forward.


Mohamed said after the special how he was going to continue working on understanding Yve better and accepting her culture.

The Tell All ended with producers revealing in an on-screen graphic, "Shortly after filming the Tell All, Yve discovered text messages between Mohamed and another woman."

Footage proceeded to show Yve crying in a Zoom chat, calling the situation "shocking, raw, disappointing, and saddening."

"He chose to spend his time focused on starting other relationships and engaging in [conversations] a married man should not be engaging in," Yve explained.

Mohamed said he had met a girl online, they became friends and spoke to each other for two months.

"And then things started to get bigger. Yve saw my phone and she saw text messages," Mohamed said.

Screenshots of text messages showed one exchange in which Mohamed allegedly told this mystery woman he would consult with an attorney right after receiving his green card. He also apparently told the woman he'd like to keep her in bed with him for days.

"I asked him if I could see his phone, and when that happened. I saw inappropriate things. I saw pictures and put the pieces together," Yve said.

"I wanted to make that right," Mohamed said.

"I texted this woman and said, 'I am a married man. Please stop texting me anymore.' I know I did wrong. All I can do now is say 'sorry' to my wife, and I promised her that will never happen again. I do love Yve, and she doesn't deserve that. I am trying to fix it."

The segment appeared to confirm a recent report that Mohamed had allegedly cheated on Yve and planned to leave her after getting his green card.



Ari revealed her son Aviel or "Avi" is moody like her, but Biniyam said his son is like him because he's very athletic and loves to dance.

Biniyam had been spending a lot of time in Las Vegas pursuing his dream of MMA fighting. Biniyam said he felt "at home" there because there's a large Ethiopian community living there, but Ari admitted she didn't really like it there due to the loud partying atmosphere.

"There energy ain't going to work... Y'all ain't going to last," Jibri announced, adding how he didn't think Bilal and Shaeeda were going to work out either.

Ari said she's at least aggressive and not passive aggressive, but Jibri said she needed to support her man more in his career.

Ari shared how she'd be willing to live apart from Biniyam so that her husband could have the best of both worlds -- a career as well as a family life -- but Biniyam apparently didn't want to live that way.

Ari insisted that she really cared about Biniyam but sometimes got scared about being in such a committed relationship.

Ari then revealed how she and her son had spent three months in Ethiopia helping people who had been displaced due to war in Biniyam's native country. Ari raised money and helped to deliver food and supplies to one of the camps there.

"I think it was good for us to have a break from each other for a little while," Ari confessed. "I am overwhelming and [Biniyam] is annoying."


Biniyam said it was very hard to be away from Avi, especially because Ari had initially planned to only be gone for a week.

Ari admitted she had blocked Biniyam's phone number for a while because he wasn't answering her calls and texts for a bit. Jibri accused Ari of "playing games," but Ari said she was trying to lessen her control and focus on her son.

Ari also claimed Biniyam didn't even notice that she had blocked him. Biniyam didn't respond and just smiled.

"When I came back, I was actually quiet and let [Biniyam] talk -- and I listened to him, and I got better," Ari said. "He gives me the benefit of the doubt."

Ari told Shaun that while blocking one's husband isn't healthy, it worked for her relationship.

Later on in the special, Shaun told Biniyam that his sisters had suggested he should marry Ari no matter what in order to obtain a green card in the United States.

"Did you ever realistically think about doing that?" Shaun asked.

"I have a baby... If Avi [was] not born, me and Ari maybe would not be together," Biniyam admitted. "Because we [have been] fighting. Me and her, we have bad communication. We don't listen to each other, but when Avi comes in, we focus on the baby."

Ari said she and Biniyam really love each other but their relationship is hard. Ari said Biniyam had made her a better person and she's happy with him despite their issues.


Miona announced how she and Jibri were living in Palm Springs at the moment and were thinking about traveling more in and outside of the United States.

"I want kids, but we've got some more adventures to go on," Jibri shared, adding how they planned to be "creative nomads" together.

Jibri said he appreciated how Miona is such an adventurous and sexy woman. Jibri also appreciated the fact Miona had temporarily lived in South Dakota with him and his parents.

Jibri believed his original South Dakota plan had backfired on them, especially living with his mother and father, and he should have agreed to move to Los Angeles with Miona right away.


"I should have listened to you. You were right," Jibri told his wife, before giving her a kiss.

Jibri acknowledged how it hurt to not have his parents attend his wedding, and Miona said she had made an effort to convince Mahala and her husband to come. Miona thought Jibri's parents were going to change their mind.

"Since we left South Dakota, we haven't seen them. It's been six months since I last saw my mom," Jibri revealed.

Jibri's friend and bandmate, David, also didn't agree with Jibri and Miona's quick marriage.

David joined the couple onstage at the Tell All, and David admitted how he and his best friend always had tension between them and his romance with Miona -- which resulted in a separation and Jibri allegedly pulling away -- only added to the tension.

Jibri said his band had stressed him out when he could've been a solo artist traveling the world with the love of his life.

David said they found out about Jibri's engagement through Instagram and he wasn't even invited to the wedding. David thought it was "crazy" that Jibri wasn't letting him be a part of his life, and David said Jibri's actions were making him more distant from Miona.

"You built up a wall and you just hid her from us," David claimed.

Jibri asked David for a solution, and then David said Miona had simply rubbed him the wrong way.

Suddenly, Jibri got up from his seat and stormed offstage. He began cursing and calling David names, saying that he just wanted David to be "f-cking happy" for him. Jibri accused David of being jealous and making no effort.

Jibri said David was playing the nice guy when they hadn't even spoken in three months. Jibri wished his family and friends would just support him.

David claimed Jibri had broken a commitment with the band, with no communication, and that Jibri was "all over the place."

When asked if Jibri and David could salvage their friendship, David said they needed to give it some time. Jibri thanked David for changing his life, but he wanted his former best friend to say he had been wrong about Miona.

"I was wrong about Miona. I feel like she's proven different," David conceded.

Jibri therefore gave David a hug on the stage, and Jibri also apologized for his own wrongdoing.

Once the special ended, Jibri said he had to work on sending more love and light into the world given he had tried to fight with many people during the Tell All.


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