90 Day Fiance: The Other Way -- Tell All Part 2 featured Kris and Jeymi throwing out startling accusations about cheating and finances, Jen revealing she and Rishi had hooked up and reconnected, Gabriel and Isabel's trust being put to the test, and Daniele being accused of emasculating Yohan during the episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

The show's returning couple, Daniele, a 42-year-old from New York, NY, and Yohan, a 32-year-old from the Dominican Republic, first appeared on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise.


In addition to Daniele and Yohan, Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars Jen, a 46-year-old from Stilwell, OK, and Rishi, a 32-year-old from Jaipur, India as well as Kris, a 40-year-old from Haleyville, AL, and Jeymi, a 30-year-old from Venezuela who currently resides in Bogota, Colombia.

The TLC series aalso stars Gabriel, a 32-year-old from Margate, FL, and Isabel from Colombia; Nicole, a 38-year-old food delivery driver from Los Angeles, CA, and Mahmoud, a 26-year-old from Cairo, Egypt; and Debbie, a 67-year-old from Sugar Hill, GA, and Oussama, a 24-year-old from Khemisset, Morocco.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fourth season followed American citizens moving to or living in foreign countries for the sake of love and their future spouses and experiencing culture shock.

Below is what happened on Part 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's Season 4 Tell-All reunion, which was hosted by Shaun Robinson.


Mahmoud, upset at Gabriel's insults from Part 1 of the Tell-All, had taken off his microphone and stormed off from his videochat, leaving Nicole worried and in tears.

Gabriel criticized Mahmoud for not wanting to be challenged, and Nicole agreed it was very difficult living with Mahmoud's rules and expectations, although she loved and respected him a lot.

Shaun asked Nicole to check on Mahmoud and try to get him to rejoin the reunion.

Mahmoud was then shown talking to Nicole on the phone from Cairo, Egypt. Mahmoud vented about how no one had the right to talk to him about his children and how they should be raised.

Mahmoud put his hand over a camera lens and shouted about how he was going home. Mahmoud was angry at Gabriel for making him look bad, but Nicole asked her husband to help the others understand his position and beliefs.

"I'm not sorry to anybody. He can decide his religion. I never said anything about his f-cking religion or what his kids are going to be. It's not my business and it's not his business to tell me how my kids shall be," Mahmoud complained to Nicole.

Nicole claimed the cast was just asking him questions, but Mahmoud disagreed and thought Gabriel had crossed a boundary.

Nicole asked Mahmoud to be strong, but Mahmoud said he wasn't going to stand any more attacks.

Nicole convinced Mahmoud to get back on-camera, but he wasn't happy about it. Mahmoud called Gabriel "a f-cking assh-le," but Gabriel said he had just asked him a simple question.

"I just want people to be nice to each other," Nicole cried. "I'm asking both of you to try to understand each other."

Gabriel -- whose father and stepmother are Muslim -- apologized to Nicole for sparking drama and making her upset, and Nicole vented about how she just wanted everyone to get along and not "perpetuate nonsense."


Mahmoud then apologized to everyone for leaving the Tell-All, and he explained to Gabriel how talking about someone's future child was inappropriate. Mahmoud said he'd never ask Gabriel if his children are going to be Christian, Jewish or any other religion -- and if Gabriel is going to force the kid into it.

Debbie hugged Nicole onstage and assured her that no one was judging her or Mahmoud.



Daniele admitted she was triggered by Nicole and Mahmoud's problems because she had similar issues -- and cultural differences -- from her husband Yohan.

Daniele said one thing that makes a relationship successful is the ability to have hard conversations and when a wife feels oppressed or silenced, it's toxic and unhealthy.

"[He claimed] he'll let his kid choose [his or her religion], but you don't let your wife choose," Daniele noted.

Gabriel agreed that if Mahmoud let his child choose their faith, "of course" they'd be Muslim.

Jen's friend Myra told Daniele that she had emasculated Yohan and "carried his balls" in her purse. Myra said Daniele just wanted to control her husband, but Daniele disagreed.

Yohan accused Daniele of bossing him around, but then Daniele said if Yohan wanted to pay all the bills, she'd be fine staying home and taking on the housewife role.

"But I can't do that and pay all the bills. He has to pick one," Daniele said.

On the topic of their sex life, Daniele said she's very flexible and Yohan is very strong and so their difference in height wasn't a problem.

Debbie joked about how Yohan is always going to be known as the guy "with a big ding-dong."


Gabriel shared how his underwear business has been doing well, both for transgender men and cisgender men who want their "bulge" to look bigger.

Gabriel admitted Isabel is "the boss," but Isabel insisted she views the business as a partnership.

Gabriel's friend Trey then joined the reunion via Zoom, and Trey revealed that Isabel had affected the men's friendship.

"We can only hang out at his house when she's around. We can't be together, going out and stuff like that," Trey told Shaun. "And Gabe is like, 'Leave her alone.' Happy wife, happy life. I don't want to get him in trouble."

Isabel admitted she didn't like Gabriel and Trey's friendship due to Trey's "loose" lifestyle. She apparently didn't want Trey to be a bad influence on her husband.

Since Trey was single and enjoyed going to clubs, Gabriel said that Isabel didn't want them going out together. Because of Isabel's past, she was afraid Gabriel was going to leave her and find another woman.

"I'm going to be honest with you right now: when we go out, Gabe does pull a lot of women," Trey announced.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way footage then played of Gabriel saying he wanted to be free.

"If being free is going out with lots of women," Isabel countered, "then maybe we can both be free."

Gabriel insisted that he just wanted to Isabel to trust him because he believes she's the most beautiful woman in Colombia. Gabriel said he wasn't looking for other women and he could stare at his gorgeous wife all day.

Trey suggested Isabel -- who had called him a "dog" and "womanizer" -- could just "lighten up the leash" a little bit, but Isabel clarified how she didn't forbid Gabriel to do anything; she just gave him her opinion and perspective on things.

Gabriel argued Trey is a single guy looking for love, not a womanizer.


Isabel concluded the segment by saying she didn't think she was bringing baggage from her past relationships into her marriage.

Gabriel later shared how he feels erotic sensation post-surgery and can feel hot and cold because all of the nerves in his penis are intact. Gabriel said he had a custom penis made and got to pick his size.

It took three months for Gabriel to recover from his surgery, and he had to wait nine months to pee normally due to a complication.

"People think I'm crazy and that trans is a choice. Do you think I would choose to do this?! That sucks," Gabriel shouted.


Jen and Rishi had broken up in India on the show, but Jen revealed at the Tell-All the exes were still speaking.

When asked what happened since viewers last saw them on TV, Jen explained, "I was actually invited to a mutual friend's wedding, and Rishi was also there. And there was something else, I think, in store for us. And we reconnected while I was there."

Rishi shared how love is endless, and then Jen said she and Rishi began spending a lot of time together after the wedding.

Jen stayed in a hotel in India while Rishi stayed at his parents' house. Jen said the pair had never spent the night together.

"I'm not saying that we weren't intimate," Jen announced. "[It was] the first time in a long time... It was pretty amazing."

Both Jen and Rishi were smiling big, which their fellow cast members noticed. Rishi went as far as to call their sexual encounter "salvation," which Daniele called "impressive."

Jen confirmed that she and Rishi loved each other but he's "a mama's boy" who is deeply connected to his family. Jen said she wasn't going to make Rishi choose between their relationship and his family, but Debbie called Rishi "a coward" and said he should've stood up to his mother on Jen's behalf.

Gabriel and Jen accused Rishi of talking in circles without really saying anything.

"Who comes first -- your partner or your family?" Daniele asked for clarification.

"Umm, basically, I can't choose... Both are special, but if I need to [make] any decision, yes, I go with my family first," Rishi confessed.

When asked how Jen fit into that picture, Rishi explained how Jen was close to his heart -- and how she shared that space in his chest with his relatives.

Jen declared, however, that she and Rishi were not engaged and she wasn't confident an engagement was ever going to happen again for them.

"I think she's my fiancee still," Rishi admitted, adding how his mother knew that he and Jen were spending time together.

Gabriel then asked Rishi if his family knew that he and Jen were engaged, and Rishi replied, "Yes. We already discussed it, when Randi told everyone that we got engaged two years before."

But Jen pressed for a more recent update, to which Rishi responded, "Yeah."

Jen said she and Rishi still loved each other and were in touch but "a lot of things would have to happen" for them to be engaged again -- including Rishi being willing to leave his mother's house.

Rishi claimed he was trying to make that happen and figure out a way to support his family and give them money without him living in the same household.


Jen's close friends Myra and Randi were then welcomed into the conversation. The women admitted Jen and Rishi's reunion was "news" to them. The ladies thought Jen was "done" with Rishi and said the couple's relationship was never going to work.

Debbie pointed out how Rishi wanted the best of both worlds, and Gabriel argued how Rishi had "no balls" and wasn't willing to grow up. Nicole, on the other hand, reasoned how it's so hard to break with one's traditions.

"She's moving to a whole new country for you, and you're not even supporting her," Gabriel said.

When Rishi and Jen were apart for six months, Rishi explained that he didn't get involved with another woman. Rishi said he received a lot of DMs on Instagram but that's it.

But Randi reminded viewers how Rishi had flirted with her via DMs and asked her to call him.

Randi noted Rishi had also said something "inappropriate" to her that didn't air on the show. Rishi claimed Randi was the one who had been "inappropriate," and Randi admitted she had asked Rishi to send her "a special part" of him in a photo.

Jen insisted that Rishi doesn't have game, and her friends accused her of making excuses for her man. Randi had a feeling Rishi was seeing other women, but Rishi countered, "That's not true."

Rishi's uncle Gajendra and mother Shimla then joined the conversation via Zoom.

Shimla said she had no problem with Rishi and Jen talking to each other as friends again, but Jen was clearly more than just Rishi's friend.

When Shaun announced that Jen and Rishi were engaged again, Shimla didn't seem aware of the update. She said they did not agree with Jen and Rishi being engaged to marry.

Gabriel called Rishi out on a lie, saying Rishi's parents clearly didn't know about his reinstated engagement, and then Rishi told his mother that he was thinking about marrying Jen.

Rishi clarified to viewers how he and Jen were "thinking about the future" but she was still "free," in his opinion. Rishi said he'd like to marry Jen but the problem was Jen's desire to live separately from his parents' home.

Rishi said he had to make sure that he could afford to live with Jen and still financially support his parents. But Gabriel and Mahmoud accused him of making excuses and not telling the truth.

Rishi yelled about how he didn't care about what anyone else thought or the pressures they were trying to put on him to marry Jen.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way footage then aired of Rishi saying he would choose his family over Jen, and Jen admitted she felt "annoyed" by that and wasn't sure her romance was going anywhere.

Rishi's mother admitted that she was upset by Jen and Rishi's large age difference, but Jen thought that was "absurd." Shimla said Jen's age was her only flaw and nothing more than a friendship could happen between her son and Jen, who felt "age-shamed."

Rishi then told his mother that he loved her but he loved Jen as well.

Jen wanted Rishi to tell his mother that they planned to marry in a year or so, but Rishi wouldn't follow through. Jen called the situation super frustrating.


Rishi therefore told his mom and uncle, "I am saying that whether you give me permission or not, I am going to marry her, maybe within six months or one year."

"He cannot marry her," Shimla responded.

"We cannot accept it," Gajendra replied.

"Aww thanks," Jen said with attitude, adding how there was a lot of talk but no action.

Once the cast gathered backstage for a break and a snack, Gabriel warned Jen that Rishi's behavior was sketchy, especially in regards to his DMs.


Oussama claimed he never used Debbie or lied to her because their plan all along had been to eventually move to America together.

Debbie claimed she's not attracted to younger men at all and she'd prefer "a seasoned gentleman" around her age. She said it was actually a bummer to have fallen in love with a 24-year-old but it just happened.

"Nights in Casablanca is wishful thinking on Oussama's part," Debbie said.

Debbie shared how her last intimate relationship was 12-14 years ago because sex is a gift that should be valued and treasured between two individuals.


After 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way footage aired of Kris and Jeymi's explosive breakup, Kris admitted she must leave and be left alone when she's angry -- and then she'll come back and have a peaceful conversation.

"If you try to stop me, I black out. It's just a defense mechanism," Kris explained of having physically shoved Jeymi away from her.

Jeymi then announced, "I feel that I fell in love with a scam. I fell in love with someone who didn't exist. And it's absurd."

Kris argued it's absurd to be told to her face that she had caused Jeymi to financially struggle when she was the one who wasn't working. Kris claimed she had worked day and night to pay Jeymi's bills.

But then Jeymi claimed she had never received one rent payment from Kris -- and that she supposedly had proof of that.

Kris said she had sent Jeymi only one payment for her bank, but Kris' mother sent Jeymi money another time.

When asked how much money, altogether, she had sent Jeymi, Kris said "about 10 grand." Kris included what she and Jeymi had bought and spent while they were together.

Jeymi said she never personally received any of that money. When Shaun asked Jeymi flat out how much money Kris had given her, Jeymi said, "$1,150 more or less."

Kris rolled her eyes and laughed, and Kris said she had spent more than that just on clothing for Jeymi while she was in Jeymi's country.

Kris didn't think Jeymi used her for her money, but she accused Jeymi of taking advantage of her hard work.

Jeymi then showed a screenshot of a $746 pay order Kris had sent her, and there was only one of them. Jeymi said she was only interested in receiving rent money. Jeymi said she had to borrow money and she's still paying off debts because of that apartment.

Kris claimed that she never wanted that expensive apartment, and then she announced that Jeymi had allegedly cheated on her twice. Kris said she was so mad about Jeymi's second affair that she flipped her car and could've flared up her health injuries.

"To lie and say you didn't know about my health injuries is f-cking bullsh-t. Keep playing the victim because that's what you're good at," Kris yelled.


Jeymi called Kris a liar, and Kris insisted Jeymi had "no debt" unless she stayed in the apartment for months and accrued debt. Kris said she'd sponsor Jeymi and have no problem financially supporting her in America.

Jeymi explained how she was in debt from having to move to a less-expensive apartment.

When asked to reveal the status of their marriage, Kris replied, "There is no marriage," and Jeymi agreed that she's currently single.

Kris later said the first time Jeymi had cheated on her with a woman from Texas, Jeymi begged for her back. That woman allegedly contacted Kris, asking if Kris and Jeymi were still talking.

This woman texted Kris, "I have a question. I met Jeymi in a dating app, we started talking the end of June. She asked me to be her girlfriend. I looked her up on Facebook and I see she just posted she was in a relationship with you. Just wondering what's the deal with that? I do have proof to back up what I'm saying."

Kris asked to see the evidence, and the woman allegedly told Kris that Jeymi was using Kris for money. When Kris confronted Jeymi about it, Jeymi lied.

"She had the same relationship with [the Texas woman] that she had with me," Kris alleged. "We had never met either but we were talking about marriage and businesses and loving each other... If you're telling somebody else the same thing, you're a piece of sh-t."

Kris went on to read text messages between Jeymi and this other woman, with the help of a translator.

Jeymi apparently told the woman that she loved her face, her hair, her body and more. Jeymi admitted to having sent those text messages, but she said it wasn't technically cheating because Kris had disappeared for a month and so she thought their relationship was over.

Kris said Jeymi had blown up Kris' phone while she was at work and so Kris' phone was taken away. Kris said she wasn't going to lose her job for anyone, but Jeymi said she felt "bad and alone" and Kris had ignored her on her birthday and when there was a death in her family.

"Jeymi, did you cheat on Kris twice when she thought you were in a relationship?" Shaun asked.

"Three times," Kris interjected.

"No, only once," Jeymi claimed.

Kris said one of the times, Jeymi was flirting with another woman on Instagram. Kris also argued that she had only disappeared on Jeymi for five days.

Debbie called Jeymi "a predator" and said she had taken advantage of Kris, who broke down into tears. Kris said she still loved Jeymi and would do anything for her, and so it killed her that they were having this fight and were in this bad state.

Jeymi felt everyone was judging her when nobody knew the truth. Jeymi also said Kris never apologized for her actions, which Kris called "a straight-up lie." Kris accused Jeymi of being "awful" during their relationship.

"At the same time this woman appears in Kris' life, her ex-boyfriend was sending me photos of her naked, having sex, etc. Nobody talks about that!" Jeymi shouted.

"It's all a lie," Kris said.


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