90 Day Fiance star Miona gave Jibri Bell an ultimatum about having a beach wedding on the show's ninth season, so did Miona get her way or did the couple break up? Did Miona and Jibri get married, and if so, do 90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that they're still together now?


[90 Day Fiance Spoilers: This report contains spoilers about Jibri and Miona's relationship and if the 90 Day Fiance couple has broken up or are still together.]

Jibri, a 28-year-old band frontman from Rapid City, SD, was living in Los Angeles, CA, when he met Miona, a 23-year-old makeup artist from Nis, Serbia, while touring with his band called Black Serbs, who create "space punk music," in Serbia.


Jibri said they got engaged in Thailand and then she planned to move to South Dakota on a K-1 visa. While Jibri thought Rapid City was "a hidden gem" and they could save money by living with his parents for awhile, Miona preferred moving to Los Angeles, CA.

Jibri's mother worried Miona would try to pressure her son into moving to California, especially because Jibri may not be able to afford that kind of Beverly Hills life.

Jibri told his mom not to fret because he's "a hustler" and could "sell meat to a vegan," and he believed only one good song would put him back on the map.

Jibri knew the living dynamic was going to be "interesting" with multiple strong personalities in his parents' household, and he anticipated a lot of conflict even though he was going to remain optimistic about the situation.

"I definitely can't provide for the Kardashian lifestyle Miona is used to," Jibri lamented. "Historically, I haven't been smart with my money, and so that's something I'm really trying to work on for the next year."

Jibri told the cameras that Los Angeles could maybe happen one day, but not any time soon.

Jibri said he envisioned living in South Dakota for six to 12 months and possibly getting married there, which Miona said on FaceTime sounded "even worse." She wanted to her wedding day to be really special and on a beach.

Miona then finally arrived in America, and Jibri said it felt amazing to be reunited with the love of his life. He even pulled out a red carpet for her to walk on through the airport.

"America is usually always represented as a perfect life and chasing the American dream, so I definitely expect a better standard and way of living. And Jibri promised that we would move to [Los Angeles]. If that doesn't happen, then I would want to leave," Miona said in a confessional.

Jibri brought Miona to his red pickup truck and surprised his love with cowgirl boots, which she thought was sweet and wonderful.

Jibri proceeded to give Miona a tour through Rapid City, but she noted, "There is nothing."

Miona noted how she didn't want to be living in South Dakota come the winter, and Jibri complained about Miona's lack of patience and how she was "very stubborn."

Jibri said neither he or Miona seemed to know what they had gotten themselves into.

Jibri and Miona were then shown arriving home, and Miona gave his parents -- Brian and Mahala -- a big hug. Mahala said she liked Miona right off the bat, and Brian agreed how she seemed nice and sweet.


But Mahala noticed communication between the couple wasn't great and they didn't appear to be on the same page about when to move away from Rapid City.

Mahala also set some ground rules, including having Jibri and Miona cook once or twice a week. Mahala found Jibri's parents pretty strict.

Miona shared how she'd like to start a business in America and also continue working as a makeup artist.

Jibri wanted his parents to relax because Miona was tired from her flight, and Miona admitted the tense conversation had thrown her off a little bit.

Jibri also wished his parents had more encouraging words for Miona rather than concerns, rules and requests. Jibri realized living with his parents may be more difficult that he ever could have imagined.

"Before we get married, we're definitely going to have to get our own house and move from here, whether he likes it or not," Miona said in a confessional.

During their first morning together in America, Jibri looked forward to having breakfast and some alone time with Miona, who had never lived away from home. Jibri said Miona never had to do laundry or cook and clean, and so he hoped living together -- away from a four or five-star resort -- would go smoothly.

Miona didn't want to unpack her suitcases because she didn't want to stay in South Dakota long, but Jibri insisted they were going to live there through the winter.

Miona didn't understand why Jibri was pushing for them to stay in Rapid City when she had no desire to stay, and Miona insisted that she wasn't going to change her mind.

Jibri explained how they needed to be frugal in order to pay for a nice beach wedding and save money. Jibri also needed to get his music career off its feet and have Miona begin her career as a makeup artist.

Miona realized Jibri was trying to be financially responsible, but she believed they'd have more opportunities in a big city.


"You frustrate me but you are so sexy," Jibri playfully told her.

The couple then planned to cook dinner for Jibri's parents that night, hoping Jibri's mother would get to know the woman he knew and loved.

Miona, who apparently tried to cook in Serbia once and sent Jibri to the toilet, then had her first experience grocery shopping in the United States.

Jibri said he hated doing chores but was trying to live by example and teach Miona how to run or at least contribute to a household.

While making dinner, Jibri shared how he and David were thinking about starting back up with the band.

Miona said she had no idea about that, and she and David apparently didn't get along very well. David thought Miona was with Jibri for the wrong reasons, like for an opportunity in America.

Jibri told Miona how she hadn't been completely respectful to David, who thought Miona wasn't very humble or modest based on how she had once complained at a restaurant.

"I think David doesn't like me because I took Jibri from him or something weird like that," Miona explained in a confessional, adding how David had allegedly never stopped judging her.

Jibri told Miona that both she and David shouldn't act like children, but Miona called him "jealous."

"I don't care if he thinks [I'm playing you]... He doesn't know me and I don't think he has much of a right to have an opinion. He's not even family," Miona complained. "Just because he's your godfather, it doesn't mean he's going to be anything to me."

Jibri said Miona didn't understand the close relationship he had with David and how they were connected in many different ways, including through culture and spirituality.

"I'm your family," Miona snapped, adding how she always needed to come first and David didn't need to be in the picture.

Jibri felt Miona was giving him an ultimatum, but he said he needed to work on the album whether Miona was going to like it or not -- and that she'd just have to deal with it.

Jibri accused Miona of being "rude and inconsiderate" of both David and himself, but Miona didn't see it that way.


Jibri and Miona served Jibri's parents a meal that night that they hated, but Jibri said the couple had tried really hard that night.

Jibri was upset with his mother for being so hard on Miona when she had never cooked a real meal before, and he acknowledged how his mother's attitude was going to push him further away.

With 72 days left to wed, Miona admitted she wasn't comfortable living in Jibri's parents' house.

Miona said she missed her family's polite and genuine nature, and she got the feeling everybody was "fake" in the United States.

While sorting Miona's laundry, Mahala discovered a sexy animal-print crop top, and Jibri's mom called it "little." Mahala said people didn't dress so provocatively in Rapid City, and Miona countered, "That's one more reason for us to not be here."

"I want you to be here. I want Jibri to be able to be here," Mahala said.

"I will try to adjust as much as I can, but I don't want to change who I am, and my clothes don't say anything about me. People should know that in the 21st century," Miona explained.

Mahala told Miona that she seemed really intelligent and wearing such sexy clothes could take away from that and be a distraction. But Miona said she wanted to express herself however she saw fit and be comfortable in her own skin.

"What gives me confidence is owning my body and saying 'f-ck you' to everybody," Miona told Mahala.

Mahala said if Miona chose not to change how she dressed in her home, then that's a sign of "a deeper issue of disrespect." Mahala said Miona's needs shouldn't trump everybody else's needs.

"It makes me feel like a kid again, so honestly, she's pushing me to want to move out of here even more. I'm definitely going to tell that to Jibri after today," Miona noted.

Later on, Jibri told his mother that he was "pissed off" about how Mahala had treated Miona. He was afraid Miona -- who allegedly has a temper -- would go off on Mahala and then permanently damage the women's relationship.

Jibri, who was feeling a lot of pressure, asked Mahala to tone down her rules and demands. Jibri said Miona was expecting "a lot of sh-t" and not willing to compromise. He wondered if Miona was trying to start something just so they could leave South Dakota sooner.

Mahala wasn't sure she could support Jibri marrying Miona within 90 days because she didn't know Miona well enough yet.


Mahala wondered how real Miona could be with people, and she hoped Jibri wasn't just wrapped up in lust and Miona's sexy appearance.

"If you think I'm making a mistake, which is how I'm taking this [conversation], then let me make it," Jibri said.

Jibri then told Miona about an alleged once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a major producer in Chicago and make music with his band. Jibri would have to travel there in the next couple of weeks, and the venture made Miona feel disappointed.

Miona didn't want to be alone in Chicago, and she noted how being with his parents in Rapid City would be even worse. Miona also couldn't promise that she'd get along with Jibri's best friend.

Jibri just begged Miona to remain as cordial as possible with David, and she replied, "Of course."

"It didn't sound like you meant that," Jibri said.

"That's the best that I can do," Miona noted. "We are talking about your feelings nonstop... I left my job, I left my family, I left everything to be here with you -- and now I'm following you. I have one wish, [a beach wedding], and it's too much to ask for."

Miona said Jibri made his dreams a reality while they had to "prolong" everything she wanted.

"If we go to Chicago, we need to [have a beach wedding]," Miona demanded.

Jibri wished they could wait until they were in a better place financially to have a beach wedding, and he thought it was an extremely frustrating situation. Their relationship was beginning to feel like a competition to Jibri on which person was sacrificing more.

"I don't like that," Jibri lamented in a confessional. "I need to get out of here for a while."

So did Miona and Jibri break up or get married, and if they wed, is the 90 Day Fiance couple still together now?

Miona, who revealed on Facebook in December 2021 that she "moved to the USA almost 3 months ago," according to In Touch Weekly, is definitely still dating Jibri.

Not only do the couple share the same last name on Instagram, indicating they've tied the knot and gotten married, but Jibri also posted a picture of Miona on May 18, 2022 via Instagram Stories and called her his "everything."

Jibri and Miona have been selling clothes they wore on the show, and Miona joked on Instagram in late May how Jibri loves to prank her. Jibri also called Miona "my girl" on Instagram, saying he loves spending quality time with her.


On May 22, Miona posted a photo of her straddling Jibri's waist on the beach and she captioned it, "I hope Jibri's mom approves." Jibri shared the post on his own Instagram account as well.

They recently took a trip to Oregon and Washington, and he gushed on his Instagram account how "love conquers all" and he's "so grateful" for Miona.

A few days earlier, Jibri posted a funny video of Miona and himself shopping at what appeared to be Target or Walmart, and he captioned it, "Relationships require compromise. [Miona] has had enough of me."

Jibri shared on Instagram how fashion and expressing himself through wardrobe choices is an interest and hobby he and Miona both share, and there are many videos and posts of the couple together in May.

In early May, Miona and Jibri posed for a fun 2000s-inspired photo shoot, and Jibri uploaded a video of Miona trying Starbucks drinks for the first time on May 5.

Miona gushed about loving her coffee and dragonfruit lemonade before kissing Jibri on the lips.

On May 4, Miona wrote about her new American life on Instagram Stories, "I can't eat a lot of American food. My stomach gets messed up, so we are coming to Balkan store regularly."

And before that, Jibri uploaded a photo of the couple looking chic in attire Jibri called "Dakota Boho."

Miona also uploaded a video of herself having a pillow fight with Jibri on April 20.

"We are both so stubborn," Miona captioned the video.

It appears the couple is still living in South Dakota. Miona and Jibri, who are very active on Instagram TikTok and YouTube, often post videos featuring a prairie landscape in the background. Jibri also tagged his location as South Dakota in early May.

In late April, Jibri posted a video of himself dancing on the beach with Miona and kissing her.

"We all deserve love! #love #90dayfiance," he captioned the video.

Jibri also posted a video of himself flipping a coin to determine whether he and Miona should purchase a $700 above-ground pool. Miona won, and so Jibri later posted a video of her floating on it.

Jibri has shared photos with Miona going back months and months.

According to Miona and Jibri's Instagram accounts, they got engaged in December 2019.

"She said YES!!!" Jibri captioned a photo of the couple posing at sunset in Thailand.

"For those of you who truly know me know that I'm usually not nervous or scared to do anything... but this had my palms sweating... I'm talking almost dropped the ring and put it on the wrong finger!"

He added, "Thank you for inspiring me and speaking to my heart. Today marks a new chapter for both of us."

Six months after the couple got engaged, Jibri referred to Miona as his "wife" when speaking with a Serbian news publication, Telegraf, in June 2020.

"It's always been my second home, a home away from home for me," Jibri said at the time of Serbia.

He added, "My wife's Serbian, and my life's Serbian, and everything Serbian to me is right. Serbia is my second home and I want everyone to see and see how open and friendly it is here."


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