90 Day Fiance featured Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez's marriage reaching the point of divorce and Nicole Nafziger confronting Azan Tefou about his flirty voice recordings during Sunday night's episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s latest episode featured drama, heartbreak, reconciliation and adversity for the spinoff's six couples.

The couples starring on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? are Molly, a 42-year-old from Woodstock, GA, and Luis, a 27-year-old from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Nicole, a 24-year-old from Bradenton, FL, and Azan, a 26-year-old from Taroudant, Morocco; and Russ Mayfield, a 31-year-old from Oklahoma City, OK and Paola "Pao" Mayfield, a 30-year-old from Bucaramanga, Colombia.


The rest of the couples starring on the series are Jorge Nava, a 27-year-old from Los Angeles, CA, and Anfisa Arkhipchenko, a 22-year-old from Moscow, Russia; Chantel Everett, a 26-year-old from Atlanta, GA, and Pedro Jimeno, a 27-year-old from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and David Toborowsky, a 49-year-old from Louisville, KY, and Annie Suwan, a 25-year-old from Bueng Kan, Thailand.

The third season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? premiered May 20 on TLC, and the series features the memorable 90 Day Fiance couples -- which are each comprised of one U.S. citizen and his or her foreign partner -- continuing to fight for a fairy-tale ending.

While Nicole and Azan are only engaged because he had been denied a K-1 visa, all of the other couples are married and trying to make their relationships work. However, as shown in Sunday night's episode, several of the marriages are falling apart at the seams. 

Below is the latest on each couple, according to Sunday night's broadcast of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?:


Molly and Luis

After a fight, Luis locked himself inside the guest bedroom, blaring his music and refusing to talk to his wife. Molly was "fed up" with and "had enough" of her spouse's behavior. She noted, "I'm done with this ass-hole."

Luis even appeared to call the police on Molly during their altercation, and she demanded he leave their house and go stay with a friend.

"If I had thought this was going to be my situation, I would not have ever started the process to get him here or said, 'Yes, I want to marry you,'" Molly griped.

Luis did as he was asked and left the house after Molly left for the night, but he packed almost all of his belongings with him in multiple suitcases, so Molly assumed he was never coming back. She knew for sure she no longer wanted to be with Luis.

Molly admitted that Luis was once a great guy who completely changed once he was able to live in the United States. She had been warned Luis was in their relationship for the wrong reasons, and now she was starting to believe those critics.

Molly called Luis on the phone and received no answer, so she warned him that she was going to file divorce paperwork.

"I 100 percent do not want to be married to this man anymore," Molly confessed. "I need to know the steps I need to take in order to get Luis out of my life for good."

Molly then consulted with a divorce lawyer. She accused Luis of being "erratic" and insisting there were spirits in their home. Molly also revealed that Luis showed no interest in her daughter and being a parent to her once he moved in with them. Molly told the cameras she saw "a totally different side" of Luis.

Molly, however, never had Luis sign a prenuptial agreement. She was worried about how divorce may affect her finances, but she got the ball rolling on the divorce anyway. After filing for an adjustment of status and meeting with a divorce lawyer, she planned to see an immigration lawyer as well.


Nicole and Azan

Nicole was shown traveling to Morocco with her young daughter, May, to live with Azan. Nicole felt guilty about leaving her friends, family and job to be with Azan, but she loved him more than anything and wanted to be with him.

Nicole, however, was still getting over the fact Azan's voice had been recorded speaking to a woman with whom he was undeniably flirting. Azan spoke to this woman about kissing her and receiving a photo of her. Nicole was uneasy about the situation, but she still wanted to marry Azan anyway.

After 18 hours, three planes and two stops, the Florida native finally arrived in Morocco with her exhausted daughter. It had been a year since she saw him last because he had been denied a K-1 visa, and Nicole acknowledged time apart was very difficult.

Meanwhile, Azan said he missed Nicole terribly and they had overcome major trials and tribulations together, like Nicole's previous cheating scandal.

Because Azan thought Nicole had cheated on him once herself, he didn't think his audio recordings were a big deal, especially since he claimed the conversation was just a "stupid" drunken prank his friends were in on. 

Azan agreed with the idea that Nicole would live in Morocco for a year, but they'd hopefully marry so he could eventually move to the United States.

Once the trio arrived at a hotel, Azan requested they sleep in different bedrooms, which Nicole seemed to respect since she was in his home country now. Azan explained unmarried couples are not allowed to sleep in the same room in his Muslim culture.

Over breakfast the next morning, Nicole confronted Azan about the voice recordings face-to-face. He said he was drunk and dialed random phone numbers of women whom he and his friends had found on social media. Azan thought the call was funny, but Nicole was clearly "hurt and heartbroken."

Azan reminded Nicole that although he did not receive the K-1 visa, he still wanted to marry her so that should prove his intentions are pure. Azan insisted he was committed to Nicole and May, and Nicole seemed to eat up every word. However, Nicole asked Azan to prove his love.


Russ and Paola

Russ and Paola were still recovering from an altercation Russ got into at a bar with her best friend Juan from Colombia. Russ made his wife choose between them, but she refused. Paola thought she had already done enough damage to her friendship with Juan given she had decided to leave the bar with her husband.

Russ simply didn't like Paola with Russ, as she came across like a different "mean girl" than she acts in the U.S.

Paola was later asked by a photographer to pose for a calendar in body paint. Russ was anxious about the idea, as he hated when his wife showed too much skin in photo shoots. After all, Paola called Russ "conservative." But since it was important to Paola, Russ agreed to put on a brave face and support her.

Juan ended up showing up to the photo shoot, which really upset Russ when they crossed paths. But Juan was hoping Paola's relationship with her husband wouldn't affect their friendship. Paola considered Juan a brother and made it clear she did not want to let him go.

Although Russ' blood boiled upon seeing Juan again, he sat with Paola's parents and quietly watched her sexy photo shoot, which featured her painted topless wearing nothing but jean shorts.

Paola's parents were completely onboard with the photo shoot, but Russ acknowledged there's a big difference between what is appropriate in Colombian culture vs. American.


Jorge and Anfisa

Anfisa accused Jorge of lying all the time, and she told the cameras, "I just can't take it anymore." Anfisa said Jorge deserved backlash every single time she flipped out on him.

Jorge said he had lied about not having consulted with a divorce lawyer because he didn't want to hurt or upset her -- and he didn't want to deal with her anger. He insisted to his wife that was not the case, but she didn't believe him.

"I just can't do it anymore," said Anfisa, who thought her only chance to save her marriage was through therapy.

Anfisa felt alone in her marriage, and she ended up speaking to her therapist alone about her relationship. She said she simply couldn't trust him and revealed Jorge had threatened her.

Anfisa accused Jorge of saying another man would never love her if she left him. He also allegedly said he'd ruin her life, reputation and career if she tried to get out of their marriage. Anfisa felt she was being blackmailed, and she called her husband very "controlling."

Anfisa feared Jorge would try to ruin her life if she left him, so she didn't know what to do or how to handle the situation.

"Sometimes I feel it would be better for us if we just went our separate ways," Anfisa told the therapist. "I feel like a prisoner in my relationship... I love him but I don't even know what to do."


Chantel and Pedro

Chantel felt "so betrayed" by her husband because he had bought his sister a plane ticket to come to the United States without talking to her first.

Chantel and her family then met with a private investigator to get to the bottom of Pedro's family life. Chantel was rubbed the wrong way her husband constantly sent his mother and sister money abroad given he could barely support their lifestyle at home.

Chantel's family even wondered if he had a secret family in Dominican Republic to whom he had been sending hundreds of dollars. Pedro, however, just claimed to the cameras it was important to him to take care of his family.

The meeting was initially set up to find out more information about Pedro's mother, but then Chantel felt she was being interrogated, with the private investigator and her family suggesting Pedro was a cheater and a liar. For example, Chantel's loved ones thought it was sketchy Pedro locked his phone and technology.

Chantel quickly became offended at the meeting and decided she did not want to go through with hiring a PI. She trusted her husband at the end of the day and did not believe he would ever cheat on her.

"If my parents do this, Pedro would never forgive me. Ever," Chantel said.

Chantel later admitted to Pedro that her family had sought out a private investigator. Pedro was shocked about the news and didn't understand why it was hard for her family to believe he just wanted to help his mother and sister in a different country.

Chantel admitted the meeting was "ridiculous," and then he suggested they move out of state to get away from her "crazy" and "racist" family.

Pedro's sister then visited them in the U.S., and it didn't take long for the two women to get in a fight.

Chantel and Pedro's sister fought over the couple's new sofa bed, as Pedro had purchased it just for his sister -- and she refused to sleep on it. As Chantel had anticipated, Pedro took his sister's side in the argument, although Chantel was offended Pedro's sister was being so demanding. 


David and Annie

Annie was having a tough time in America because David didn't have a job, and they had no money. Annie also vented about how his family hadn't come to accept her yet.

Another problem in their relationship was that Annie really wants to have children but David had a vasectomy. Annie knew it would be thousands of dollars to reverse David's vasectomy, but they just didn't have that kind of money to spend.

Luckily, Annie found a place to worship that made her feel like she was back home in Thailand. She had also found a friend with whom she could pray and confide in.

Annie revealed she wants to become a teacher but has no way of accomplishing her goal without an income.
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