90 Day Fiance featured Shaeeda and Bilal Hazziez having a heated argument, Mohamed Abdelhamed setting rules for Yvette "Yve" Arellano that she didn't like, Ariela Weinberg stressing over finances and threatening to not marry Biniyam Shibre, Thais Ramone and Patrick Mendes's brother John butting heads, and Miona clashing with Jibri Bell's mother during the Season 9 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance's ninth season stars Emily Bieberly, a 29-year-old from Salina, KS, and Kobe Blaise, a 34-year-old from Cameroon; Kara Bass, a 29-year-old from Charlottesville, VA, and Guillermo Rojer, a 23-year-old from Venezuela; Bilal, a 42-year-old from Kansas City, MO, and Shaeeda, a 37-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago; and Jibri, a 28-year-old from Rapid City, SD, and Miona, a 23-year-old from Serbia.

The show also stars Yve, 48-year-old from Albuquerque, NM, and Mohamed, a 25-year-old from Egypt; Patrick, a 31-year-old from Austin, TX, and Thais, a 25-year-old from Brazil; and Ariela Weinberg, a 30-year-old from Princeton, NJ, and Biniyam, a 31-year-old from Ethiopia.


Ari and Biniyam first appeared on Seasons 2 and 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and have a child together named Avi.

90 Day Fiance features Americans who have fallen in love with foreigners bringing their fiances to the United States on K-1 visas.

However, once the couple is in America together, the American must marry their overseas partner within the 90-day period allowed by the visa or the foreigner has to return to their home country.

"The pressure is on and with travel guidelines more challenging than ever, there's even more at stake with these international love stories," TLC teased of the new season.

"Couples aren't just navigating unique lifestyle and cultural changes when arriving in America -- many of them must also adjust to parenthood and nontraditional family lifestyles. And while absence makes the heart grow fonder, personalities and temperaments have changed and not always for the best."

Below is what happened on Episode 6 of 90 Day Fiance's ninth season.


With 84 days left to wed, Bilal surprised Shaeeda with a latte, and she was so excited to be in America. However, she was in need of "a real answer" from Bilal if he wants to have children.

"There's no way I'm going to marry a man if he doesn't want kids. But I'm going to let it slide for now. Definitely I will be having the conversation again," Shaeeda told the cameras.

Shaeeda accused Bilal of having "an OCD problem," but Bilal didn't think his expectations were too high given he had just asked Shaeeda to pick up her dirty socks and underwear and put them in a laundry hamper.

"He's uptight. I think he's been single for too long. He needs to loosen up," Shaeeda said with a laugh.

On his first Friday with Shaeeda in America, he took her to Juma, which is a sacred time for Muslims to congregate and show their devotion through a Friday midday prayer. While only men are expected to pray on Fridays, women are welcome to attend.

Shaeeda was going to meet Bilal's extended family, because he noted how his community is an extension of his family, as well as his ex-wife. Shaeeda knew it was important for her to get along with Bilal's ex-wife since the pair had welcomed children together.

"I'm not looking for toxical problems right now," Shaeeda said, adding, "I want everyone to like me."

Shaeeda admitted she was nervous, "literally shaking," to meet his ex-wife, which Bilal didn't seem to understand. Shaeeda felt Bilal often lectured her, and she wanted him to respect her feelings and speak to her like a fiancee or a wife -- and not a child.


The couple bickered on their ride over, with Bilal telling Shaeeda to keep her hands to herself and watch her tone. He dubbed her "aggressive" after she gave him a pat on the back of the head, and Bilal noted he didn't play those type of games and they were making him look at her in a different way.

Shaeeda was just playing around and Bilal was angry, so they weren't on the same page. Bilal even asked Shaeeda if she's "a violent person." He didn't think her tap on his head was playful at all, and the pair accused one another of killing the mood.

"You don't hit people! Where do you come from? Is that what y'all do in Trinidad?" Bilal asked. "You lose a lot of point. I'm thinking you're a violent person, and that's not what I'm trying to be with."

Shaeeda pointed out how Bilal had lost points with her as well, and then they gave each other the silent treatment.

Once they made a stop, Bilal stormed out of the car to pick up his kids, and Shaeeda was shocked Bilal didn't have more of a sense of humor in regards to her having given him a light tap on the head. She also complained about Bilal's poor communication.

Shaeeda was upset to meet all of Bilal's loved ones at the Islamic center under these circumstances. Bilal felt "disrespected" and "really irritated," but he decided to just be quiet and get through the day on a cordial note with Shaeeda.

However, Bilal planned to have a conversation with Shaeeda later about what had just taken place.

"I'm thinking we don't know each other as well as we thought, so it's kind of hard to shake that off," Bilal lamented.

Shaeeda felt "alone" at Juma because Bilal had his family, friends and community. She walked around by herself and Bilal didn't try to make her feel better or welcome.

Shaeeda, feeling very anxious, attempted to calm herself down as she met Bilal's ex-wife Shahidah and her daughter Saharah. The women had a nice, although short, meet and greet, and Shahidah said she looked forward to talking more in the future.

Shaeeda was prepared for another Bilal lecture, and she felt she couldn't offer up an opinion.

"I feel I've stepped inside of Bilal's world... I don't think I've had much of a voice," Shaeeda complained.

Shaeeda accused Bilal of blowing their fight out of proportion, but Bilal totally disagreed.

Once Bilal and Shaeeda returned home, Shaeeda did some yoga to center and calm herself.

Bilal told Shaeeda that she had hit him three different times after telling her that he didn't like it and it was a sign of disrespect, and Shaeeda explained how she had grown up rough-housing with her brothers as a sign of love and affection.


Shaeeda pointed out how they had a cultural difference because she never meant to offend him, but Bilal said she had overstepped his boundaries and didn't seem to care about his feelings when she kept poking at him.

Considering Bilal had played a prank on her and wasn't willing to move on from this "petty" dispute, Shaeeda determined she and Bilal had a different sense of humor. She was used to quickly moving on after a fight.

Shaeeda cried over Bilal isolating her and distancing himself from her, and she apologized, saying she would never do it again. She just didn't like feeling punished when she had meant no harm or ill intent.

"Right now, we are not ready to walk down that aisle," Bilal confessed.


With 72 days left to wed, Miona admitted she wasn't comfortable living in Jibri's parents' house. While she thought Jibri's parents were lovely people, she complained about them being strict.

Jibri left Miona to work on his music, and so Miona didn't know what to do with herself and anticipated a boring day. Miona missed her family and told Jibri's mother Mahala the adjustment had been "a little bit difficult" for her.

Mahala told the cameras that she was doing her best to make Miona feel comfortable, and with that being said, Miona learned how to use the washer and dryer.

Miona said she missed her family's polite and genuine nature, and she got the feeling everybody was "fake" in the United States. Miona said every time Mahala entered her room, she felt like she was doing something wrong.

While sorting Miona's laundry, Mahala discovered a sexy animal-print crop top, and Jibri's mom called it "little." Mahala said people didn't dress so provocatively in Rapid City, and Miona countered, "That's one more reason for us to not be here."

"I want you to be here. I want Jibri to be able to be here," Mahala said.

"I will try to adjust as much as I can, but I don't want to change who I am, and my clothes don't say anything about me. People should know that in the 21st century," Miona explained.


Mahala told Miona that she seemed really intelligent and wearing such sexy clothes could take away from that and be a distraction. But Miona said she wanted to express herself however she saw fit and be comfortable in her own skin.

"What gives me confidence is owning my body and saying 'f-ck you' to everybody," Miona told Mahala.

Mahala said if Miona chose not to change how she dressed in her home, then that's a sign of "a deeper issue of disrespect." Mahala said Miona's needs shouldn't trump everybody else's needs.

Mahala told Miona that she wasn't judging her but she wanted her future daughter-in-law to dress a little more conservatively or modest, especially around Jibri's father.

Miona said she would think about it since she's staying in Mahala's home, but she didn't like being told what to do.

"It makes me feel like a kid again, so honestly, she's pushing me to want to move out of here even more. I'm definitely going to tell that to Jibri after today," Miona noted.

Later on, Jibri told his mother that he was "pissed off" about how Mahala had treated Miona and gone through her laundry. Jibri said that was "not appropriate" and "irrational."

Jibri felt Mahala was testing Miona and trying to push her buttons, and he was afraid Miona -- who allegedly has a temper -- would go off on Mahala and then permanently damage the women's relationship.

Jibri reminded Mahala that he was not 15 years old anymore, but Mahala said she never went through Miona's laundry and never intended to make Miona upset.

Mahala was actually surprised Miona had felt attacked, and so she wondered if Miona was being fake with her.

Jibri, who was feeling a lot of pressure, asked Mahala to tone down her rules and demands. Jibri said Miona was expecting "a lot of sh-t" and not willing to compromise. He wondered if Miona was trying to start something just so they could leave South Dakota sooner.

Mahala wasn't sure she could support Jibri marrying Miona within 90 days because she didn't know Miona well enough yet.

Mahala wondered how real Miona could be with people, and she hoped Jibri wasn't just wrapped up in lust and Miona's sexy appearance.

"If you think I'm making a mistake, which is how I'm taking this [conversation], then let me make it," Jibri said.


With 89 days left to wed, Biniyam woke up exhausted and didn't seem to like American coffee.

Biniyam liked the apartment and was thankful to Ariela's parents for helping them out financially, but Ariela knew she'd have to take over the rent payments soon and also be able to afford Wifi, electricity and more.

Ariela had asked for a one-bedroom apartment, but her mother Janice insisted they needed two rooms. Ariela was afraid to handle the finances on her own, but Biniyam dreamed of working in the U.S. and being a provider for his family.


Biniyam, an entertainer and personal trainer, revealed that he wanted to become an MMA fighter. He knew he'd have the opportunity to become a fighter in America, and so he intended to practice and work hard.

Ariela, however, had done her research and discovered that MMA fighters don't make much money, and most of their money goes back into their training.

Ariela said a career in MMA fighting would not realistically support his wife and child; however, she didn't want to dash his dreams.

Ariela then gave Biniyam a tour of her city in New Jersey and looked forward to sharing her culture with him. She pointed out how things moved faster in the city and Biniyam would have to "speed up."

Biniyam thought his new surroundings were nice and peaceful, and he considered everybody rich. Biniyam wasn't sure why they moved to the United States if they couldn't afford it, but he intended to help his wife out financially once he receives his green card.

Later on, Ariela took Biniyam on a train to New York City, which Biniyam had only seen in the movies. Biniyam was blown away and said it was busy and chaotic with amazing, tall buildings. Biniyam said he couldn't get enough of the city, and he was dancing as he walked.

Biniyam thought New York was "so cool," and then the couple stopped for a couple beers.

Biniyam said he'd love to live in New York, but Ariela broke the news that an apartment in New York would be super expensive and they didn't even have jobs.

"You just got here and you already want to leave?... I'm really stressed out how we're going to pay for anything. I feel you don't appreciate my parents getting us this great apartment, and they signed a year contract," Ariela explained.

Biniyam asked Ariela to calm down, and she said she hated it when he told her to do that.

Biniyam didn't seem concerned about Ariela's parents, and so she said if they weren't important to him then she's not important to him, adding, "Maybe we shouldn't get married."

Ariela said she always had to be the practical one while Biniyam was the dreamer and their dynamic prevented her from having big dreams of her own.


On Thais' first day in the United States, she thought everything, including the houses and roads, were so beautiful. She was shocked to see Patrick's big house, but she wasn't happy about living with her future brother-in-law.

Thais said every time she tried to talk to Patrick about his brother John, he changed the subject.

Thais and John were sweet to each other upon first meeting, and Thais immediately fell in love with her little toy dog. Patrick was glad Thais was going to have a companion when he's away at work.


John whipped out a bottle of champagne, and John said she seemed nice and brought a new energy to the house. John planned to put his best effort forward to make Patrick happy.

Once Patrick and Thais reunited, they went right into the bedroom and asked John to turn up his music loud. Thais said her first sexual experience in the U.S. was incredible, and Patrick called it "the best sex of my life."

The next morning, Patrick cooked Thais breakfast, but Thais didn't feel comfortable walking around the house naked with John there. She immediately didn't feel comfortable in her own home, and Thais thought it was crazy that John was drinking beer in the morning.

"I live here too," John snapped. "[Telling me what to do is] no bueno. Cheers."

John said he and Thais are individuals who could do whatever they wanted to do at home, and he said if that presents a problem for Thais, then he would "bite." Things were tense between Thais and John right away, and Patrick acknowledged it was "a rocky start."

"They need to respect each other as family and not point out everything the other person is doing wrong. I think John's drinking definitely makes my job harder. It's not an everyday thing; I think he's nervous about Thais being in the home... and is being protective," Patrick explained in a confessional.

John accidentally dropped a steak on the kitchen floor and demanded that Thais still eat it, and then she left the kitchen and called him "crazy."

Thais tried to give John a chance by enjoying a game of mini-golf with Patrick and his brother, and the trio had a lot of laughs.

John said it was "a good dream" for all of them to get along and he'd be willing to put effort in as long as Thais would do the same.

When Thais went to the bathroom, he told John that he had been a little hard on Thais and needed to back off a little bit. John said he wanted to hear it from Thais if she had a problem with him, but Thais obviously didn't speak much English.

"Nah, f-ck you," John vented.

Patrick said he didn't want to have to choose one person over the other, and John said he just wanted to stay with his brother because he loved Patrick and they had been through some "real sh-t" together.

Patrick said John drinking a six-pack before noon wasn't the real him, and the two men got a little teary-eyed during their chat. Patrick said he and John never had unconditional love and so John struggled to let people get close to him.

"If you can understand how someone grows up, it makes a big difference. I just want everyone to be a family," Patrick said.

"It's what I want too," John agreed in tears. "I love you."


With 88 days to wed, Yve welcomed a handyman into her home to finally install the bidet Mohamed desperately needed. Mohamed told Yve that in his Islam faith and culture, a woman and a man could not be alone.

Mohamed asked Yve to call him if a man was coming over because she's not even allowed to be in the same house as another man.

Mohamed asked Yve to keep her distance from the handyman, and Yve was annoyed because she had been trying to do something nice for him.


"I feel like I was being scolded, and I was just trying to do something nice for the man I love," Yve vented in a confessional.

"I'm getting concerned because I didn't know that was a rule. Am I not going to be allowed to be near strangers anymore? I don't want to live my life that way, so I'm kind of nervous."

Mohamed said he had given up everything in Egypt to move to the U.S. and be with Yve and so she needed to make sacrifices for their relationship as well. Mohamed said he needed to feel comfortable in his home and Yve had to follow rules in order to please him.

"Keep a list," Mohamed said.

"You have to be a little more flexible and understand that I am not a Muslim woman," Yve clapped back.

"But you're with a Muslim man," Mohamed replied.

"But you're in America," Yve argued.

"But I am who I am," Mohamed quietly noted.

Yve realized she had a lot to learn about Mohamed in the next 90 days and she hoped he'd be willing to be more open-minded about how things are in the United States. She didn't want Mohamed to change her too much, explaining that their relationship wouldn't work out in that case.


With 87 days left to wed, Kara and Guillermo met two of Kara's good friends, Hillary and her fiance Cooper.

Hillary was skeptical of Guillermo's intentions, and Kara anticipated she was going to be very inquisitive and maybe even interrogate Guillermo.

Hillary asked Guillermo if he was ready to get married at age 23, but Guillermo said he had been through many things in life and working and providing for himself up to that point.

Guillermo admitted Kara drinking too much drove him insane and he didn't like how she tended to black out at the end of evenings. Hillary said Kara liked to have fun, party and live life on her own terms, so she questioned how Guillermo was going to handle that.

"I will have a limit," Guillermo said. "Sometimes she knows what will make me uncomfortable and she still wants to do it. If we go out, and I said, 'I want to go back home,' she never wants to go home."

Kara said she never wants to be the first person to leave a party but there was going to be "a learning curve" with Guillermo.

Kara said Guillermo had dated a Canadian girl before her and Guillermo once used the same line on Kara -- about wanting to watch the moon with her -- as he had used on his ex. Kara said she found the text message when looking through Guillermo's phone and it made the sweet remark feel "cheap" to her.

Kara got so mad that night that she threw Guillermo's clothes out a window, and Hillary could tell the pair didn't exactly feel secure and safe with each other.

There were some things Kara and Guillermo still had to figure out about each other, and Kara wasn't sure they'd ever see eye to eye on certain subjects.


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